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  1. The sad thing about all of this, started by a whiner over migoto, is that it has been some time since I realized just how crappy the in-game graphics really were. At least with reshade you could get the game to look a little better than a bunch of flat colors. It's like the whole color pallette got reduced to flat tones. I guess we should just be thankful though that it is more colorful than Pong
  2. Putting the airfields 40km or more away from the tank target objective would probably ease some of the issues The airfields themselves need to have more flak and AAA to discourage camping which seems to be happening more. Tank bases should probable have some AAA as well to discourage camping those w/ attack AC, some AT guns to discourage tanks doing the same. Having a capture objective, that is not in the same place as the tank spawn but maybe 2000m away or so would probably help. If the capture objective is captured, it's adjacent/corresponding tank spawn is as well. Having AC or attack AC just circle spawn areas, AF's or Tank bases tanks away alot of the fun of the game and quickly makes things roll downhill to the point that it just isn't worth playing it.
  3. I don't know that they acknowledge anything publicly regarding Tank Crew. They do make changes sometimes but you have to really hammer them it seems to get any movement. The gun aiming mechanics are a prime example. A poll was put out and the majority did not like it, I still think it sucks and that is one reason I don't put much time into tanks anymore along with all the AI gunner firing BS etc. The time I did see some fairly swift action was after the patch that introduced the Jagdpanzer IV. I ran a test of these, put 20 Jagdpanzer IV's against 2 T34's. The T34's knocked out 15 of them I believe with no losses, range of 1000m well beyond the capability of his gun to penetrate the JP4 from the front. I posted a youtube video on the main forum in the bug report section. No I also mentioned that the AI JP4's never hit either T34 with AP ammo, I believe. Once the AP was gone, and they were down to HE they scored a few hits. A patch was released in a few days mainly for AC issues. I reran my test and the T34's were not taking out the JP4's from that range, but the JP4's gunners could still not score the hits required . I haven't looked at AI gunnery in awhile so maybe this has changed. What it appeared like is that they "fixed" the JP4's front armor vs T34's gun but not much else. I never saw mention of any of this in a DD but I could have just missed it. Now as to the problem of rolling a tank doing 20MPH or less on a sharp turn ?
  4. I can't post what VR looks like but can post comparisons between migoto high and full in game zoom. I would say, keep in mind that the VR has te zoom adder in game available as well from what people have posted. Pic 44 is in game, open commanders hatch, high migoto zoom. Pic 45 is same player condition, full in game zoom applied. Now the migoto zoom is double what the in game zoom max is.
  5. Well SharpeXB , what is working for your 32" 4k monitor does not as well on mine. Seeing a dot is only a part of the equation. I see those, but when you see a dot. I also think that possibly there is not a majority consensus on this issue. I disagree with your view but will not say it is wrong for you or others that agree. WHat I am trying, now after trying migoto is making my gfx mode be better, that would be great for me to be able to play this game at 4K and be able to spot an ID in a manner on par w/ VR or others Why would it be ridiculous to only have migoto zoom for VR and 2d users ? whatever the case on that may be, then both groups should have the same capabilities, migoto plus the adjustable in game zoom. I had put that previously about only having 3 lvls of migoto zoom because I misunderstood, and though that VR users only had those 3, and no ingame adder.
