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  1. Invisible objects are something that need to be looked at. I ran into what looked liked a very small bush in MP, and lost my engine, steering and transmission. had to open a hatch and wait it out. I restarted engine, wet to reverse, and lost a track, and transmission . Exited and chalked it up to a good waste of time
  2. I remember flying with and against this guy and his dad I believe, anyone seen him on here, Aussie I think
  3. J5_Baeumer, I appreciate the reply I was able to map a few things, including mouse movements to throttle tried stick, didn't like the feel. The big problem I am having is programming anything the the ch pedals. I'm new to jtk has anyone been able to program 3 joysticks, instead of the default 2 ? Or maybe know of something different I need to do with the pedals to get them to work in jtk ?
  4. I have joytokey CH Fighterstick, Ch pro throttle, and CH pedals. WHen I bring up joytokey all 3 say connected but only 2 configured. When I try to change the 2 joysticks to 3 it does bring up a 3rd joystick tab, but then crashes. The pedals work in game for flying, but I would like to make them traverse the turret fast speed. Anyone have any ideas ?
  5. I would suggest maybe putting the PW in the forum here for those that would like to join. Last week I was able to find it on the SCG forum, but was unable to this week. Efront had about 20 or so players online, might have had a few migrate
  6. I think that the damage model, for all tanks needs to be looked at. I was on Efront, went for a flag in a town. Apparently, whoever is making missions for Efront puts the flag right at the spawn point ( should not be within 2K of the spawn point, ever! ) So the mission directions say something like fire a rocket at the flag, not sure it never started moving down. After a couple of minutes t34's start spawning. I fire, hit all, but it was taking many rounds to kill any of them, When at the range of 100m or less, 1 or 2 rounds should have finished off all of them. Eventually, because no support moved up, and I could not kill these t34's 1 was able to move off, and kill me. Now this server is not in the US, but Russia? My ping to it varies 150-220 I'd say. Is this a DM problem, or a packet loss problem ?
  7. It would be nice to be able to use a joystick axis to slew the turret, and also to use a keystroke to move it minutely, to allow for precise aiming control. What we have now with the mouse control is not precise at all, without screwing with your mouse settings etc, especially at very long ranges. Other tanks sims, I used my rudder pedals for turret traverse. Then mapped gun up/down to a hat key. On the same hat left/right was very slow gun movement. In this way, you could aim very precisely after you made the course moves needed, much like the gunners did in the tanks with the handwheels
  8. Is there an event today ?
  9. The Icons being on is not good for any kind of strategy. It is arcadish, but unfortunately, it seems to be the only server , most times, with anyone in tanks. SCG is Sunday's, Efront is random, is there a tank server that is populated that I'm not seeing ?
  10. Since the last update I have not been able to connect to this server. I get the loading screen, 3/4 bar than it kicks me back out to the coop/dogfight choice . Has anyone else experienced this ?
  11. This was alot of fun. Frustrating playing as Russian, but satisfying being able to take a couple of the big cats out. Hopefully in the future your server will be able to attract many more players and make it a larger battle. With more #'s it would be great fun !
  12. WaNTRD


    Well, now that we have the PzIVG, hopefully we can see some limitations on the Tigers in the servers. I'm a big fan of the Tiger and like to play it. However,,,,,,, having played on the Russian side on the SCG server, I now know full well that it kind of sucks for them. The Tiger is, for the most part, all that can be seen on the German side, with an occasional PzIII sprinkled in. I was able to surprise groups of 3 Tigers, 2 times. The first, having not played the T34 much, I opened fire at 800m. Got in alot of hits before my demise. The second time, I came up on the other side of trees, got within 500m, opened fire and destroyed 2. IT took 25 rounds of Pzgr 40 to take out those 2. A single Tiger, that does not allow himself to be flanked, and surprised up close, is almost impossible to take out unless you have AC or track the tank and can close. Even a tracked Tiger is tough, because it can turn with one track, slew the gun, and if it has a long range, clear FOF, then will most kill any approaching tank if the gunnery is good. Who knows, maybe limiting the Tigers will see more players in tanks, and less in attack AC.
  13. Did not know that. It looks similar to stereoscopic rangefinders, I thought that was the whole purpose of spreading out the 2 optics to get a more precise range by using the distance between the 2 lenses to determine the range.
  14. How about we also get that Rangefinder the Commander is using in the Pic ?
  15. What is the password for this server to join ?
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