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  1. Mine is the MSI Ventus XS OC, so probably the same as yours. I do have MSI Afterburner and may tweak with that to get better performance if necessary. I do think that my CPU will become a bottleneck before I truly reach the peak of what the 1660 can provide. Honestly the bigger and faster memory is where I expect to get the best improvements. Considering there are big changes brewing with rendering as per the DD today, I want to get this all up and running and put through its paces before the update drops, so I can see what impact there is and what needs tweaking. From what I've read the new update with deferred rendering will put a bit more load on the GPU but might ease up on the CPU a bit. Time will tell there.
  2. If one of you forum denizens could just lightly crinkle a plastic bag or tap a tin can, I think both of my cats would be over at your place in about 1.6 seconds in hope of food, so I'll post before I do the install so someone can summon the little furbastards.
  3. Glad to hear Scheldt is back in the rotation. As for the clarification, probably for the best, though I personally felt the rules as previously explained were clear enough. If people ever wonder why so many things in the world have very specific rules, warnings and red tape, when it should just be as simple as "Don't be a jerk to people" or "use common sense" - well, exhibit A is this whole issue. If a few people had just stepped back, and thought for a second and said to themselves "hmmm, maybe this vulching rule, as stated, also implies that shooting people within seconds of takeoff is also Not Cool, and that by extension trying to find increasingly specific justifications for shooting people on rollout is a Dick Move. Perhaps I will not do that to play it safe and promote a Spirit of Fun and Competition!" then we would not need this new rule, the admins wouldn't need to put together an automated script and spend time enforcing this stuff, and no one would be getting banned. I mean, player goodwill would probably be so good that no one could bring themselves to shoot anymore, and we would have to get out of the planes and have a soccer/football match in the streets of Eindhoven. Although then we would have to get Alonzo a snazzy ref's uniform.
  4. Good news for me, I have a new video card ready to be installed. Just gotta screw up my courage (and not screw up the install).
  5. In the interest of screaming into the void, I got the RAM and video card within only a couple days - which is frankly almost unbelievable considering the situation. Every day when I get home from work I think about installing the new components but talk myself out of it, as if something goes wrong I don't have time to troubleshoot it, and the computer is needed when I'm not around for schoolwork stuff and my wife's graphic design work. Obsessive research indicates I should be still good for the power supply, as my current 1060 apparently draws more power at peak than my new card in comparative tests I've seen online. Time will tell. I have done computer maintenance a bit before for work - mostly swapping out failed hard drives, cleaning dust and fixing loose connections - but I'm nervous about cracking open my PC and rearranging the bits. I keep waffling between just installing everything at once, or swapping out just the RAM first, then the video card. The second option sounds better for systematic troubleshooting, but I worry about moving the PC, opening and closing it. I can't leave it open when turning it on because I'm sure one of the extremely static-charged cats is going to come and investigate the fans (we already have a large number of cat-induced paper jams in the printer). I am probably just over thinking it but what do people recommend? RAM, close it up, test, then open it again, then video card, close it up, then test? Or is it less risky hardware-wise to just put it all in at once and then troubleshoot if needed?
  6. I'm not sure where to go from there. If neither of you can get the mission to work while hosting, and your ports are forwarded correctly, and the firewall has the appropriate exceptions, I'm out of ideas to try. There's no reason why it shouldn't work. I recommend cross posting to the mission making forum if you haven't already, and upload one of the missions you are trying to do. Possibly there is something the mission maker experts may be able to help with. I know Co-op has some idiosyncracies in hosting and mission building.
  7. My understanding is that it allows you to do new things without impacting performance that much. Like the added reflections, that would have been a major performance hit without the new renderer. Not 100% sure though.
  8. Hell yeah, train attacks! I always liked attacking the train in the D-day mission way back.
  9. Just trying to remember here, it's been a while, I think there is a separate menu where you calibrate your curves for the different axes on your controllers. There is a drop down menu of the different controllers - Joy1, Joy2, etc. Have you looked there to see if the game sees the various devices in that menu?
  10. Well what's it about then? We've established that there's no practical reason to do it, its not like TAW where pilot deaths count towards the campaign. So the only thing it accomplishes is ending some guy's streak and ticking him off. It's the teabagging of the sim world.
  11. That reasoning was already pretty flimsy, and now we see that it doesn't even work. Why am I not surprised? I'm just going to encourage people to go ahead and chute kill me, though. It doesn't mean anything, you can't hurt my feelings since I die so much anyway, and if you want to waste bullets and risk your virtual life for literally no impact on the game, be my guest.
  12. Let us know. Then maybe it might be worth trying to put power back to performance but leaving fans on 100% earlier. Its possible the card was getting too hot before the fans kicked in so they had a harder time keeping it cool. Looking online, the 2080TI has a thermal limit of 89 degrees celsius, so you weren't there yet but its possible it was hot enough to cause issues even if technically the card should still function.
  13. If its a 2080TI, it can't be that old...they were only available last fall right?
  14. It's the same engine but different block numbers - actually slightly different block numbers in one engine than the other (presumably for counter-rotating props). EDIT: I just checked the RPM in the tech specs and its the same between the P-38 and the P-40 - max is 3000 RPM for WEP/Combat and 2600 RPM nominal. The % from the tech tips just indicates the percentage travel of the throttle lever so its not going to be the same in different cockpits even for the same engine. You should go by the RPM on the dial whenever possible, rather than percentage numbers in the tech tips.
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