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  1. ATAG_yotheguy

    Tiger Moth Shoot-Up Championship

    Hey everyone,Had such a blast on the first Tiger Moth event with all of you. So decided to donate some of my time to make something for the winner/winners.ATAG's Tiger Moth World Championship!!! Names will be added, and I'll add new renders hereKeep and eye out for next months sign up.
  2. ATAG_yotheguy

    ATAG Tiger Moth Shoot-Up Video's

    Hey guy's thank's for coming out and sharing one of the great aspects of this flight sim, the community. 🙌 The only thing that was missing was DRock's infectious laugh. You better be there for the next one buddy. We had a round robin stile tournament with 1vs1 and a 3way fight for the finale. It came down to ATAG_Ribbs, Tibsun, and I (ATAG_yotheguy). Tibsun PK'ed ATAG_Ribbs, then I came up and stalled, running into Tibsun causing both of us to crash. So we called it a tie. Was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next one... Thank's to everyone that came, it was just about as much fun watching the fight's over head as it was flying in them. Also a big thank's to the ATAG sever admin's for all their help setting this up. Go a head and post your video's from the event below.Here are two so far from 69th_Zeb and Amazing_Mystico. Zeb - Amazing_Mystico -
  3. ATAG_yotheguy

    ATAG Tiger Moth Shoot-Up

    Hey everyone!So who's up for some Tiger Moth fun? We are going to be holding a short notice round robin shoot up with the armoured Tiger moths this Saturday @ 19:00 GMT on Sever #1 With a fun free-for-all at the end. We are going to start off with just 16 slots this time. Still need to have a look a the mission to see what the spawn points are and what not, so rules are subject to change. - Try and get there 15-20 min before start- @1900GMT we will walk through the start up of the Tiger Moth (can be tricky for some) (10-15min)- Everyone taxi to their starting spots (5min)- Run 1vs1 (16 fight's @ 3-5min each) (50-70min)1vs1 winner moves on to the next round.Take off at the same time (head to head, or together) then turn and fight to the death over the airfield.- Free-For_All for the remaining time.(Open to all if we get more then 16) (15-30 min+) Sign up here - https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30060&p=324182&viewfull=1#post324182