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  1. Looks like fun. I will sign up for this next week mid-week when I get back from holidays.
  2. Yep, on this we agree. What about the photo I shared of the airliner less than 2km away that is already incredibly small? I find it amusing that you are so sure of what I personally can see and cannot see in IL2. In any case, I personally find it easier in the normal mode than it is in real life. Sometimes I seriously wonder if some of you have ever tried to spot a plane while flying in real life.
  3. Yep I see exactly what you suggest I should see/get in Il2, and Therein lies the dilemma, you don’t, but I do. I don’t have issues seeing stuff all the way out to 10km rarely miss them in Il2. Beyond that it’s a toss up. Occasionally I am seeing glitches where planes pop out at lower ranges in front of my eyes but I only noticed that in the alternate setting. and nope, 20/10 vision thank you very much.
  4. As stated, the average pilot begins to see a dot at 8km. This is exactly what your source states. I can pick up a dot in game at ranges of 10k plus, sometimes 12. This without knowing where it is. So better than the average in real life. I can track a contact in game out to 25km, this lines up well with what the source you reference states.
  5. Fair enough you caught me exaggerating based on personal experience of how hard it is for me to see planes at those ranges in real life. That said, even combat pilots are only beginning to see a dot on average at 8km. That I would say lines up pretty perfectly with the experience in game where a dot is visible out to 20km yet I can only really reliably pick them up around the 10km mark.
  6. I can tell you that in real life, seeing a fighter sized aircraft at 8km is next to impossible unless the lighting is right and you know where to look. In the regular spotting, I can spot contacts out to 20km if the lighting is right and I know where to look. If the lighting is not right and there is no glint off the wings, the odds of spotting a contact at 8km is low. If you don't like it, that's one thing. But, it is realistic. Here is an airliner 1.75km away from the point the photo was taken coming in for landing at San Fransisco Intl.... in extremely good visibility conditions. Keep in mind that a 109 is 12% the length of a 747 for example. Also bear in mind the scale of the photo is obviously not 1/1 with real life, but neither are screen shots of the game unless zoomed to 1/1 scale. For reference, people are standing 10m away.
  7. And herein lies the problem, VR odyssey + here. Spotting is completely messed up in alternate, I can see almost everyone for 50km and is game ruining for me based on the way it has changed combat into a giant tactless fur-ball. Not saying it’s the same for you guys, but enough people are starting to notice the effect on gameplay and it’s diversion from a historical ww2 tactical simulation experience. Further it has split the community 50/50.
  8. You spent all that time typing to circle back to exactly what we both said. The normal version is very realistic and likely shouldn’t be touched. That said, the community has been split 50/50 on this and that includes players that traditionally were happy playing together. What I proposed was an adjustment to the alternate vis setting to at least allow it to work without negatively affecting gameplay. That’s a compromise I think is reasonable to at least maybe bring the community together again. I don’t love it as a solution, I personally think the normal view is great and realistic. That’s what we call a compromise though... you yourself say you don’t like either setting 🤷‍♂️
  9. I'm very tired of this view issue as it has just about ruined this game for me. I really enjoyed playing almost daily for a couple years now. It was involving, you had to work for it, and it always felt like you were growing. Now with alternate view, the way servers are behaving is just game-breaking. For me, there is no realistic ebb and flow to air combat anymore. There's no scanning the skies hoping to spot a distant contact to set up on before they see you. There's no evaluating those contact(s) to decide if it's a fight you can win. It's simply... look out yonder 50km away and see all and choose a target and have at it. Meanwhile, everyone can see you and will work their way over. This leads to never-ending continuous dogfights with no real ability to anticipate or counter the number of enemies that can see you and enter the fight. I'm pretty happy with the way non-alternate/regular view works as-is. It feels realistic to me in VR. That said.... Ultimately, as others have mentioned, the main concern that breaks the game for me is seeing contacts at absurd ranges. I would be willing to live with an alternate view that allows distant contacts to be dwindled in size down to tiny dots at 20km yet inflates closer contacts slightly to help with near range vis. This would address the potential for screen resolution to mess with your ability to spot close contacts vs real life. I truly hope the devs return to this issue soon and make changes as currently it is killing my passion for this sim.
  10. Right now all the main servers are using the inflated super view setting. If I had an alternative I would use it. I don’t want to quit. The reason we are so vocal about this is we love this sim and don’t want to lose it.
  11. Is combat box running with it off again? If so I’ll be there. nope, still has it turned on.
  12. Seems like they all are right now. Would love to see just one experiment with the regular setting so the substantial number of us that prefer it would have a place to fly.
  13. This is a perfect example of how confused most people are on the issue... having 4k makes things less visible for spotting not more....
  14. I agree, I would like to see a system that scales perfectly based on user resolution. However, until we have something like that, I have experienced that servers with the alternate setting have become airquake. It’s not just about the visibility itself, it completely changes the pace and style of combat. Its not the hunter/prey relationship described by so many ww2 pilots, instead, it’s pretty much pick a target that’s enticing to you and have at it.
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