  6. I was on the Finnish Virtual server in a PZIV , I wasn't near any ground tgts that I could see, at least not in MG range. I had moved away from the spawn as the allies were camping tank spawn/tgt . I am open commander, see an AC off to my 3 . Jabo, P47 maybe ? I am trying to stay in/near trees, I do not think that he can see me, I'm still moving......... All of a sudden my dumb a$$ bow gunner opens fire on him and that is all she wrote, he saw the tracers. He turned, positively spotted me then made a couple of bomb runs. We have got to have a way to turn that BS off. In addition to this problem, I saw something I never have before. I was in commander, opened, moving along road. Alternating between positions. I'm in commander looking around, game moves me to driver, Comm hatch is still open. Only position I can switch to is driver, and bow gunner. Since this game unrealistically does not allow you to drive unbuttoned w/ driver, only outside view I have is gunner. After awhile, minutes, it allows me to go to gunner, then finally commander again. This happens again a short time later, only this time I have no position I can go to except driver. 5 minutes or so, available again. In that driver only mode I missed a turn I needed, when I realized it, slowed down some went to turn right,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yup, you can guess I'm sure ! The So Called " Physics Model " kicked in, and my 45 ton tank flipped over onto its roof when I was going about 35K, just over 20mph . What universe do these physics exist ? I think the game treats everything as too light maybe not sure.
  7. I would like to say that this migoto, applied to both VR and the 2d users is the best graphical thing to happen to the game in the apsect of visibility problems many have referenced. This last version allowing 2d users to use "some" of the features is a good move. Removing it from 2d users prob not so good after it has been tried out. If it is not possible to post a screen and clearly point out, or quantify absolutely, the difference or similarity between VR and 2d, to the 2d players, then how can it be shown at all that 2d players should not have the same access ? I think that it would be next to impossible to convince 2d users that they don't need this migoto vis, as it only brought parity for the VR users, when if it is applied in the game : 1) the migooto zoom is much more, 3 time more than max in game zoom if compounded with max migoto zoom. 2) target spotting, for some, is now less difficult against backgrounds, that without this new visual enhancement, were made harder 3) Identifying AC is now better, and since I do not yet have goggles, I would say it possibly " Might " bring 2d users up to the same level as VR users. I fly with VR users at times and their ability to identify aircraft at much farther ranges than I can is not any kind of misinformation, or opinion, it is fact. I believe that many 2d players, that fly at times with VR players can attest to this same fact. This mod is now necessary so that 2D users have some sort of parity with the VR players. The loss of it just means that the VR players get to use a mod for visibility not available to all
  8. You have goggles I assume, I will shortly. Post some screens max med low migoto, then do the same for in game zoom, on a monitor with known target ranges, like tanks not moving on a map, post them if you would. What I see, is that migoto make alot of the vis problems shared by many, vr and 2d alike get better. I like migoto and think it should stay in game, for all In game zoom, on a monitor with high migoto, and the full in game 2d zoom applied, is 3 times larger, than the full in game zoom itself
  9. I believe that the Fenris ? has said just that and stated that it should be kept for VR, disabled for 2d. I think all should be able to use this. As far as this making VR zoom, on par with 2d users in-game zoom, I don't have VR goggles to compare myself ( I may buy a set, just to do so ) What I have been able to do is test the 3 levels of migoto against the in-game zoom. The following are my observations, based on my setup : 1) Max migoto zoom, when applied to a monitor " with no additional in game zoom stacked on top " is " DOUBLE Max in-game zoom " This was done putting a tank, on the ground, opening commander hatch, migoto full zoom, screenshot, then in-game max zoom. I say double because the size of the tank at 2000m was 2 times larger on screen that the in-game max zoom. I can't post the pics here, but can if any1 wants to see later, after work What I can also do is post the offline mission I made just to test the zoom. 3 tanks, level ground 1 t34 is 2K from player, one t34 is 4K from player. This was measured, on my screen using a calipers, it is 2x. 2) Medium migoto zoom seems like it is real close to max in game zoom . What I have noticed for myself is that if using migoto medium it seems easier to pick up and ID ac than it is on max in game zoom. It seems like moving tgts are easier to pick up, especially if they are against a forest or other background using