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  1. I flew a bit with sharpen off. I think it does help a bit, but it’s hard to say how much. Odd, because before it was noticeably better with it on. I didn’t do any really intense testing, just flew on MP with it on, I didn’t have a lot of time to fly this weekend unfortunately.
  2. I do still get them, but now they’re an occasional annoyance. Sorry it didn’t work for you.
  3. Server owners own the servers. They pay for them, keep them hosted, and provide a place for people to fly in multiplayer. They put hours upon hours of work into developing scenarios and maintaining the server. So they are allowed to set the conditions of their server. This only makes sense. Difficulty settings set client side quickly makes for an unfair environment that is about a hundred times worse than the advantage given by higher end displays or gear. Combat Box was crowd funded for a server and they have a Patreon to help with maintenance costs and events. It can be done. If everybody who wants to fly Alt Vis got together and crowd-funded a server and committed to flying on it consistently, they could do that too. 10-20$ per person who wanted to play would quickly cover the initial cost, and then monthly upkeep is much smaller. People get a server to play on and then they can demonstrate how much people like alt visibility. But if the populated servers choose to go with normal visibility, that's 100% their prerogative. They are offering a service for free to the community.
  4. Give the medium bombers the ability to drop prosthetic legs to POW camps!
  5. I fly with Sharpen filter on, but I also fly with landscape filter 'blurred' as this was recommended to me in previous 'spotting' threads and seemed to help. I will not have time to fly tonight but I will test over the weekend and see what I notice.
  6. Hurricane IIB and Spit VB vs. 109Fs and Gs would be good for 1941 era channel ops. Spit IX and FW-190 could even come into play later, and A-20s and maybe later B-25s to simulate the cross-channel light bombing raids. Kuban and Rheinland maps could probably be used as a kind of ersatz channel map. Think of a Hurricane as an I-16 with more stability but crappier roll rate and anemic climb. /that sounds bad but I love it
  7. The Curies approve. (Thanks, Kate Beaton!) http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=152
  8. Hurricane is an insta-buy for me, I just love the plane. Will probably not get much chance to fly it online and I fully expect to be outclassed but if I minded getting shot down then I would never fly. I will probably get the Yak-9T too as it was my favourite eastern front fighter from Il-2 1946 and I'd really love to see this team's interpretation of it.
  9. Also that leaves open more western types for possible future expansions in those theatres.
  10. If the goal is to produce a fighter escort/strategic bombing mission dynamic, then it makes sense to restrict bomb loads on fighters for those scenarios. For more tactical scenarios, no reason to restrict bombs.
  11. I think most of the maps were about much lower in scale than reality. Some of the newer ones might have been one to one.
  12. Well, the last thing to be released really is the Career. I think we'll see something about new mission types and improvements to career mode. Armed Recconnaisance missions and train hunting would be cool to have.
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