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  1. Not overkill, just a different approach. Soviet armor guns relied on mass, ( Larger Calibers) to try and achieve the same effect. Mass is an important factor in armor penetration, but in the calculation Velocity is Squared. So a lower mass shell, with much higher velocity, which is what was happening, can penetrate as much or much more. I believe the L71 88 MM gun had more penetration than the 122mm IS2 Gun. The advantage of going for velocity is a flatter shot and better accuracy until the mass is not sufficient to maintain enough velocity. You don't read many accounts of IS2's engaging at 3000M. At longer ranges, higher mass will hold velocity better and will then be more accurate. So if you compare the 75mm L70 used in the Panther, it has a similar velocity as the 88 from the L56. The guns are considered comparable. The L56 is able to take out targets at longer ranges with it's higher mass and higher downrange velocity
  2. Did a quick mission, HEat seems to need 4K on the scope to hit @ 2200 I tried a lower range shot, 1.4 to tgt, set reticle to 1.4 fell way short. Upped to 2400, way to short. I would not think this round would be that low in velocity, perhaps the PzIV with the L24 gun was somehow modeled to fire the 88mm Heat rounds
  3. All of these would be great. Mission tree object highlighted when map object is highlighted would be great. Input and output links for selected obj nice. Maybe have the input a different color, when all you want to see is that object or mcu by filtering. I would add it would be nice to be able to drag and drop items in the mission tree to organize them how you like. Would be nice to be able to put all the tanks in a row, etc. Also, if an mcu targets another one, these would be good to have in a descending order in the tree. If an item is selected in the tree, make it flash on the map for spotting easier, or highlight. An arrow on objects like tanks vehicles, planes, projecting from or through their box on the map, zoomed out, showing facing without having to zoom in, or click on each object individually to determine. If a vehicle or plane is given a waypoint, or a target to attack, have that vehicles facing change towards that target as soon as the command is placed.
  4. Nipe was I believe the first to use SS source material. primarily because it was not available earlier. Glantz, although having had a long US Army career i believe, was always more of a Soviet fanboy than historian, he just regurgitated all of their propaganda, in book form in English for them. A glaring error made by alot of historians was using the soviet account, but mot people in the press sympathize with communism. The Soviets hated the SS divisions most of all. THe tried to weave a story that the SS suffered major losses at kursk in the south. The losses claimed by them, were more tanks than they would have had if 100% were operational. That is where the lie exposed itself. It was easier for the soviets to cover the 5th Guards Tank army losses because they were producing so many tanks, they just reconstituted it after the battle and lied about it being wiped out. I will have to look for the book, but a german was in a TIger, t34's charged across a field with infantry on them in masses. TIgers then PzIV's opened up long range and destroyed them all, infantry bailed early when they took hits on some. History is not always true, as written
  5. I'm working on a follow up mission to this one. Have the core done, just hammering out the wrinkles. I will be very thankful when the AI Path-finding and the AI aiming point is fixed. Possibly will upload to a new thread this weekend, we'll see. If anyone has suggestions on different things to try, feel free to express them, more ideas, will, a lot of times end up in a better product. Bridgehead had German Para Drop, and a battery of Russian artillery firing, on Spas, good or bad for those ? I believe I was tracked by that arty, and they blew up my lead halftrack one time, blocking the entire relief column due to pathfinding. But I ran that mission alot of times fine tuning.
  6. I understand the game is still not done, here is something that may need some Attention ! I made up a 5 tank platoon, 1 tiger (player) 4 PZIII's. We formed up, headed towards a town. Killed the enemy on outskirts, I proceeded through the buildings toward the objective. My platoon members however decided to play chicken with buildings. Has anyone had good or great luck setting up formations and have them navigate towns, missing structures to keep up ?
  7. From what I have seen, the targeting is laser like. They either miss for the % they are supposed too, or they hit the mantlet. Now my testing has not been that long ongoing, but I have yet to see, when looking for it, a shot to the front hull plate. This may change if the shot was to the side, etc. Just posting some observations and wondering if anyone has seen anything similar.
