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  1. I not sure people could use 'elderly people' which is often considered politer than 'old people when I see a man age over 50 can run like he just 35 or playing computer games like a kids I like to call elder . and I'm 52 now. but for the motion sickness is another story when I was 38 years old I play game Lock On with my two friends same ages. one of my friend he very happy about this game but other one seem not like it even FPS game he can not play it look like his brain was reject 3D illusion on 2D monitor and has a side effect like getting sick so imo it is not about ages it about brain condition. ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Lets learn about IPD adjustment when first time I got Pimax 4k that time I learn about software IPD adjustment, my I(PD) is 33.5+33.5 = 67 mm (this data I get from glasses shop) luckly that my left and right eye are equal from my nose. I like to try Rift-S but when google to get infomation and surprise that Rift-S is PERFECT for people who has ipd between 61.5 to 65.5 mm( data here ) you can check from this guy's youtube and I wonder why ? and this is the answers Oculus Explains Why Rift S Doesnโ€™t Have Mechanical IPD Adjustment , it is all about cost cut to keep the price down by Rift S uses a single display to which both lenses are fixed, which means the actual distance between the lenses cannot be adjusted that why software ipd adjustment has come ๐Ÿ˜„ So you have to make (very very ) sure how long of your IPD if you not sure go to glasses shop or you can do by yourself this way How to measure your IPD I hope you all will happy for your new VR ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. check this guide here I like VIVE , it has physical IPD adjustment . Next time when you have a chance to try vive index demo don't miss it. ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. my first VR is pimax4k that was suck the next one is htc vive and I mod lens and l lucky it is better then standard. I looking for a next gen VR in next 10 months ( saving budget ) I like to share my advice to the one who going to buy your first VR when you research to find your right VR .... Do not believe video that capture from monitor try to search video that capture direct from VR lens and compare from difference source. I like this guy he nail it ... here is from my htc vive mod lens which still not perfect to spot a dot in distance.
  5. Hello- Old hand friends it is a very long long time ..... I found my old picture of online fun , and hope make some of you smile in the old days
  6. I just hope pilot logbook in career mode will look close to history the previous one it look like formula F1 score board
  7. Hello there : I have Pimax 4K with Driver4VR and I happy to play Elite Dangerous with SteamVR now I like to use my Pimax to play IL2 and ROF which I did not order from steram. but order direct to dev.'s website 1) Can I play IL2 in VR with out steamVR ? if yes please give me the link for How to :D 2) Can I get steam key from order of IL2 BOS (pre-onder on Oct. 12, 2013) ? Cheers.
  8. OK, I'm back with BOK ordered! and BOM (40% disc)
  9. I found video for yak-50 force to bail landing from engine loses oil pressure over the Lake District at 1250ft. Engine runs until dry before seizing, gearbox u/s and windmilling prop at 3100ft followed by glide, wheels up as per ops (no flaps on the 50) into a rough field with an upslope of 12-14 degrees at 500ft amsl. it's good for pilot made a save landing and share this video to youtube. from video I can learn that glide landing how it look like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZvSmsIE_Ls
  10. I like your video :D that convince : : don't bring 109 turn with yak or lagg on the deck ... this is old rule since IL2 old day I just wonder if your 109 friend use his better speed to extends out of your gun range and start claim turn up to 5000 meter. do he have a chance to apply a rope drop on you ? that interesting :D
  11. Thanks for update, Zak Now german plane was fix , FW-190A3 pilot will have a happy time testing all this change.
  12. I agree , 1C has experience from CoD then back to IL2 old day ... they need to alternate business model in BOS (IMHO) IL2-BOS for multi-player is seem ready to making money in a shot run. ( if 1C can convince 777 making free dedicate server and mission builder in next phase that will be a good long run ) IL2-BOS for single player with good campaign is not easy job in a shot time. ( if 1C funding for campaign generate by third party one time but be able to re-use from every next theater this is a smart move )
  13. Yes it is old day funny.. P-39 spin and stall was terrible for me too ... that time I respect old friends who fly p-39 online
  14. I agree... business model in IL2-Old days is working for over 10 years with a very simple idea - give free dedicate online server - give free flexible mission builder for single player and online player this two thing made community connecting each other to create a lot of fun and contents then... wwii flight sim become bigger and bigger from many county. IMHO ... 777 just keep impove - strong master server for verify a user is the right one ( not piracy ) when he start to play a sim. - improve free dedicate server and mission builder - making money in long run from sale new plane and map for the next theater. - keep to host online server for promotion only on zone country target to generate new community market.
