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  1. I am willing to bet that 4K monitors are rarer in online play than VR headsets. Most guys are either on 1080p or 1440p.
  2. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback in this thread. In the interest of thoroughness I decided to see if I could simulate the strain of 1440p on my GPU by running Nvidia DSR and scaling the resolution to 1440p from 1080p. From what I've read this should give you a 1:1 performance comparison for how your card will handle higher resolutions. For a basic test I ran a QM in Bodenplatte against two flights of bombers over Antwerp, once at 1080p and once at 1440 using DSR. Only settings changed were to turn off Vsync and the frame limiter. When performance monitoring I didn't actually get much of a drop in FPS when comparing 1080p to 1440p - not as much as I expected anyway. Even flying low over cities in Bodenplatte and fighting two flights of bombers, FPS wasn't cut in half but maybe reduced by 25-30% - on 1440p frames only dipped below 60fps once, to 58. the GPU worked a lot harder though - getting usage up to 95% at peak, and averaging about 75% whereas before it maxed out at 65% or so and averaged around 50%. CPU was mostly the same and its clear that my bottleneck is there. VRAM usage on the card was 30% higher but didn't get close to the 6GB maximum, hovering around 3300 mb. In more real-life gaming situations I might turn down some settings to keep FPS up under more graphic intensive stuff but I would probably be able to run everything on High and the extra resolution would be worth it. As an aside, I will say that the visuals improved a bit but because of the sampling spotting took a nosedive compared to 1080. Nvidia advertises the DSR as producing 1440 image quality on a 1080p screen like this but its really not all that noticeable given the size of my screen
  3. Sadly I have not been so lucky. I always circle the airfield in a pattern and try to land in the right direction if I am undamaged, and put it out in the chat if I am making a forced landing. After having one play session where someone nosed out onto the runway just as I flared for landing, followed immediately upon respawn by a guy who cut me off on my takeoff roll by simply running across the field, then followed by a guy trying a high speed landing going the wrong way while I was at the end of my takeoff roll, I don't take any chances when taking off and landing - I make sure I am ultra visible so there is no doubt where I am. I have never been bounced with my lights on before but I have not as yet had a collision when I had them on, so it seems to pay off for me. YMMV.
  4. They did use the Hurricanes with 40mm cannons in the North Africa campaign so it was a mission-type they clearly considered. But maybe that's the point- they had tried the role of dedicated tank-killer and just found it not worth it for the investment. But they had a crap ton of artillery, including AT artillery, and in comparison to the eastern front and even the north african campaigns German tanks were a bit thinner on the ground. So it could be they felt a more general-purpose approach to air support had more utility. Or they really believed in the rocket and bomb attacks effectiveness.
  5. No, I believe there was one where the .50s and teh .303s were interchangable without changing the wings, but never one in mass production that had 20s, 50s. and 303s
  6. Lights are necessary for takeoff and landing on a busy airfield IMO. Yeah, you let any enemy pilot hanging around see you, but its a necessary risk, and they will probably see you anyway. There's enough people who don't follow any kind of landing pattern, land the wrong way, or try the WOL-style takeoff straight from the spawn area that it makes collision with idiots a higher risk than getting vulched. When I survive long enough to get back to airbase on rare occasions nothing is more frustrating than coming in to land and colliding with somebody who didn't look before they rolled out in front of me or took off across the airfield. I put the lights on when taking off and landing so I'm super visible to those who don't pay attention. If it comes down to it I would much rather someone bounce me on final approach than get rammed by a friendly.
  7. The last couple days of disappointment have been cause for introspection and evaluation. I've had to come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, the game is not being designed for me specifically??? Like there are other factors than what I want at any given moment????? ... Nah, they'll be releasing the P-47 razorback for me, specifically, on *does tarot reading* July 7th, the date having no particular significance.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again - rules lawyers are the enemy of all fun, and every game has to be made slightly less fun to deal with those people to just keep them from destroying the entire thing in their quest for technically legal ego stroking. If you extended the time to 1 minute after takeoff people would develop a foolproof way to bounce people 61 seconds after wheels-up so they can get some easy kills and tell themselves they are a legendary experten. The same guys will also exploit the takeoff/landing rules and ditch themselves on friendly forward airfields to avoid getting shot down and keep their precious streak.
