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  1. Nope, Mario 3 once you got the tanuki suit and used your better climb speed to gain E on those luckless goombas.
  2. There have been a number of graphics improvements introduced over the last little while - some options that allowed you to crank up the graphics a bit more. It could be that after the patch some of those settings have been automatically engaged. Can you post a screenshot of your graphics settings? Also, include the specs for your PC, someone with a similar set up may be able to tell you where you need to reduce settings to get your smoothness back. Some people experience stuttering in MP. I used to get this, haven't for a long time since they instituted a fix (I think in 2020 sometime?) S
  3. Considering Jason's 24 hr flash sale Q&A not too long ago my guess is no DD this week. Anyone who hasn't read in that thread should, there's some good questions in there. He did say in that thread that the next patch is likely to drop in "No, seriously, two weeks" so maybe we seen an update on the week of the 19th? Depends on how one measures 2 weeks.//
  4. I almost never use the snap views or anything like that so I'm not a good source for this. Spitballing, I suspect that when you have headtracking engaged the device is providing constant head position input that over-rides the snap views. Or possibly you are in 'pan view' mode when using headtracking which prevents the use of snap views.
  5. I thought this was fixed a couple patches ago? I was able to be pretty sneaky a few times. I don't notice the sound of airplanes nearly as much anymore unless they are very close. But I haven't played much on the most recent patch so I'm not sure, maybe the issue came back?
  6. No it’s too late in the day to be a meme. Google says may second.
  7. So we will have access to basic planes that can fulfill most roles, but our career dictates the better planes we get access to as we progress. Is that about right?
  8. I believe the default key to open the full-screen map is the "O" key. I don't believe the realism settings on the server permit a 'minimap' in the cockpit, but I don't know as I really never used that feature in the game.
  9. Can you post your system specs and what drivers you have tried? Are you able to test the stability when not running at that resolution? Sounds like something wrong with the install tbh.
  10. Until we see the plane set it's hard to say. Depending on how it works I think you might end up with a tiny fraction of ground attackers and hordes of fighter pilots (worse than usual, anyway), since guys who fly half/half will probably go fighter only so they don't miss out on that bit. I guess in serious squads this might even out but for the dirty casuals it becomes even less viable to form up in ad-hoc groups if you have less flexibility in what you can choose to fly. If everyone's flying fighters then the bombers are dealing with more enemies. And since it looks like good bombers won't
  11. So if you choose a bomber 'career', you have to fly successful CMs before you can actually fly a bomber? What are the basic planes available, just fighters?
  12. Not everything. I believe @[DBS]Browningpointed out in another thread that the craters left by the various bombs are much larger in-game than they were in real life.
  13. I bought these same ones I think, only issue is sometimes the lock is a little stiff, awkward to do/undo. But they are strong enough that you only need to really lock 1 or two wheels and the seat is basically rock solid.
  14. Then I will be pleasantly surprised!
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