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  1. RedKestrel

    Sim Missing Critical Feature | Career Ruined

    Can't you just end the mission when you land, take the failed mission and move on? Or is that different in Iron Man mode.
  2. RedKestrel

    P-47 Collector version thoughts

    I would buy a razorback version of the P-47 I think, as long as it was usable in the career mode. I know some people buy the plane just to fly it, but I find I need an associated campaign to make it work.
  3. RedKestrel

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. I flew the hurricane and the Jug a lot.
  4. RedKestrel

    Map Scenery distance ?

    It controls the distance from your aircraft. at which the map scenery renders. I turned down from maximum to 50 km and found it improved FPS for me on my mid-range system.
  5. I haven't had that happen, now I wanna ditch near a town to see what happens
  6. RedKestrel

    I cant play anymore!

    Yikes, that sucks. Do you have any third party software running in the background you could turn off? Steam (if you don't need it to launch the game) audio software, any graphics card software that you don't 100% need to run the computer. Basically anything that you don't absolutely need to run the computer. Shut all that off if you can, then try and start the game. Even if it makes it impossible to enjoy the game if you lose certain features, shut it off. Then, if the game DOES launch, re-activate the third party stuff one program at a time while testing the game to narrow down possible problems. Only other ideas I have might be considered extreme, I would consider these as a last resort. 1, doing a clean install of windows on your machine. 2, uninstalling Il-2 and using your account to install the program on another PC if possible. The first option, if successful, just shows it was a weird interaction with windows and Il2. If not successful, you probably rule out a problem with windows (at least at the current update level), but as I said its a pretty extreme solution IMO. The second solution, if it works, would show you if it's a problem with your PC or some weird problem with your account.
  7. RedKestrel

    I cant play anymore!

    Have you tried installing the game on your local hard drive instead of the one just for games? Honestly that's the only thing I can think of doing.
  8. I refuse to purchase the U-2 until Bono apologizes for his last three albums.
  9. RedKestrel

    DD today?

    That last photo! The girl looks super unimpressed. Svetlana:"Mr. Photographer, I realize you cater to a specific audience, but I spent too much time on my makeup this morning, and having my hair down like this is not practical. Honestly I just want to scrape this paste off my face, go to the range and let off some steam." Photographer: "But Svetlana, you look so much better with makeup! Surely you want to look sexy for the gents, and for your handsome photographer!" *cocks AK-74* "Either we wrap this up now, or I start target practice, da?"
  10. RedKestrel

    How to be a good escort?

    Just how the question reads. In the career mode, the escorting AI sets up a pretty tight weave back and forth above the escorted bombers or attackers. When I match up with them I find I am spending more time avoiding collisions and trying to keep my squadmates and Big Friends in view than looking for danger. Usually I end up going higher than the AI, faster, and take longer, slower weaves to minimize the time spent flying and keep my head 'out of the cockpit' - this seems to work better for intercepting enemies and staying alive. The downside is I sometimes lose track of the friendlies. As far as MP play, I'm clueless when it comes to escorts. I've done ad-hoc escorts occasionally when I see friendly attackers or bombers heading into hostile space, but I worry I'm doing something wrong. Weaving back and forth above the friendly is a good way to keep speed up and keep them in view, but I feel like sometimes all I'm doing is drawing attention to a guy that otherwise might get through unnoticed. So any tips on escort duty for online play are appreciated. What works, what doesn't, etc. And point of view from people who spend a lot of time in bombers and attackers is very much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the charts! I may try this tonight and see how it works. One thing with my current setup is that when I try and look down over the edge of the cockpit to look down beside the plane, my head dips down and I can't see it. Makes it a pain to check the yak's fuel guage. Any idea how to resolve that?
  12. Cloud shadows are cool for sure. The landscapes are amazing but the way it looks different depending on weather condition, time of day, etc. is what really makes it. I really appreciate the little details like the quality of the perspex on diferent cockpits. The glass isn't completely transparent, so there's a noticeable difference between aircraft and with no canopy. I love it - it gives a sense of enclosure when the canopy is shut vs. when its open, or when you're flying an I-16 (or U-2, though I don't own that one). Also the birdsong when you're sitting on the ground with the canopy open and engine off. Multiple different species of birds too, though I can't ID them because I don't know what birds live on the Russian steppe lol.
  13. RedKestrel

    Engineer Sound/speed

    I definitely get wind noise in a dive though. Perhaps quieter than it should be?
  14. RedKestrel

    HELP PLS - Constant disconnection

    I've gotten this before on WoL but only when my ping was very high (I have kinda crappy internet) or the server was full/nearly full. Sometimes it works again after a couple attempts. Every time it happened was pre-3.009 update. It was not a constant issue for me, maybe happening 25% of the time. Haven't tried MP since the latest update, not sure if it still applies. I will try and get on one of those servers tonight and see what happens, though I'm not sure how much help I can be. My Internet now is a bit of downgrade from before as I moved recently.
  15. If they sold map packs separately, using the same planesets, I would absolutely purchase them, as long as they had a career option. I spend 90% of my time in Career mode. If they wanted to take some time after BoBp to work on extra maps and collector planes I wouldn't object.