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  1. I believe Berloga does use alt vis. Big contacts at long range, shrinking as you get closer, inverted zoom effect, etc. Wildly different from how contacts appear on other servers like CB. I don't think there's been a new version of alt vis or any work done on it, at least it has not had any patch notes. Though the deferred rendering may have had a big impact on how contacts look at long range - maybe it got rid of the 'white butterflies' effect? If so one of my biggest beefs with it is gone. @AlonzoI think you are probably right when it comes to alt vis. I don' t believe that alternate visibility is truly a fundamentally different spotting system, to me its pretty clear its just scaling applied at far distances overlaid on the system we have now. When I flew with it on during CB's 'test phase' I had all the problems regular visibility has with contacts getting lost against clutter at close range or disappearing near clouds, etc. If the scaling were dialed down so we didn't get that weird sense of not knowing how far a plane was from us (which as you said made SA worse because it was never clear what was a threat) and we got a 'happy medium' things would be great. As it is the new rendering has IMO made spotting contacts against the ground quite a bit easier, and reaquiring lost ones as well. Combined with an alt vis at long ranges that wasn't so over the top I feel like we might have an ideal spotting system. Like, juuuuust enough scaling that you could pick something out at a reasonable range and track it, but not so much it got stupid - we would have to have patience with feedback and tweaking. Of course anything with a whiff of subjectivity is a minefield and I don't blame the devs much for not whistling as they walk through it.
  2. As we all know, electricity and magnetism are linked, and the plane IS called the Lightning.
  3. If you land safely you get the bonus. In the stats it tells you the bonuses you get and why you got them. It's much more difficult to get a kill and then make it home afterwards than to dive into an ill-advised dogfight, get the kill but die doing so. So there is a bonus to encourage people to fly with more thought and care.
  4. The flaps in Il-2 need a look at for all planes IMO, there is some wonky behaviour there, not just in the Jug. But there is an easy solution for me when flying the Jug, which is just not to use the flaps. Manuals indicate they were not meant to be used above +/-200mph anyway so if I stick to the manual I can make believe like I am a real pilot. 😄 Maybe so. Even so, I still would not expect to out-turn a Mustang on the deck, that seems wrong to me in a fundamental way. I can already turn with FW-190As on the deck and even catch them in a climb with WEP enabled. I don't find the turn performance to be worse than expected, the only place I feel it may be under-modeled is in the zoom after a dive. But then I am not the best at staying coordinated and properly trimmed either. I love the P-47 and it is the first time I've been tempted to dip my toe into DCS, but for the asking price I feel like it needs to be substantially better than Il-2s offering in terms of modeling. No point in rushing to judgement I suppose. I can wait until it is out of early access and evaluate it then, once they have ironed the kinks out. My understanding is that the EA aircraft in DCS are considered more WIP, whereas in Il-2 when they release it in EA they consider it 'complete', though they will update it later if it calls for it. So its sort of apples and oranges at the moment.
  5. From the report there it looks like single seater mode improved things from a day fighter perspective, but not by enough to make the mosquito competitive. I plan on using it for low alt attack and interdiction, and maybe once in a while surprising some guy who blows past me and forgets you're not supposed to fly through the enemy's gunsight. 4 nose mounted 20mm cannons...I mean good lord you'll be able to shred any aircraft you get a bead on. It's basically got the Tempest's armament packed into the nose and that thing is like a delete key for enemy aircraft even when you don't hit at convergence.
  6. A P-47 out-turning a P-51 at all altitudes sounds way off IMO. That sounds like more than a polish.
  7. That's good to know! Right now my processor is still handling everything I throw at it OK, and I don't have the funds for a full upgrade now anyway. So it's wait and see regardless. But its certainly a good thing that currently available motherboards are going to support the next gen processors. It takes a bit of the anxiety and FOMO out of deciding what to buy.
  8. I think you're right,It wouldn't be surprising at all if the new architecture was delayed. With all kinds of kinks in the supply chain, it probably is very tempting to wring as much as you can out of any mature or stable bit of hardware you can. Plus releasing a brand new chip architecture when many people are cash strapped makes less economic sense - you can make the best chips in the world but you'er SOL if only a few can afford them.
  9. Have you checked your key bindings at all? Before The big 4.006 update they recommended we back up some of our folders so we wouldn't lose graphic settings and keybindings in case something went wrong. Maybe yours got re-set? When you move the controls, do your controls move in cockpit? I haven't noticed any issues with keybindings myself. I do note that often mixture is set to 0, and having low mixture settings dramatically reduces engine power at some fligth regimes.
  10. Absolutely. We need to know if its a misconfiguration, or if the HUD or airspeed indicators are wrong.
  11. Considering I am looking seriously at getting a setup with a Ryzen 3600X, that's some great news - a 3600XT beating out i7-10700k in single core speed is pretty impressive, considering the (likely) price difference. The intel is priced about twice as much as the 3600X right now, so even if the price of the XT is higher than the chip it replaces its still a better deal. Luckily that is an upgrade over the next year or so so I can afford to wait and see what comes out of this. It's certainly been theorized that Il-2 really likes fast memory so if DDR5 is significantly faster it could be worth it, but waiting for the right Mobo/processor combo to go along with it might mean you miss out on a year or two of improved performance just to 'future proof'. And if the first implementations of DDR5 are less than ideal you might pay an early adopter price by going with that before it matures a bit. You could split the difference and shell out for ultra fast DDR4 and a solid mobo with one of these new chips out soon and you'd probably be relatively future proof.
  12. I'm pretty sure they are both supposed to be IAS though. The instruments are only IAS and TAS is almost always higher than IAS so the HUD airspeed shouldn't be getting lower. OP do you have a screenshot? What plane is this happening in? Could it possibly be you have the HUD set in miles per hour and you are flying a plane with speed measured in kilometres per hour?
  13. I took a look there. You have some disconnects but not too many all things considered. Maybe 1 in 10 sorties. I think they are disconnects caused by a spike in your ping . Internet bandwidth isn't necessarily going to help you here, ping is the time it takes for a signal to get from your computer to the server. 50 mbps is plenty of bandwidth, but that just tells you how much data you are sending, not how fast your signal gets there, which is heavily dependent on location and routing. High amounts of traffic can, I think, cause slowdowns there, but increasing your total speed won't help much I think. When I got these disconnects a while back I was mostly playing on a poor rural connection and trying to get on KOTA. Some sorties it was good and I could fly, other times I would get kicked. Just flying along, then the screen would freeze, sound would go off, and i would be kicked to the lobby screen with a 10009 Server Connection Error. Probably your ping rating is just barely good enough to play on Combat Box, but it fluctuates, so on some sorties your ping gets above the ping limit and that triggers the game's kick procedure. With all the extra traffic from people working from home it could just be a temporary thing. But I don't think you'll ever have a great connection with a North American server from Thailand.
  14. Steam should automatically update your game. A full reinstall may help. Here is where you contact support. You will need to log in to send them your problem. https://il2sturmovik.com/support/
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