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  1. Might be a little late to the party, but do you guys happen to know how to host this using the dedicated server (DServer)? EDIT: Should've actually looked at the files first. For DServer: Each mission that you generate is available in the Multiplayer/Cooperative folder, just add those to the server config and you're good. What I've done is just generate a bunch of missions, not actually running the debrief, but just skipping and generating the next mission. Since my players aren't really running it as a real campaign, more separate missions, this has proved to be an amazingly simple, yet powerful, mission generator for us! As @BlitzPig_EL said: Thank you Mr. Wilson for PWCG.
  2. Fantastic work with the coop generator Zlodey! I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide some help when it comes to running these missions with the dedicated server software (DServer)? I've managed to host these generated using the built-in "host coop server" inside of IL-2. However my issues comes when I host it using the DServer and load up the mission there. When I connect with my client I get kicked out to the main menu with the error message "Could not save file to disk". Other people can connect no problem to the server, it's only when I try to connect that the issue arises. Some more info: I am running the server on the same machine that I am running the game (necessary for my port-forwarding to work, can't get the damned built-in hosting to work sadly). The mission is placed inside the Multiplayer/Cooperative folder. Any help is much appreciated! Yet again, many thanks to you and the DED team for this generator!
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