  8. I did notice that, not sure hopefully devs are working on that. If you camera view the KV's they are firing without line of sight, it seems, sometimes the turret is just visible and you can take them out. I'm surprised the other Tiger does not do more, and the Flak's don't account for much. It is troubling that toknock them all out you need to do like 95% of the work, or maybe that is just my own observation. After my recent tests on the Stug 43 and PzIV, they are not worth much of anything except for T70's and scout cars, trucks, AT guns, etc
  9. Had Normal and High. looked like normal had fewer hits but same area. I reduced to 1 T34, 2 PzIV, 2 Stug, 1 PzIIIM, T34 on normal, 1 shotted both of the 4's, high, gun or mantlet, Stug 3, took out with high shots near the gun. I put a Flak 37 a bit further back to attract less attention, normal and high, all hits appear to be the gun mantlet area. The 88 was able to get a kill though, If the AI 75 on the Stug, Pz 4 etc all hit the gun mantlet or gun it would seem that the effectiveness will be next to nothing from the front, because they do miss but when they hit it is always high. Update ! So I decided to try it from the T34 end. Tiger 1 shots me gun mantlet. I take the Tiger out, put in a PzIII M with ACPR. PZIII takes out my gun with first shot, kills me with second. I take out the PzIII with ACPR and now facing 2 stugs, 2 PzIV's. 1 normal 1high per pair. I recieve alot of hits, 12-14. I am able to disable guns and destroy all 4 of the group. Anyone else tried any stationary battles to see results ?
  10. SO I set up a test mission to explore why AI reinforcements do not accomplish very much. I put 4 Stug 40/43's on 1 side, Tiger playable in the middle. Clear field of fire, 500M I place 1 T34 stz 41, 2 T70's and 1 KV1-42. I gave all the AI attack zone commands and got in my Tiger to watch. In gun-scope, watched all of the Stugs target the T34. They all hit, I stopped counting at 20 hits. Now I got bored and killed all 4. Some missions all 4 Stugs are taken out if I don't intervene. All of the Stug's hits on the T34, and KV1, when they fired at it, hit the Gun Mantlet. The worse place to strike. Not 1 hit on the front slope. Now looking around on the Web, I came across the effectiveness of the Stug Gun, and apparently, needs to be within 100m to kill the T34 with a mantlet shot. Additional missions, I placed an AI Tiger. I gave it ACPR rounds. All of the Tiger's hits were on gun mantlets as well, but with the ACPR, it killed theKV1 and the T34. The question I have is why do the AI tanks only target the Mantlet ? If the AI scores a Mantlet hit on a stationary target, it absolutely has to be able to adjust aim and go for the hull to ensure a kill. That goes for all AI tanks. Without the capability for the AI to adjust aim lower they are for the most part useless unless they are a Tiger with ACPR
  11. Here you go, I didn't have winzip installed. Any feedback good or bad would be much appreciated BAS.zip
  12. You'll have 1 other Tiger in your platoon. The Assault begins with you across the river, an airborne assault is taking place. You have to clear the town of Spas of enemy and proceed east of town to set up a defensive position. 4 half tracks, 4 PzIV's, and 2 Stug's are waiting for the para drop to begin moving up from behind. When the Halftracks arrive, you will get 4 flak guns to assist in defense. The Para drop comes with 2 Pak guns deployed. The counter Assaults will arrive from the south, east and ENE of town. Destroy all enemy armor for mission success. The Enemy Armor consists of T-34's, Kv1's, Kv1S's, T70's, and some scout cars. There is enemy artillery that is targeting the town as well, a good distance away
  13. Is this going to be a regular occurrence ? I saw your post at 3pst
  14. First mission I've done, would like to share. Still working on the editor, this should prove some fun, maybe challenging BAS.7zip
  15. I got the It check down. Have not run into many errors except that a missed way-point target, etc. This mission I had been working on for sometime trying to tweak and add enemy armor because I was able to complete it to easily. I would have kept the mission files, but I wasn't sure I hadn't button ------ myself somehow and missed it. I never got a failure on the integrity check before the last save so I'm puzzled.. I tested out the arrows and lines on a single tank player map that I just go in to check various things I try. Previously, I did have a way-point error, and also a note on too many vehicles. Is that limit a hard one ? I have seen missions with alot of AI vehicles load and run.
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