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  1. l would love a French&Polish campaign. Done just about every other campaign over the years. Or day 1 operation barbarossa, Berlin to Moscow And back again.. Close Combat III like, but down on the ground and in the mud and blood.
  2. Well lets hope after release they add infantry. Ground combat will fill empty with out them , just go play Wthunder ground forces its a joke, plus Wblunder is just a Russain propaganda train.
  3. Armor and infantry go hand in hand , its one of the reasons l'v stopped playing Wthunder , combat fills fake even in sim battles. l just hope IL-2 fills that hole now.
  4. Oh god yes!! , thankQ for pointing this out, its on my to buy list as of now. Nice KV-1 now for the PzIV F2 to kill it ..
  5. l would really love to see more armor in IL-2 from 1C Game Studios/777, a PzIV F2 and a T-34/41 panzers and a campaign would be great. War Thunder does it small maybe IL-2 can do it on a grandeur scale. Make the player fill there part of a larger armor thrust attacking or defending moscow/stalingrad/kuban. Planes are nice, tanks/Panzers are awesome ..
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