medium migoto. That one will be harder to quantify, but I am certainly going to see if it can be. 3) The low migoto zoom I did not measure, but appears to be around a 1.5 zoom. This is very handy in several ways. It is instantaneous, it can be used in a combat maneuver to get a better look. Very useful, have seen positive comments using it on gunsight instead of using in game in and out, way faster, consistent. I will be doing some further testing of this and if I get a set of goggles then I will share that info as well. IF you have goggles, and can use mission builder, put down 3 tanks 1 player, 2 nme. ranges 2k 4k. Best area of map I found is rhineland north of antwerp lots of flat ground. Finding a 4K stretch not obscured by any trees took me a few but it's there. will post mission later so others can post goggle vs monitor screenshots if they would
  10. I don't accept the lower resolution makes spotting more difficult. The opposite is true for many people . I have a 32" 4K monitor, that works great for everything. The problem is in this game due to " spotty " pun intended, graphics and ability to spot objects, I am forced to run it in 1080 instead of it's native res. So lower is better. I have flown with people using VR and they are able to identify AC at much farther ranges than someone using full in game zoom. In fact, I was in an AC on the ground, saw several contacts Near the AF , a player using VR, and I assume this migoto, was able to ID them as to type, from @30K. I saw dots, even on full zoom and they were less than 10K from my position. Max in game zoom, dots from less than 10, positive AC Id from 30. It strikes me as very disengenuous that the thread originally started out from someone that wanted the mod gone, for everyone. It seems like the vast majority of the VR users posting here, simply want the ability to use it removed from the 2d users, and that seems like a real problem as having flown with VR users my experience is they already have a very big advantage using this when it comes to identifying ac. If the in game zoom, compounded on top of the migoto zoom is considered unfair, then the devs should remove the in game zoom in zoom out and simply have everyone use the migoto zooms. Now, there are other features that are in migoto, that says vr only. Why can't those be made available to 2d ? If that is not possible, then perhaps in the spirit of fairness they should be removed from the vr users as well I was just reading about some of the features of migoto, from creator of it "In game zoom can be stacked with all zoom, convergence settings for stacked zoom must also be defined" Can the VR users stack in game zoom, on top of migoto zoom, like 2d users as well ? It also appears that the 3 levels of migoto zoom can be changed, by each user to suit ? Is there a limit on that ?
  11. SO if you were in an AC that didn't have a bubble canopy, you could simulate a super bubble canopy with no supporting framework ?
  12. Fenris, do you fly with VR or a monitor ? If I go in game, and use the max migoto zoom, on a monitor, or use the max in game zoom for a monitor, the migoto zoom is double the zoom. So if it is removed from 2d users, how is it that both sides win ? I would say the better solution is to remove the in game zoom in zoom out, and leave the migoto zoom, 3 levels, for all users that way there can be no argument
  13. Has everyone heard of a " pissing contest " I first saw the following years ago, believe I was intoxicated at the time, but found very funny, hilariously so ! I beilieve music by MC Hammer ? Not sure, not my kind of music Comments or Questions ?
  14. Don't we have enough " Regulation " on some of the mp servers ? A buddy of mine calls one server " Wings of Limited " I'm sure you can figure it out. I just wish that the game did not allow server " dictators " to eliminate possible ammo loadouts or weapons, that were in fact historical, and realistic I might add. Didn't someone mention cheating and realism somewhere in this thread ? Just the Pe2 mod, you know, the one that makes the gunner fire 10 degrees off , but only 10 deg off the players running the mod ! The add-on to this being the self set charges at the wing roots when " modded " players open fire on them I'm enjoying this thread more and more as time goes by. I'm at work, but this has been a good break. So my question is, if someone is using CBD oil, or perhaps smoking hash oil out of a vape can, while flying IL2 no less, would the cheater crowd here, consider either of those a cheat ?
  15. You know, I drive a Subaru and a HD NRS as my commuter vehicles to work. Both get good mileage and I have 75 mile RT every day. Now where I work, alot of the guys here, drive these big, primarily diesel trucks. They are not towing anything to work. I have a truck, that I use as a truck not a commuter vehicle. Now as to the above post, I am wondering if the people referenced in the above quote, the VR players, are trying to compensate for the same thing that I frequently tell my co-workers they are ? 😆
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