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  1. i just copied and pasted the URL into the message.
  2. I would love to see an effect like this... even though this wasnt part of that game.. it was done by BarFly in an editing program. Fast forward to the 2:55 mark. Hopefully im not violating any rules with the video.... its just the best example I could find.
  3. Well as long as you have an absolute option in there also.. No randomness.. ( IE these planes will be here at this time and this Altitude to trigger something crucial) This could be an excellent feature for sure. S!
  4. I would really like to see the barracks brought back, as where you can sit back and look at your accomplishments.. Medals, promotions.. a flight diary possibly. It is where a pilot would relax and reflect on is day... the small touch of a radio playing music in the back ground was nice also. Please take a look at how these games were made back then..(EAW,B17 The mighty 8th) It was what hooked us to this genera... in the first place.
  5. To start things off.. I would say make the the gun axis mappable to the mouse. It seems the most universal easiest way. I believe the original IL2 had this.. but for some reason they abandoned it for CLOD.
  6. slm... your right..the average to lite user of the fmb aren't going to be using c#,but there are plenty of guys out there now in the community that are proficient in writing it. There are already a lot of scripts that have been written and saved so that mission builders can just insert them as needed. It would be a perfect world, if they could incorporate both in the fmb, so like Wolverine said...the original mission designer can have fun.. not knowing"exactly" what and where stuff is going to happen in his missions. One conflict or problem i might see happening would be with flights engaging each other..or using triggers. With the randomness of what's going on, it might be difficult to get something to "trigger ". But hey if its randomness your looking for...sometimes it might trigger..and sometimes it wont I guess....haha S!
  7. S! Smiladon. It would be a fair guess you will see exhaust flames in the game. The games that both of the merged teams worked on had them. I don't see any reason other than time restraints why they wouldn't be in the game.
  8. Good points Furbs... like you said.."How much can they cram in in the time allowed is key. I just hope they design it with "flexibility" in mind, so alot of these Cool features can be added in later when the game is released. I dont expect too much at the begining, but if its going to last, its got to be designed with that in mind....
  9. All pretty good answers... im still disappointed at the no advanced vehicle physics tho.. hopefully something they can add later. S! Thanks for the Q&A session. Such a breath of fresh air.
  10. slm very good idea! It would bring alot of variety into the missions. S!
  11. I would rest assured that it will have an external view...usually they always have them. S! For the eye candy of course
  12. Its not hard to see the avenue of approach. They are taking.. if we all start thinking of this installment as the first IL2..in the series.. and not 1946 modded, then we will all be better off. They are building the foundation right now .... not the penthouse suites. S!
  13. Am I the only one that liked the percentage point system of Cliffs? To me that was the best way to implement team work and stop kill stealing? I do believe it needed to be expanded upon.. and would be nice if there was a kill marking system in place. So far its the best system ive seen implemented yet that was fair and balanced. S!
  14. Perfectly said Freycinet.. it should be pinned and locked down. No other comments needed S!
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