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  1. Excuse me mates, all this crude rubbish, i wrote, was only bad tasted sarcasm. I am definitely not really obscessed by sigle engines, in my opinion, the Mosquito would be an valuable addion for the il2 series.
  2. Mosquito? No one needs a heavy fighters/ bombers, because they are boring and pure cannon fodder (just as the 110 G2). They rather should make some cool, interesting and well selling aircrafts like the MK XIV, P47 M, Ta 152, Mustang MK III, He 162 , or the G10, this is the stuff wich the community wants!
  3. I In case of proportion of the whole allied airpower, the MK XIV allmost was insignificant, regardless to the fact, of higher total number compered with the K4 or D9. My point is, a versatile aircraft could be from higher value for the game experience (+ it´s future developement), than an other maximum performing pistonengige fighter. if the MK XIV ever should come, i can still hear the "Luftwaffen guys" crying for their ta152 and in order of this the red players want a p47M. In my opinion such a thinking just binds resurces, wich could be used to realice much more interesting stuff, for example and as you said, the B25. When they announced "Bodenplatte", i was a bit disappointed apart of the new map (i crown up in the Rhein valley), the only airfraft wich is from huge interest for me is the P38, not just because it´s cool design , but primary It,s payload and versatitlty convincingly. Sure the divertity of multy role aircraft in this szenario is limited, but rather an other one of them (even if their service in this timeframe was limited) the next sigle enge fighter.
  4. What, some one want such an a historically irrelevant aircraft as the Spitfire Mk XIV more, than the most importent and iconic british light bomber/fighter bomber of the entire war (this aeroplane wich drove Göring most in rage)? That`s bizarre.
  5. Excuse me guys and gals, but why all the aversion and hysteria around this aircraft?
  6. Few minutes ago, i called the ministry of defense and suggested them, to exchange ineffective, obsolete 20- 27mm aircraft armament by something (more powerful) as the minigun or GshG-7,62.
  7. I am sure, there were much more female pilots on the eastern front than many of the aviable aircraft modifications (more or less bizarre thinks as mg 151 at the mc. 202 (or the macchi in general ) , 37mm on early il2, sc2500 ect.) In view of such historical irrelevant stuff (wich found its way in this game,), why should be a visual female pilot model a problem for anyone?
  8. Maybe a binoculars-function on full real mode would be nice, it could allow to see something on distance signicant better (like on the highest zoom level), but let close objects look very unsharp, like crosshair of the gun sight and cockpit interieur in general. don`t know if it is possible in part of the game engine. but it would be a cool feature, it think.
  9. In my opinion, the throttle is nice, but the stick itself is just medicore. Yes its made of metal but the internals are just crappy plastic parts. Thrustmasters competitors have cool stuff too, the VBK Gunfihgter stick for example is just a litte bit more expensive.
  10. I guess this this dicussion is pointless, the 262 will be banned at nearly all servers, be sure mates
  11. I can imagine to keep the 110 at home for this one (some times ). Much cooler design than the most of the late war stuff.
  12. Well done! And the last four opponents with a badly demaged engine in addition of a very huge fuel load (i was never able to bring more than four down in a intact 110 ). It´s almost a pain to see how you torture the still smoking DB, but impressive, great flight.
  13. But i am sure, it´s performance will be closer to any bf and fw, than the 110s to this, of it`s singlee engine opponents at bos/bom/bok. And even a medicore sim pilot like me is able, to score some fighters in the 110! So, don`t be afraid, it will be able to deal with it`s opponents, it definitely have some strenghts, for example a magnificant climb rate.
  14. I hope it comes with AN/APS 13 rear warning radar.
  15. Mirror would be nice, but rather the db 601 N engine with additional 175 hp
  16. t`s definitely no disgrace to get shot by il2s or 110, no one can have attention on every thing what happens around him or her. Furthermore it woul be pretty arrogant to underestimate such aircraft, even an il2 mod 1943 or a hs129 (wich are feeling some how very heavy and regide, in my opinion) can be unexpected deadly, in hands of a skilled virtual pilot.
  17. Hey guys, the developers did so many magnificent things during the last years. So be satisfied with this contents you will get.
  18. Would it be possible to increase the anti air defence of fortifications and artillery a little bit (may be 2 additionals light or medium aaa per position)?
  19. Really nice skin. Is this a chocolate-rudder? If yes, i want such a one too.
  20. 200 P-47s were delivered, primary they served in northern and baltic fleet, but the scale of their combat use was really limited
  21. I think, chutekilling is an pretty sense and useless act, something for guys, wich aren`t mastering their (pathetic) emotions.
  22. Thanks for an other impressive report, really cool stuff.
  23. May be a instand penalty of -500 to -1000 points per FF aerial kill on the inflictor`s statistics, could be a nice measure to reduce such accidents a little bit.
  24. If some one performs serveral attacks agains a friendly aircraft in order and then get gunned down by the mates of attacked one , who cares?
  25. It´s not just the 110, other aircrafts gunners audio output disappered too. The only exception is the (new) model 43 il-2, in this case the light signels are working in addition with the well known report "engaging" audio and in written pattern.
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