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  1. If you damage your engine by exceeding its limits, it will sometimes put oil over your windshield. But it should not be doing that all the time, least of all when taxiing. I recommend that you start a quick mission on the ground in the P-47, and record a track of your startup and takeoff procedure. For the mission, turn off all ground targets, air targets, everything, to minimize the size of the track file any any other factors that might influence it. You might want to try it with other planes to see if you get any odd behaviour. Do you just have BoN or do you have other planes as well? Then make a thread in the Technical Issues and Bugs part of the forum and upload and attach the track file you made of doing the taxiing. You can also add it to the stickied thread about Flight models and damage models. I suspect you have some kind of corrupted game file or , and a reinstall might help. But before you do something drastic post it to the tech forum first, maybe there is something we are missing here.
  2. I've never even paid attention to the oil pressure. Never had a problem like that in the D-22 or D-28. I've found its relatively easy to exceed the oil temperature limits if you are climbing at low speed at higher power settings. On takeoff I set my oil cooler to fully open, and leave it there when climbing, to avoid overheating. Even if its fully open, climbing at the best climb speed at combat power will cause it to overheat relatively quickly on hot maps. It's much worse with the 150 octane fuel because of the higher MP. Opening the cowl shutters helps keep the oil cooler as well since the entire engine stays cooler, but unless I am climbing at high settings on a hot map I do not open my cowl shutters. In level flight I set the oil coolers to neutral, and in winter maps I close it entirely. Basically you should be able to run the P-47 at neutral intercooler and oil cooler shutters and closed outlet cowling all day as long as you keep your speed up.
  3. Out of curiousity, how does he know the server registered 120 hits if there are only 30 records in the game log?
  4. Armor-Piercing Incendiary ammo for the 0.50 cals. If it comes, we'll see it on all the American birds from I think '43 onward.
  5. Probably nothing to show. If they are working on the internal engineering (FM, DM, armament and mods) then there would be few pretty pictures.
  6. Sorry that didn't help. I'm not sure what else to try. I never saw the 'loss of positional data' messages for myself, so probably my issue is different than yours.
  7. The "3 life" rule looks simple but is really not. -you can earn back fractional lives with CMs, (this is very recent) -If you are playing on the outnumbered side, you lose a fraction of a life when you die, proportional to the level of side imbalance, so if you are flying at 5 to 1 odds you can die five or six times potentially and keep flying. -if you have 0 lives remaining, but your side is outnumbered, you can still join, but ONLY after the map has been running for 10 minutes. Hopefully when the new manual comes out this will be much clearer, right now pilot lives are not mentioned in the manual at all and can only be found in the changelogs.
  8. In the interest of protecting my shattered ego, already pummelled by getting owned online by virtual experten, I decided that golf itself sucked, rather than that I was a hack.
  9. Maintenance has seemed to line up with updates in the past but I think its been coincidence. Lots of forum updates have happened without patches. I'm betting on a 4.009 sometime before the end of August though, next Wednesday is my guess. Not today, though, updating on a Friday is one of the classic blunders. Like starting a land war in Asia, or going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
  10. My wife is from another region of our province and, despite being unable to speak French fluently, had a little bit of a french accent when we first met. Because the area she's from is heavily bilingual, though,she had a number of words in her vocabulary that were french but were used interspersed with english so much that she always figured they were english. There were quite a few conversations where she looked at me like I was pretty slow because I wasn't picking up by what she meant by a word. She picks up accents at the drop of a hat too - if she watches too many Youtube videos with people with Irish accents she talks with a lilt for a few days before it fades. (I know just enough french and they sprinkle in enough english that I can usually tell when the in-laws are talking about me in front of my face lmao!)
  11. Do you play via Steam? If so, you can verify the integrity of your game files using Steam, I think. You should also check your sound settings in the game menu, see if anything has accidentally been muted. Have you made any changes to the game config files or anything like that? Modded sound files at all?
  12. My firing ranges typically vary from 200-300 m. I'm flying aircraft with wing-mounted guns nearly 100% of the time so convergence is a big deal. Having a reasonable convergence for air combat that doesn't hamstring you at longer ranges is key. I also usually run ground attack missions in fighter-bombers, so I need a convergence that allows me to strafe ground targets in a dive without having to get so close I can't pull up. In the P-47 I generally run my convergance at 280m - at this point, I can strafe soft targets and still pull out of my attack dive, and enemy fighters take up almost precisely one half of the diameter of the gunsight when they are at that distance. Because of my typical mission profile I rarely get a fighter on the bounce but I tend to open up at 280-300m and continuously fire until he's dead, maneuvering, or I'm extending. Even approaching at low six, waiting until I get much closer than that seems to get people spooked before I can start firing, so I'd rather get some hits in at convergence at longer range than wait for the perfect bounce. This might change if/when they fix the excessive aircraft sounds in the cockpit, which lets you hear some planes at a fair distance away.
  13. Go slow, be gentle, lots of lube
  14. Il-2 seems to do this too just after an update. Takes longer to load the first time.
  15. This is fine, UNLESS you make some unsettling assumptions, as raaid has in the OP - what if everyone is lying to me? And the followup, even more unsettling assumption - what if my senses are lying to me? Like those annoying hypothetical scenarios that go "What if we are all living in a simulation?" You would have no way of knowing since all sensory input into your mind is incorrect, or controlled by someone or something else. If every time a measuring device showed a number and my eyes told me it showed 99, how do I verify that is true? Maybe I have someone else look at it. Another person looking at it says "no, it is 100, you are wrong". So now we have a disagreement. So we go to a third person. And they say "No, it is 100". So we go to 10000 people and they all say is 100, and I say it is 99. We look at the same object and see different things. Now, at this point I would say "clearly I am hallucinating, 10000 people can't be wrong" and go have my eyes and/or mind checked. Occam's razor successfully deployed - barring any other evidence, the simplest solution is the one to go with. But it is theoretically possible for that to be the case. Perhaps I am the only person seeing clearly, and everyone else is hallucinating the number on the device. Or there is some conspiracy to keep me from knowing the true number, and everyone is in on it. There would be no way to tell, because we have no way to verify that the inputs we are taking into our mind is accurate. You can always construct a scenario, however implausible, where the truth seems obtainable but is in fact a deception. And if you are after absolute, 100% pure distilled certainty then those scenarios will nag at you. My overall point is it is not good, healthy or useful to dwell on this kind of thinking, to worry about things which might be true but for which there can be no evidence. We have to deal with the evidence we have until we get something better.
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