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  1. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2Ddt/JH32Qh2vj
  2. Today at Madrid 15:00 wiil be first AIRfinder Mission. You may to connect TeamSpeak and AIRussia Server to fly your program before Finder Competition Sincerly, 801
  3. Genlemen, remind Your that register will be closed Today at 20:59 UTC(23:59 at Moscow)
  4. Gentlemen, remind Your that registration to the Event will be closed 15 November 2016. Yor can register in this topic or at http://airussiaopen.ru
  5. That`s really fun to watch, but how about to take part? You can register in this topic, or on our web-site, it`s already fixed
  6. So, your can register at this page AIRace 1. Name 2. Country 3. Email 4. Skin(link or attachement) 5. Nickname 6. Tactical Number AIRobatics 1. Name 2. Country 3. Email 4. Plane 5. Skin (link or attachement) 6. Nickname 7. Freestyle description (for commentators), your can use forum messenger AIRfinder 1. Name 2. Country 3. Email 4. Plane 5. Skin (link or attachement) 6. Nickname Registration to Event will be closed 15 November 2016
  7. 18 November - day 1 - Opening, AIRobatics Mandatory Program, 16:00 UTC 19 November - day 2 - AIRace 1st day, 14:00 UTC 20 November - day 3 - AIRfinder Mission 1, 14:00 UTC 22 November - day 5 - AIRfinder Mission 2, 16:00 UTC 23 November - day 6 - AIRfinder Mission 3, FINAL, 16:00 UTC 25 November - day 8 - AIRace 2nd Day, 16:00 UTC 26 November - day 9 - AIRobatics Freestyle, 14:00 UTC 27 November - day 10 - AIRace 3rd Day, FINAL, 14:00 UTC
  8. Gentlemens! We, VAT "Aerobatics Team Masters" in cooperation with VAT "Red Fives" and 1CGS Team, are proud to announce Your, that 11.18.2016 AIRussia Championship will start! AIRussia Open - is an annual championship which qualifies best pilots in several disciplines: 1) Solo Aerobatics - AIRobatics 2) Racing - AIRace 3) Orienteering - AIRfinder _________________________________________________________________ (1) AIRobatics includes two rounds; Freestyle - show us your skill in Freestyle! Your can perform any aerobatic maneuvers, up to 15 minutes. Please, send us your aerobatic program after registration for most epic shots and accurate comments in live stream, and aerobatic skin. For this discipline, you can choose the aircraft Mandatory Program - your will recieve list with maneuvers and their sequence. Objective - perform all the maneuvers as accurate as possible, mistakes will cause the penalties. After two rounds, three winners get valuable prices! (2) AIRace. Racing is an analogue of Formula 1 racing. Pilots must pass the racetrack prepared by organizers. For the safety, referee will warn the racers about dangerous proximity during ride. After few heats, 3 winners get valuable prices! (3) AIRfinder Orienteering This discipline is designtated for fans of instrumental flights, using maps and logics. Your objective - pass all the checkpoints, and land in specified location. Organizer will provide you short text message with information about mission and checkpoints. Definition of checkpoints and orienteers can be veiled in the text .Your must definite the riddle and get direction. Competition will include three missions, with different complexity: first will be easy, then medium, and the third will be hard. After three missions, three winners get valuable prices So, i`m very proud to inform Your, about our "valuable prices" Each discipline winners will get 1st Place: Medal + "IL-2 Batlle of Kuban" + diploma 2nd Place: Medal + 50$ + diploma 3rd Place: Medal + 1 collector plane + diploma Licence Keys for Winners kindly provided by Development Team To take part in the Championship, please register at http://airussiaopen.ru/ I will answer Your questions about Event in this topic Best regards, -=ATM=-801
  9. Now the training maps is available on Aerobatic Team Masters Training Server
  10. Yep, in formation only Yak`s. Try into aerobatics on I-16, but only 3 people have it. In old Il-2 we had "Diamond" formation, with 5 P-38L and 4 Yak-3. I hope in new Il-2 in future our diamond will come back
  11. http://ded-squad.ru/index.php?threads/%D0%9F%D0%98%D0%9B%D0%9E%D0%A2%D0%90%D0%96.961/ In this topic all instructions and video examples that we have in BoS
  12. We have some videos and pics with instructions, but it need to be translated to english)\ Hope, i will be able to do this as faster as it possible)
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