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  1. Thx for campaing! Thx admins for server, thx pilots for action! And About U-2, it is very useless plane. Like a reconnaissance aircraft it's useless because drop zone of Fallschirmjäger you can see when you choose wrong side (ofcourse not specially). as supply ok, but no one supply on it... you can go on pe-2 2-3 times and bring 8-12% off supply, but on u-2 u can bring 7% in 2-3 tmes longer. Maybe slow supply planes must bring more cargo? Maybe create new task for U-2? Saboteur delivery for example or propaganda leaflets drops on enemy defens lines to decrease defense or another smth special...
  2. Before flight on red side on TAW: https://cv1.pikabu.ru/video/2020/11/03/1604404377263034927_1920x1080.webm
  3. There will be nothing to do in 6 hours on this map.
  4. GOOD WORK!!!!!1111 HOPE i SEE YOU IN SIGHT NEXT TIME! Че шрифт то такой маленький?
  5. As i know, Sergik have made mistake on registration.
  6. these are all excuses, there would be a desire to unite and there will be no problems...
  7. Ёпрст, ну когда уже, а?
  8. SOoooo! If no one ask it, i'll ask first! When EF campaing will start?
  9. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it staaaaaarts!!!!!1111&&&&777????
  10. So long!!! I need TAW!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!111
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