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  1. Hi Lefuneste. I just tried this mode with my HP Windows Mixed Reality headset and it fixes the IPD issue. Is there any way to zoom the game in (I guess) . I'm currently sitting in a tiny plane. Thanks
  2. Stupidly bought the game to try in the sale and can confirm its 100% broken with regard to scale. Why didn't I buy it through steam
  3. HP WMR owner, not sure how bad this IPD issue is that people are reporting. WMR headsets are perfect for sims with increased resolution and low cost. The numbers of headsets are growing, flying in VR is amazing, I'm sure once people try it they will love it.
  4. Came here looking for information about WMR, wither its fixed or everyone has got bored and moved on ? Absolute silence from the devs on this issue ? DCS has the 2.5 update happening on Wednesday, really hope that fixes VR performance issues which seem terrible on 1.5.8.
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