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  1. Nope, just three of us. 😉 StG_77Jeeves_ was one of the A20 pilots you attacked, CubanSpy was not there and got no hits on you or anyone else, you were downed by SCG_Rudis. But all in all, thanks for the credit, it sucks being bounced and really you didn't have the energy or fresh planes after being torn up by the A20s
  2. Just realized this should have been posted in account issues, please delete.
  3. I think a 3X and a 5X option would be fantastic to allow parity in identification for the VR players. In VR we simply don't have the same resolution as the 2d players, the 5x zoom evens the playing field.
  4. Anyone found anything related to this yet in the sim? I'm very curious about the extent of this: 66. Physical models of all aircraft engines have been revised, many rare bugs were found and fixed;
  5. I've also wondered about maybe using the U2vs for a recon type role where a critical area is designated in the mission design and if the U2vs flys to the area and maybe lands in it.... you would then re-lift and RTB (it would simulate dropping off a forward observer) The server then reports all enemy movement through that zone for the duration of the map. The areas could be placed forward behind enemy lines on potential flight paths to friendly ground forces giving a kind of early warning of incoming attack flights on the ground targets before they get hit and allowing for an opportunity to intercept. Just an idea.
  6. I don't think many of us are advocating for a serious increase in the rain or snow missions on TAW. Personally what I'd like to see is more heavy/low cloud cover missions. As I mentioned in a previous post, the ambience and effect on tactics of the cloud settings used on the D-Day mission on the combat Box server is fantastic. This type of heavy overcast/cloud with partial breaks is very typical to the weather in the area represented as well. Once again, I don't think many here are advocating for weather in which the pilots did not fly in real life.
  7. I have mg's on the trigger and cannons on top of the stick as in the KG sticks. Never found it messed with aim much, if at all. Interesting thought though, I almost want to try it on one button. I like to have most of my controls setup as realistically as possible which has stopped me from doing this so far.
  8. Hi RedKestrel, Just as another data point for you. The other night when you were flying combat box doing bombing runs in the Pe2 and I covered you for part of it... I think you had about 3 disconnects in a row as you attempted to rejoin and got booted again. The server was sending out messages saying you had 'ping over limit' Certainly doesn't seem to be the solution to all of your's or everyone else's problems but in that specific case it seemed to be internet connection quality related. I'm also currently on a wireless tower based connection so I can certainly sympathise with the random drops and connection issues on occasion due to that.
  9. Even just copying the cloud settings from the D-Day mission on the combat box server for use in a good deal of missions on TAW would be a good start.
  10. I don't think there is an issue with turbulence. I enjoy the variety.
  11. I like the idea and had the same one myself. The only concern and it is a big one... is that it could reduce participation significantly. Also, it could lead to strange anomalies where at certain times of day, the only players on are forced to fly on one side with no opponents. (This maybe could be mitigated by an algorithm that assigns sides in-part based on a player's declared typical play time)
  12. Its fantastic right now, literally just 15 Axis to 0 VVS circling the one remaining AF so that no VVS can spawn....
  13. Would love to try out Cliffs, but add me to the list of those with VR that simply won't until it's added. Can't play a flight sim without VR anymore.
  14. I was on the server flying Red when that happened to you. I was tempted to explain that chute shooting was legal by the rules and that frankly it’s a game so ultimately I feel that it’s disrespectful but not a huge deal. But... I didn’t feel the need to get involved in that argument at the time so I stayed out of it. I personally don’t chute shoot so don’t imply I’m defending myself. That said, it was a reality of the war and if others want to stoop to that level, so be it. However it is a side issue and should not be used to murky the water when it comes to server balance by suggesting that there is some hatred filled feud between the sides causing all the issues with balance. It has nothing to do with it. We need to solve balance, first and foremost.
  15. Absolutely, In my mind this is needed before and above all else.
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