  9. That is the main problem with testing for spotting. If something doesn't make a night and day difference, its really difficult to say for sure if something improved spotting or if its just a placebo. By definition a controlled test must be reproducible, and that usually means that you will know where the aircraft are ahead of time, which may give you an advantage in spotting them...which ruins the test. If you don't use a controlled test with the same lighting conditions, landscape, planes, etc. then there are too many variables to spotting. On top of that the sheer variety of difference between monitors, resolutions, GPUs, color calibration, etc. means that what works for one person may not work for others. When deferred rendering came in a lot of things changed and I, for one, noticed a significant improvement in spotting and tracking contacts. I've seen a few people say it's worse than before which is not my experience at all. I suspect that the dozens of tweaks people have used prior to deferred rendering to improve spotting are no longer valid and sometimes harm the ability to spot aircraft with the new rendering system. I found, for example, that my gamma setting of 0.8 actually made things worse in spotting on top of making the game uglier. But its a generally accepted truth in the community that lower gamma=better spotting, and I wonder if people are fiddling with a bunch of really esoteric stuff in the Nvidia control panel while leaving some base assumptions untouched. And changing settings from session to session is really unhelpful as well. I think if you do change a setting you have to give it multiple sessions over a variety of sorties to really assess its impact and give your eyes the chance to get used to the new environment. I don't think there is a magic bullet to incredible spotting in the sim for a player - outside of the devs making changes of course. I think that as a baseline the sim now has OK spotting (not great or fantastic, but OK), and you can improve this a little bit with things like slight sharpening, calibrating your monitor, etc. But I think overall its much easier to reduce your ability to spot by changing settings than it is to increase your ability to spot.
  10. Do you turn vsync on in game or do you leave it off?
  11. Climb and cruise stay the same, only the combat setting increases.
  12. As a Canadalands citizen, I had to listen to this video to ensure quality under the "Canada Takes Itself Very Very Seriously Act of 1958" (Thanks Diefenbaker, to me you will always be the Chief). I confirm: Everything in this video is 100% accurate. The dog is right to not make a joke about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their existence is, itself, a joke that Canada plays on itself. Also our voices all do sound like that, I have to use a special microphone on Discord or the Americans laugh at me, which, to a Canadian, is just the worst possible thing. Au Revoir, Le Redkestrel
  13. I have heard the opposite, that it makes spotting worse, but I have flown with HDR off for almost all the time flying and haven't tested it with the new rendering, which (IMO) changed spotting for the better. it may be that the bloom that turns on automatically with HDR is the only reason it doesn't work well, and having it off might help. Who knows? Honestly there are a million and one tweaks that people use and most of them the improvements are marginal, so skipping one or two of the methods won't make an order of magnitude difference. Test it and if you don't notice a big difference, err on the side of quality of life and enjoy the look of the sim.
  14. Resurrecting this thread for some further advice. Nvidia cards seem to support Freesync now, so is it worth it to get a gsync or Free-sync monitor for Il2? My understanding is it removes the need for vsync and works better for smoothness and avoiding screen tearing. Does it function well in Il2, or will I end up using vsync regardless?
