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  1. I received my 7.5 cm extension in 9 days and could not be happier. It works as advertised and flying with the Warthog is not only much easier on my wrist and shoulder, but my flying has become more precise as well.
  2. It's not just a hub issue. I have my 3 controllers plugged directly into the motherboard and I will also have to reassign my controllers in IL-2. It has happened 4 or 5 times since launch and doesn't seem tied updated versions of the game. The controls will switch randomly after they have already been set with no changes made to my configuration within game or within Windows.
  3. Excellent news and congratulations!
  4. I never had slow frames down low like others experienced until this latest update. It seems to really only happen for me towards the end of a round.
  5. I know it's not exactly the same thing but you could just open the canopy mid flight and have the wind resistance do the rest for you
  6. I immediately noticed the exact same thing. It seems that the habits built by flying the lagg have helped those of us moving into the better Yak, while the blue pilots were having a tougher time adjusting to the Gustav. Against Yaks, the G2 just cannot be flown the same way thr F4 previously could against Laggs. I have a suspicion many blue fliers will return to the F4 eventually
  7. To all the blue flyers - It's on.
  8. Inspired by this thread, I logged into the empty US expert server last night. Within 5 minutes there were 5 others, yourself included. I think there are many US players that are just waiting to see other players on a server before joining. Maybe now I'll join and just wait to see who shows up. It seems easy to keep a server populated once it gets going...it's the initial players that are hard to come by.
  9. It only took 11 posts to reference the bar. Impressive.
  10. During prime playing hours, I'll regularly see 20+ players per side on the EU servers
  11. If I'm going to fly online, I'm going to go where there are other pilots. If the EU servers are full, that's where I choose to go. Maybe I'm contributing to the problem with the lack of full US servers but the community is small enough and I want a bigger game to play in. I'm sure many US players are also joining the EU ones so they don't end up flying alone.
  12. For gaming I'd take a 780ti over a Titan any day. It's basically the same card but $300 cheaper. I ran dual 780s for a bit and I actually returned one because the performance per dollar just wasn't there for me. Just one 780 tears through BoS on maximum settings at a resolution of 3840x1620. While running at 1920x1080, a single 780ti for you wouldn't break a sweat. In my opinion, you're better off just starting with one card and adding a second later at a discounted price if your performance demands require it.
  13. I'm looking forward to taking on the over-confident Luftwaffe pilots in my new ride
  14. My Lagg got shot down just by watching that video.
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