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  1. The game's AI is much kinder to a fighter that turns well, and the I-16 probably has the best turning ability in the game. Against a human player, the instability and nasty snap-stall will often let you kill a player-flown I-16 but the AI flies the plane perfectly coordinated and never really stalls or spins. The plane also has some of the best visibility in the game so the ability to sneak up on the AI is even more difficult. It IS possible to sneak up on AI but only if you never enter a piece of sky that the AI can possibly see, basically limiting it to a narrow band of low six o'clock approach on most planes. You are basically always going to be making high-angle snap shots on the I-16 if you don't surprise it, or engaging head-on. Engaging head-on with Veteran AI is a no-no, their gunnery in a low-deflection situation is going to be almost perfect, better than a lot of human players. As long as you keep your speed up and maintain separation you are invincible since the I-16 can never catch you. But sooner or later you have to get close enough to shoot, and because of the turn rate and turn radius of the I-16 it can often force a head-on attack. And if you are ever in a bigger combat environment, the longer you spend trying to kill an I-16, the more exposed you are to any enemies that show up later. This is what often saves me when flying an I-16 - 109s stick around way too long trying to kill me, and faster and higher friends come along to assist after a while. So I would say, in a 1 vs. 1 situation, on the first pass trade altitude for a bit of airspeed and keep the I-16 in sight. Get to your fastest level speed then extend away in a shallow climb to make the most of your speed advantage and minimize the I-16s ability to keep up with you in climb, turning very slightly to keep the I-16 in view if possible. Drag the fight to higher altitudes where you have a greater advantage, keep your speed up, and make slashing attacks whenever possible. Don't follow it in a turn and don't bleed energy to get a marginal shot, just blast through and extend. If you find yourself in a head-on, either break away or start firing at very long range to try and disable or kill the enemy fighter - if the I-16 has only the 7.62mm guns you will have an armament advantage, but your engine is still very vulnerable even to light MGs. Its harder than it would appear given the performance advantages the 109 has.
  2. The hairpiece is actually renowned character actor Woody Hairelson. Woody Harrelson is just clever CGI and makeup.
  3. Earlier in the campaign we had a guy come on TeamSpeak asking basic questions about TAW, and we spent about five minutes trying to help him out to understand how to register, figure out what planes he had, what the different targets and objectives were, etc. Then he asked to join us. We asked what airfield he was at, he didn't know. Then we asked what he was flying - "Bf-109!" Everyone in the voice chat immediately was like "No! Please don't join us! We're flying Allied, and you're on the wrong voice channel!" Another guy that same night was trying to learn to take off in the LaGG-3. We helped him get airborne finally, then he said, "Oh wtf, I was just kicked out!" And we asked if he was registered for Allies. And he said "I have to register?" I think most people know TAW isn't for absolute beginners but every once in a while one finds their way... After this one Bazooka Man retired to a monastery to live out his life in service of whatever god snatched him from the jaws of death-by-idiot.
  4. Well said. Player numbers are always the elephant in the room. You guys do a great job over at Combat Box and with TAW wrapping up I’ll be spending more time there soon! Gotta get my Jug fix.
  5. Man, my talons are cold today, wish I could warm them up... *sees happily burning Luftwaffe airplane in pics* This is why I love these devs, they anticipate my desires before I even have them!
  6. Huh. Well, it certainly must be possible then, because it happened. I just don't know how. I've never seen a way to change the way you're seen in the chat.
  7. I don't think it should be possible. Was the name that appeared in the chat log also on the Stats board? Or maybe underneath it in the 'lobby' section?
  8. Bad luck, but I love that the bombs will bounce off surfaces.
  9. There have been a couple threads lately where people solved their problems by looking at the devices.txt file in the config files. I think if you rename it the game creates a fresh one and that solves some problems. Have a look around some of the recent threads, there are a few ways people have fixed it.
  10. I don't know what to say. The enemy takes actions against you and undoes your hard work. Welcome to the reality of a competitive server. I have made repeated attack runs on enemy defenses, helped the city get captured, and then the next day when I fly again its back in enemy hands. it happens. Look at the map right now. Steblievskaya is closed...but in the last 24 hours Axis has gutted the VVS centre. Just since I was flying less than 12 hours ago Axis has gained two cities and successfully defended one from a tank column. Nothing I did last night had any lasting impact at the cost of 3 lives and several planes. VVS has no strategic depth left, 4 active airfields. Axis has completely reversed our gains from earlier in the map. Ces't le guerre. Axis has won 4 of 7 maps and is poised to win a fifth. What more do you want?
  11. Thanks for your help here, I think I have a better idea of what I'm looking at. Unfortunately I'm looking at a new desk, thirsting after some new rudder pedals, and also a monitor. How can I pick??? Fortunately for me none of it is at the immediate need stage, but that means justifying the expense is even harder!
  12. TAW has a 'capture chance' mechanic implemented server side. If you ditch in enemy territory there is a chance you escape. TAW even has different capture chances for each side.