  15. I have the combat stick. It’s pretty durable and it’s pretty precise. I went from the Logitech to that one and for me was a big improvement. It’s held up very well for three years. The way it moves takes some getting used to. It only needs a very light touch to move. It is an old design and really hasn’t changed in like fifteen years, whereas the gladiator incorporates more precise sensors and other tech. I believe the gladiator allows you to adjust tension where the CH does not. The gladiator has a twist axis I believe which the CH does not so if you have no rudder pedals that can be a big point in its favour Hopefully someone who has tried both will chime in, you can’t go wrong for the money. you would be able to use the Logitech for yaw and all its buttons as well, you just have to map the axes in the keybinding and you would be ready to go. The twist is the weakest bit in the stick it seems. If you were to get the gladiator I would use the twist axis for rudders on that and use the Logitech just for extra key bindings and axes. Pedals are more expensive than sticks but they really improve the experience, I would save up for them if you can.. I have the CH pedals that have also held up well, but the hard centre detente on them and the way they are setup makes them somewhat difficult to be precise and they can be uncomfortable for really long sessions. They are entry level pedals, the MFG crosswinds and VKB t rudders are more expensive but also better designs. That said with the situation currently availability is hit and miss for both of those types.
  16. Even a cheap joystick like the Logitech extreme 3D pro would work ok. Lots of buttons and the price is right. Then you can upgrade later if you feel like it.
  17. If it’s more than a few days after a hot fix it’s much better to have it in the tech issues forum even if it is from the patch. Rapidus the QA guy is on their regularly. And I trawl through regularly trying to help people with simple stuff. If you have a specific issue a thread of its own is going to get more attention than getting buried in this thread.
  18. I really like the fact that the EDtracker isn't based on LEDs so you don't have to worry about light sources. The problem now is that from what i can tell they aren't making new EDTrackers anymore and its not clear they will be doing so in the future. Now I'm wishing I had bought two in case mine fails.
  19. I'm not sure to be honest, but I do notice that in online play, when the non-default skin is applied to another plane, if you look at the plane you often see the default skin for a second before the proper skin is loaded in. So for a detailed, 4K skin this dynamic loading/unloading may cause performance issues. It's been a bug of sorts for a long time, maybe since 4.001 or so.
  20. They are going to release the P-47 razorback tomorrow for Canada Day, as a gift to me, specifically. Be sure.
  21. It really is a problem. Posting technical issues in an update thread weeks after the update went live is not going to get much attention from the devs. If only there was a subforum of some kind where people could post Technical Issues and Bug Reports!
  22. I use an EdTracker, which uses a gyro and magnetometer to track head movement, rather than a camera and LEDs, so I can only give advice I have read online. Previously my setup would have not worked with a light-based headtracking set up at all because of significant backlighting. So I have never really experimented with these issues, though I have been given and read a lot of advice on mitigating tracking issues before I made the choice for an EdTracker. DelanClip has some video tutorials on setup for the device so maybe review those and any other documentation about correcting the drift you are experiencing. It may be that with the camera set up in such a way, and/or the tracking clip angled, it is unable to maintain its centre. There might be a better way to set things up to avoid the drift issue, or a way to calibrate it better.
  23. Minor differences not affecting performance in a significant way are acceptable IMO. Why wouldn't they be? The planes we have in sim usually have one or two minor differences to the real-life aircraft they represent, because this is a game and not a museum. Performance is more important because the sim is about simulating the combat of the time and the relative performance of the planes is critical to producing that. If its a matter of having the ability to represent a D model P-51, or not having that ability, I feel it is more realistic for there to be an appropriate stand-in for the D model planes that were actually there, than to eschew having D-model P-51s at all. A P-51B is less representative of a P-51D-5 than a P-51D-15, so if a squadron was historically mixed the squadron is less realistic when the D models aren't represented.
  24. Apparently I'm depressed about my aviation addiction. The things you find out about yourself on the Internet!
  25. Drift happens with most headtracking solutions, unless it is very frequent its just something to live with. I have a button on my joystick that re-centers my head in opentrack - I chose one that's not easily pressed by accident. If you notice it start to drift, just centre your head, press the recentre button, and go back to playing. If you have to do this more than once every sortie there might be something wrong. If it starts to drift right away and happens continuously there might be a problem with the software or the configuration of the LED trackers or something. It could even be how the tracking rig is attached to your headset, if it is shifting or moving as you move your head around the lights would be in a different spot and then it would drift a bit. Or if there is backlighting or reflections behind you, it can sometimes screw up your tracking. So is it happening immediately upon tracking starting? Or does it happen only after a while?
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