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  1. Steppenwolf, is that you???
  2. His whole thing is to be a perennial cynic. FWIW I think this is the best way this has been presented in the forums so far, as you guys have been thorough and professional about it. It can't hurt. This may sound strange but the recent bug where the .50cals were doing zero damage against enemy planes after an update gives me hope that they are actually looking at it again and accidentally messed it up lol.
  3. Agreed, every server I go on I get shot down by the same people lol. The experience is not all that different.
  4. Nvidia GeForce Experience will also record, and by default records comms. You can also tell the recorder to record different applications as different audio files, so you can have the comms be recorded in one file, and the game sounds in another.
  5. SRS is dead easy to install and run, and is pretty close to being built in at this point. 2 click installation, auto-connect to the server. Easy interface. And not hard to link up with ad-hoc groups on the radio channels, I do it just about every weekend on Combat Box.
  6. Fly very low over friendly objectives in the highest performing fighter you can get, and kill enemy attackers after they've hit the target and get lit up by AA. I mean, your team will lose the map because most of the team is doing nothing but farming kills, but you'll get some easy points.
  7. You seem to have a couple issues with stuttering or lag in the game. Could you post your graphic settings, PC specs, and graphics card driver? There might be somthing going on. I've never seen lag or flickering in the fuel slider before. Hitches in the zoom usually were to do with stuttering from loading big textures when zooming in and out, which can happen when your card has too little VRAM for the game to use.
  8. I think if you set your pilot's preferred head position and zoom and press F10 it should save it as the default for you. Just make sure your pilot's head position is good.
  9. Old tracks are not always playable on the current version of the game, because of changes to the game engine in some updates. The only way to preserve them is essentially to record them as videos before a major update breaks them.
  10. If you are firing from the dead-six position it seems reasonable (pardon the pun) that the bullets would pass through the aileron and/or flaps as well as the wing, and (would do so pretty consistently.) But if the case is that the control surfaces are absorbing some of the energy of the rounds, then it shows the HE rounds are still doing excessive damage, since they too would be hitting flaps or ailerons before the wing. Anyway, what this test best shows is the relative difference in effectiveness between the various HMGs. I wonder what would happen if you were able to test the MG131/UBS as AP only. Is it simply a matter of overperforming HE, or something with the M2 in particualar?
  11. This also lines up with other testing I've seen from Unreasonable, and my personal experience. Hopefully it will help that it's been presented so professionally.
  12. It's not so bad if you go slow and keep on it. My problem is I get lazy and complacent after a few sorties and then it gets away from me. Holding the stick fully back, going slow, and reacting before a lot of turn starts developing makes it a lot easier. It will likely be more so for the XIV.
  13. Every once in a while, I go a few sorties without ground looping the spit and think I've finally gotten it down. Next spawn: "Ok, here we go...opposite rudder...ops, bit of break...OK, I got this...oh no...no...nononononononono sheeeeeeiiiiitttt."
  14. Well, there are at least 3500ish active players on Combat Box in any given month. Not concurrent, mind you. For flak, you CAN do this in Il-2 if you want - but the aforementioned AA situation means that takes up lots of CPU you want to use elsewhere every time they shoot. If this were changed, you could be a little less discriminating as to where you placed the AA.
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