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  1. Well the report on the boost capability of the supercharger in the 5 190's tested with C3 system was done for the most part at 0C . Now that will affect speed for the strike aircraft negatively on the deck if the boost is simply a cut and paste of the A8's boost. It seems as if the boost on the Strike FW190's is much lower than IRL as tested, and that test was conducted at 0 C for most of the AC in it. The test you ran only shows boost up to 1.59 ? So a test should be run, sea level, kuban at 0C 759 inMG to see if the boost of 1.65 can be achieved like it was in the test d
  2. So if you calculate the difference in pressure @ 15C corrected to 0C the difference is .014% Multiply 760 mmHG X .9986 you get a pressure of 758.936 mmHG. Now that .14 % is rounded up from 0.1376462% but it's close enough . 99.8623538% is the actual # for any sticklers out there, or 758.95388888 mmHG So if the map can't be set up using decimals in the pressure # use 759 or 758, Then run the test and see what the #'s are, using 0C as the reference temp as a test has been posted from documents using that temp
  3. Well I guess the big question is was that a summer or winter map, need to know the season and the temps. Altitude would also be nice. I don't remember who, but someone posted a link to a test of 4 A4's and 1 A5, and that test was showing I believe 1.61 to 1.68 ATA on the compressor at 100m, at @ 32-41 F I believe. So in order to get a good test it needs to match those parameters, or very very close to see if in game matches IRL. Much colder than that and the #'s will be artificially high. All AC in game recieve a power boost from the colder air of winter maps, I have just
  4. I could be wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time,,, my understanding is that discord does not allow you to set up whispers to other channels like teamspeak. I think that reason is why alot of squads use ts instead. They get to have comms on their own server and limit it to their squad so it doesn't get jammed up. Not all of the flyer or tankers on the servers are lone players looking to coordinate, quite often you will have squads go on a server in a group with a predetermined tgt, and have a size group on voice comms that they feel is enough
  5. Someone on the A6 thread has kindly posted a link with some test docs. 1.61 to 1.68 was done in emergency use for the jabo FW's in colder temps. Not as cold as russian winter temps, but say hovering around, slightly above or below freezing. So, the second speed is not necessary from the compressor at 100m altitude
  6. Thats good to know. I'm still plugging away on translating as I have time. I do find it interesting that the test involved 4 190 A4's and 1 190 A5. It does look like this data is being gathered for a modified AC but I don't clearly see any reference to that AC in the documents. Just the 5 AC that were used to gather data, and the note about the test being temporarily cancelled on page 1 due to VDM delay. It seems clear that this info was being used to set up a test aircraft as the mention of using the supercharger data to set up the regulator at 1.68 ATA. It's clearly not referr
  7. Thank you for the information posted. I do not speak German, but I did look at this as much as I could, translated some small parts, not complete. A quick synopsis is that they tested 5 AC Shows that the boost was higher at lower alt's, and also was higher if the ambient temperature was higher. Have not figured out what it all had to say but it appears they tested 4 FW190 A4's and 1 FW190 A5. This line on the first page confuses me : "The test is temporarily canceled because the roller-bearing-mounted VDM variable speed drives that are still to be tested have not yet bee
  8. The boost on A5 and A6/G3 should not be 1.58, it should be 1.65. The boost on the A8 some literature has it saying 1.58 low sc gear, 1.65 high sc gear. The A8 did not use fuel in the supercharger for cooling like the A5/U17 and A6/G3. So unfortunately, that is not reaching their boost, even on winter map. I tested it and got 1.625 on a winter map, not the 1.65 it calls for. A thing to take note of, is the boost of 1.65 is not a physical limitation of the supercharger. It is a self imposed limitation of the control system for the plane. The C3 injector was added for cool
  9. Do any of the players that were involved in testing the A5/U17 or G3 want to comment on the incorrect boost for these ? Was this noticed or brought up during testing? I find it hard to believe this was not noticed as some players fly using the manifold pressure gauge. I have seen many call out uniforms being wrong, flaps on holster not looking right, was the incorrect boost modeling not something that reached the same level of importance ? Someone mentioned earlier about posting sources. Really not necessary, I am using the game description of the boost as my primary source.
  10. Just have to wait for the mission to end and the map to change. Velki luki, or whatever it's called is the absolute worse map for tanks. In fact, If my aim was to discourage people from playing in tanks that hadn't before, a mission having to go off-road would do the trick. The developer team does not even seem to acknowledge that there is an issue and that your crew being injured and parts flying off of your tank at 12-15 KPH is ridiculous. Not to mention the fact of the new unrealistic terrain where every single time you go off-road there are no smooth fields. How many people here
  11. I can not seem to get my FW190 or variant AC that are said to have 1.65 ATA of boost available anywhere close to 1.65. In winter it is closer. Why it would be higher, but not 1.65 in the colder temps, I am not sure, as the supercharger was capable, as all are, of producing higher boost than regulated for. 1.54 1.55 is all I can achieve on a summer map. With the attention to detail taken by the developers I find it difficult to believe that this inability to achieve the published level of boost is modeling error ( is it ? ) so I have to assume that I am doing something wrong with
  12. Have experienced what Talisman has said, gun firing sound, no tracers and no ammo hitting anything. I was flying, then landed, grabbed a new AC, same thing firing sound on runways, no1 could see tracer on ground from the AF. The ammo counters were spinning though..I have had this happen a couple of times on 2 or 3 different mp servers
  13. The 1.58 (FW190-A8) ATA at takeoff and emergency, and it's not 0-100m it is 0-1000M just over 3000ft for the C3 Injection. When your altitude in the A8 goes up slightly, your manifold pressure does not reach a point that the supercharger can only produce 1.54 lbs of boost It is regulated so the higher you go in the less it needs to bleed off to maintain that pressure. The supercharger switches to a higher speed when the air is too thin to produce the required pressure at that altitude. If the engine could handle the heat there would be no reason not to use the second stage on the
  14. I was at 1.42 ATA flying for a few minutes. So I did fly a winter map and was able to get just a hair under 1.63. Now, it would appear that this is not modeled correctly as this manifold pressure is not going to be temperature dependent. The winter air may be denser, but the pressure instrument should be measuring in absolute. If my understanding of the C3 Boost is correct, an additional nozzle is placed in the engine that sprays C3 fuel into the air intake of the supercharger for the purpose of cooling. I may be wrong, please correct me if I am. So the supercharger has the
  15. Ok, 20M Kuban map, 100% throttle, 1.56 ATA. Well below the 100M mark. Red the write up in game, so the C3 on the A5 strike, or the G3 versions is only good at 100% throttle, auto prop pitch, below from 0-1000M . Believe this system is slightly different from the one in the A8. SO the A5/A6 w/ C3, that boost is not related to supercharger setting, maybe unlike the A8, because at 0-1000M the SC is in first stage. Has anyone ben able to achieve higher than 1.56 ATA but 1.65 or very close in either A5 or A6/G3 ? IS there some setting that I am missing that I don
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