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  1. Agreed on this one. At first I liked alt visibility but the more I flew it the more surreal everything felt, as there was no intuitive way to grasp how far away a plane was. I also experienced some very jarring contact loss as planes got closer to me...I could see planes at 20 km away over a city but frequently lost sight of planes as they got within 3km or so of me, even if I was focused on them. Anyway if Petrovich is taking the time to run a thread about it I think we will be seeing some improvements in the near future. From what I can gather from the thread over there with Google Translate it seems the concerns are pretty much identical to the ones on our forum and there's lots of evidence being posted.
  2. I thought the 262 was available on 2 of the maps?
  3. Nothing against Ling, but why would they need a yard? They're fish! Now I wish that I hadn't sent Jason that Husqvarna gift certificate, he might be getting ideas from this thread...
  4. By latest hot fix do you mean the actual most recent patch ( I haven’t played that one much yet) or the one that came out after alt vis was first unveiled? My impression at the time was that alt vis and normal vis were pretty well identical out to about 5 km, when the scaling and exaggerated brightness took over.
  5. Not sure I would be able to buy them as I have to kind of husband my spending money these days, but I would welcome some aircraft of different roles, as long as there were game mechanics for them.
  6. You're not wrong about the gamma thing, but in general just because large numbers of people do something for an advantage doesn't mean it actually conveys an advantage, merely that they believe it does. Whether that belief is based on fact at all is separate from the number of people who hold it.
  7. Imagine being alive in 2019 and not being able to read the future in chicken droppings. Sad.
  8. Well, from what I heard... *bawk bawk bawk* *shing* *BAWK?!?!?!* *splortch* *splat* The language of the oracle is subtle.
  9. Sounds like the stuttering many people are experiencing, mostly online but sometimes in single player. Its hard to fix. Check out the Stutters in Singleplayer and Stutters in Multiplayer threads in the Technical Issues forum. There are some tips there, but its hard to completely fix it. Basically a frame or two gets dropped because the FPS drops suddenly for some reason, but the FPS tracker doesn't show it in-game. Hard to say for sure that this is it without a video showing what you are seeing though.
  10. Your settings are very close to mine. The only thing different I can recommend is to calibrate your monitor. I calibrated my monitor for brightness, gamma, color, etc. a few months after I started playing just using the Windows built-in display calibration. I was surprised how much adjustment the monitor needed for all the settings to look right. My monitor was a pretty cheap model so that may have influenced that. It made a small difference in game for spotting, but more of a difference than most of the in-game setting tweaks. The calibration for gamma involved a pretty big change in the monitor settings to match up with the gamma image Windows provided. I think the need to reduce the gamma past the in-game limits may come from uncalibrated monitors. Anything below 0.8 looks extremely dark to me. The important bit is not to just dial up or down the contrast or brightness randomly, calibrate it against something at least. you may be surprised how out of whack the monitor might be. I have tried with sharpen off and while I think it does help slightly with spotting I personally found it made it somewhat more difficult to ID aircraft. It was not a game changer so I have since gone back to flying with Sharpen on. Definitely try it out to see if it improves things for you. And there are a number of visibility bugs that are still being worked out, like disappearing reflections when zooming or getting closer (same thing as far as the visibility modeling is concerned) that will hopefully be fixed. That stuff can't be countered by any setting available, so there's little point in spending hours tweaking settings for marginal returns, when your real problem might be some of those bugs. As far as impact on spotting is concerned, from least impact to most impact IMO: 1. Landscape filter blurred - worth it, just because it doesn't seem to have a downside for me, but not a world changer 2. Sharpen off - not worth it to me because of ID problems and just general fuzziness in the game. Still, worth a try I think. 3. In-game gamma adjustment - worth it to an extent, but too low is not great either. 4. Monitor Calibration 5. Practice 6. Developer changes to graphics and visibility. TL;DR - the law of diminishing returns always applies so don't spend hours upon hours tweaking; calibrate your monitor, test out your settings, and then just practice and deal with changes from the devs as they come.
  11. To make the Steam and in-store bought content work together, you will be prompted to link your accounts - there were changes done back in 2018. Some people run into issues with this. This is an explanation of how it works.
  12. Flaps in general seem a borked in this game when used in combat. It's a global issue...see also, the P-47s flaps. They're more effective in the 110 because you can actually accelerate and climb.
  13. Well, it must be said that I am LaGGing behind on my soviet aircraft ID!
  14. Whenever I get this message, I just have to click Log In again once or maybe a few more times and it works. Seems to be a weird bug, lots of people were getting it.
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