  15. I test shoot AI - Yak 1 last 4 days ago with BF109F4 and G2 at 2000 meters. AI Yak-1 veteran look good by using Turning Tactic with very good to manage corner speed I cannot use BF109 turn with this yak-1 in horizontal so I have to use B&Z to nail it down. AI Yak-1 Ace surprise me it use Energy Tactic!, with using trim stabilizer nose down BF-109 Energy state is look upper hand so it is not difficult to take AI Yak-1 Ace down , but I found one thing wrong in this Yak-1 Ace AI if I drag this AI to the low level ( below 500 meter ) when fly separate this AI hit the ground with no reason. It happened in the same way two time by I did not made any shoot. one trick to avoid head on with AI , when the game start your plane stay in mode AI-level on just keep that way keep your gun sight point above AI dot about 2 or 1.5 click and use machine gun shoot at long range that will made AI not making head on shoot to you.
  16. people rules ... don't do the mistake again. server rules ..... I think this time every one has formal register username with not easy change and server programming is smart enough to know which one of user made FF and how many time he did so server send message to that guys ..." you will be ban from this server 2 week if you keep make FF again.! "
  17. I use below 1.3 ATA (79%) I use max Power in short time I try to cool engine when I have chance like when Zoom then reduce power Some time I get max speed by using trim stabilizer nose down batter then max power
  18. for question about the best range to open fire for deflection shooting for me is about 50 - 100 meters. but mostly in depend on each situation shooting a high deflection to where you thinks your target will be flying. for any friends who interesting in deflection shooting I found 20 mm ammo data sheet for German MG 151/20 which show mv speed each 100 meter. -> http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_11_2013/post-12-0-70755500-1384893379.jpg I use this data update to my DF guide line table for MG151/20 and compare to screen shot which AI BF109 shot me range about 250 meter while my Lagg3 speed about 350-400 km/h. that show in table DFR = 5.3 ( 1 DFR = 9 meter [ fighter range ]) which it is very close to the tracer travel to red cycle.
  19. Hey FatherTed, You are 100% right for reading my S.A. from my previous share trick. You are right that I can not turn with Spit , 190 guys never made turn fight with Spit they just hit and run. 70 degree change heading it is not made turn with Spit just moving the gun to shoot. "What he does instead is cut across the turn and fire blind, at high deflection, to where he thinks the Spit will be flying" .... that is what I want to say..! in my share trick but my English is poor so I have to use screen shot and drawing line to tell the meaning. Thanks.
  20. now I understand why people avoid blind spot shooting because the rule #1 "don't lose sight" and I respect that rule. I think it not look too bad to question the rule or the book... why ? - if you lose sight .... you lose situation awareness .. bad thing will happen like collision with opponent or opponent take advantage. ( 10 year online play I never collision when apply blind spot shooting and not lose S.A. ) - if you take blind spot shoot to opponent who chasing your friend 6'olock your ammo may hit your friend not your opponent ..... (...ahh I did that one time ) - hey but if I lose sight just 2 sec. but I not lose S.A. for example I apply a vector roll maneuver then I can track him again in the next move ... that is count ? by the way ,I respect people who keep the rule # 1 ...but please let me and other friends breaking the rule like ... Hans-Joachim Marseille. [ "... Marseille's approach to the problem was typically unorthodox: a short dive to gain speed, then up and under from outside the circle, using the blind spot under the adversary's wing; close to 150 feet, a brief burst of fire, then up and away, using the accumulated speed of the dive to soar high above the circle; down again once more on the outside but this time coming from above at a moderate deflection angle of perhaps 30 degrees; ease the stick back, then, as the target disappears beneath the nose, a brief burst of fire, then up and outward once more, or down and outward, ready for another climbing attack..." Mike Spick. Luftwaffe Fighter Aces. page 123 ]
  21. I'm agree with @Snake9 The blind sport defection shoot skill is very hard to practice but it pay off a lot , many people deny this concept inlcuding my team mate. so I have to made a lot of screen shot and table deflection guild line show this concept is work : ( see in my deflection correction link ) If the target move from left to right or top to buttom there is no problme to line a deflection on target flight path but if your target is stay under your nose when you pull lead and you lose sigh off target ... and that become a blind sport deflection shoot ok I will share my old woo doo trick again see blow picture: you have to draw his flying path and marking your gun solution in your brain the blue ring is position to line your gun sigh for snapshot then the red ring is the time marker to open fire mostly if your target is a spit or yak he will commit turn fighting by nature that mean he will move closer to you in next 2 second while you pulling your gunsight to the blue ring .. this will become The blind sport deflection shooting in next 1,5 second your eyes will lost sight but your brain still see your a gun solution. Look like I'm shooting an empty space ??? So let see from out side. this moment I still lost sight of spit but pulling the trigger I think that is 120 degree deflection shooting I hope my woo doo trick can help you guys in IL2-BOS
  22. This is what I learn from AI hit me in IL2-BOS... take a look. AI bf109 set 5 DFR to shoot me my old table is for IL2-old day so I need to reduce mv speed ...( may be )
  23. I got x55 two day ago I happy about 4 Rotary input which one rotary I map to trim stabilizer for BF109 which have me a lot for control energy state. I have one problem for map key Lshift + G ( lock tail wheel ) in programming tools with TG1 switch .... it turn to be G only when I map to IL2-BOS control setting, can any one success for mapping key like this ?
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