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  1. Only way I get force feedback is having it unchecked in-game otherwise it doesn't work. Also- I only get spring effects. MSFFB2 must not be supported anymore...
  2. Its never worked, even when they said it was suppose to. I've tried everything, changing profiles, to AFR compatibility and such. Nothing works. radeon 7970's
  3. AMD crossfire any amd profiles that work?
  4. Any one figure out what profile to use for AMD cards? cant seem to get one with smooth gameplay. Stutters like crazy but has 60 flat fps.
  5. Crossfire fire enabled using 1x1,AFR friendly,AFR compatible tried all these with same results. Stutters like crazy and shows good fps. AMD still doesnt have a crossfire profile for this game, thinking that would help us all out.
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