  13. Swarms of Luftwaffe planes regularly reverse all progress the Soviets may make during peak times all the time. You are seeing the frustration only from your side, and not seeing that number swings like that happen to both sides, and much more often to the Soviets. Sketch posted the stats above - on average, more Luftwaffe players throughout the entire campaign. Which means that the Luftwaffe more often outnumbers the VVS. Sides are never going to be perfectly balanced at all times. Flying attack missions with no cover is a way of life on the VVS side simply because there are often not enough players to fly cover and effectively attack. The options are nigh-suicidal missions or flying 'safe' fighter missions to defend your objectives, which often only staves off the inevitable. You have to move mud to win TAW, and that means risk. All that being said, I would rather fly massively outnumbered than sit around waiting for a quorum that may never happen. I'm lucky when I get an hour or two to play and waiting for 15 minutes or more to fly is a no-go.
  14. My GPU is a GTX 1060. Not looking to get into VR, can’t afford the unit or the rig to run it well. I guess I’m really looking for a monitor in the three to four hundred range with better colour, resolution and refresh than my current cheap one. Thanks for the tips!
  15. Better roll rate, higher speed, better dive, team tactics, better high speed controllability.
  16. In the game update thread for the last update, Sneaksie posted this. Hopefully this fixes your issue. Its worth noting that I needed to do this, AND delete my updates folder, and then restart the computer for the "Failed to Update" to go away. Don't go that route unless the fix given by the devs does not work for you.
  17. I've started thinking about replacing my basic monitor on my set up and I'm running into a basic problem - I really have no idea what to look for. There seems to be a lot of buzzwords and abbreviations out there and I can't tell if half of it is just fluff or if its technical specs that might be bad or good for a flight sim setup. Anyone have a rundown on what features are important in a monitor for a game like Il-2, and what kind of things to avoid?
  18. If someone went on comms after they did that and did their best Sean Connery impression I wouldn't even be mad.
  19. I always make a picture perfect approach when my gear is up. Don’t feel bad, on takeoff the other night a dastardly Luftwaffe radio tower sprung up directly in front of me and took my wing off. Just came out of nowhere!
  20. No problem. Hopefully I will find some time to get on in the evenings this week.
  21. Yes, there are quite a few planes in the sim where if you drop the flaps you will gain what appears to be unrealistic turning ability and some planes become very difficult to stall even with extremely high AOA and low speeds. I'm not an expert but I think the flight model assumes too much lift for the flaps, and it might do this as a sort of compromise so that the flaps give the right amount of lift for take-off and landing within the confines of the current modeling. There's been a lot of noise about flap behavior with the P-47 and the Spitfire, but its been an issue on and off with the Yak and I think the FW-190. Its just much more egregious with the P-47 and the Spitfire, before it was a little more plausible. I do think we'll see a fix to the flaps eventually, but not before BoBP final release as their FM developers are putting the finishing touches on those planes. I'm not a programmer and I have no special insight, its just what I think. Il-2s shot down 109s very occasionally and not during deliberate engagements by the Il-2, but in defending itself. I had read it in a pilot interview with an Il-2 pilot years back when I played Il-2 1946 but the site link I had is dead. Basically it happened when 109s tried to turn hard with an Il-2 at lower speeds, and got surprised when they could turn well, at least for a while, or when a 109 overshot an Il-2 during an attack and didn't have enough speed to get away before the Il-2 could get guns on. In my experience in online play, most pilots are not careful about overshooting enemy planes and often fly right through the gunsight as they pass you by. If they haven't hit you terribly hard its not difficult to pull up a bit and shoot as they fly by. They are tremendously lucky that I am a poor shot. People think attackers or bombers are helpless and not maneuverable, but in reality they can often turn well or maintain speed or zoom climb for at least a short time, long enough to do some damage. If the fighter pilot is using his craft carefully then he is in little danger. But especially online, fighter pilots get greedy, turn hard and lose all their speed, then get shot down by a plane that surprises them. It really doesn't matter what plane you're flying against at that point, if you get low an slow, a U-2 can shoot you down. And yes, I've seen a U-2 shoot down a 109, purely because the 109 got themselves into a terribly situation and then did nothing to get out of it. Wikipedia mentions the Il-2s killing quite a few slower Axis aircraft such as Stukas, He-111s and Hs-126s, and also mentions forcing an overshoot against enemy fighters as a defensive tactic commonly used (grain of salt for wiki sources, I know, but still). It also mentions a proposed Il-2 variant as a bomber interceptor, based on combat with Luftwaffe bombers. It was never produced as its speed would be too low to successfully pursue or intercept the bombers.
  22. We need more information. You say the game 'recognizes the input' but does nothing with it. Do you mean that you can assign the axis to the engine throttle or what have you, but then when flying the throttle movement does nothing? Did you previously have another HOTAS or joystick? Sometimes there's a bug where the game doesn't fully delete the old axis assignments. Someone recently had a similar problem with rudder pedals not being fully recognized by the game. I'll see if I can dig up the thread. As pfrances says, a lot of people use that exact same rig and do just fine, there's probably something that can be done to fix it if you let us help you. EDIT: This is the thread I was talking about. Seems like your issue may be similar. It could be an issue with devices.txt in your config files OR windows 10, which tends to be wonky with game controllers. Obviously be careful if you're modifying config files or anything else. But these issues might be worth checking out.
  23. I see it as a luxury, cuz I'm going to bask in the glow like I'm at a spa. /hopefully not the glow from the burning unshielded fuel tank behind the dash.
  24. We're just talking on the Internet, I'm not taking much of anything too seriously. I'm sorry if what I said seemed hostile, it wasn't my intent. I think the rationale is there for the Hurricane but there's certainly room to disagree.
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