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    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Canadian here, ex-military, have a diploma in recording engineering and a home studio to get you a solid voice capture. Let me know what you need and I’ll get it done. Could do a US, British, or Canadian voice no problem. I’m 31 and sound a bit younger. Here’s a Dropbox link to a project I did back in college. (Complete audio overdub of a “The Pacific” trailer.) All voice acting is me except for the kid on the bike and the old man. All audio was recorded or created by me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8xdwu9h1ofmemf/JaredWiesnerAudioPostTerm.mov?dl=0
  2. Yes, I really do hope that the developers consider adding at least some of the zoom capability of this mod to the game to provide a few stronger default VR zoom options. It would be a shame if at some point the Mod no longer works in all online modes as it does now. It really is the only way to even things out with monitor players when it comes to ID.
  3. Seems as the though the major issues are just with shaders for Moscow maps (can verify that zooming on moscow with autumn/summer map has issues)
  4. SCG_Wulfe

    Need Combat Critique:

    From what I saw in the first two clips. Your best move would be to abort the pass the second you realize that the enemy has spotted you and turned. Your speed being as high as it is in the dive, you cannot hope to follow his turn. All you will accomplish is loosing the energy advantage you had when you entered the fight. Again, the best thing when they spot you is to abort the pass and extend/climb (climb if your energy state is such that you can safely climb out of their gun range quickly). Then if the situation allows, you can re-engage and continue this until their energy state is such that they cannot effectively move fast enough to get out of your guns. I realize this can be easier said then done... in the heat of the moment when you get target fixated and think just one more inch and you will have guns on him. It takes a lot of self control to hold back for the perfect pass.
  5. SCG_Wulfe

    Tactical Air War

    Coming from a blue player...The other question is whether a perfect balance is even what the goal should be. Germany lost all three of these battles in real life. Personally I like the situation and difficulty to lean towards history. We are playing a simulation after all. Destroying some of the Russian tanks was probably a difficult task in world war 2 as well. If we wanted to make things perfectly balanced we could all fly 109s on both sides and shoot at generic "tanks' that are the same for both sides... doesn't sound like much fun does it? I enjoy any challenge, perceived or real.
  6. This would certainly help a great deal, though I don't see it totally solving the issue of knowing which of your wingman is which at close ranges. This is partly because without custom skins the planes can't be differentiated and partly because even with custom skins, the visual accuity we are afforded compared to real life still won't let us easily see those details fast enough even at close range unless we had scaling happening at close range which doesn't make sense.
  7. Exactly, I really don't see a more realistic way to handle this beside icons designed to make themselves apparent in the same way/at the same times they would for real pilots. The huge benefit of this is not initial contact spotting but being able to track and work with wingmen during a protracted fight.
  8. I know its probably not that popular given that the populated servers run with icons off, but I'll say it anyhow. I think the most realistic way to handle it that I've experienced was how it was done in World War 2 online. That game has other issues but aircraft spotting and identification was never one of them to me. The way that game works is that at long ranges that pilots were typically expected to spot aircraft in world war 2 you have the 'dot' of the aircraft appear surrounded by a 3/4 mostly transparent halo. This does not indicate the type of aircaft, only that there is one there. As the aircraft gets closer, the transparent halo starts to darken circularly around itself (the portion of the circumference that darkens is directly proportional to distance) until, at the range that a pilot could typically identify an aircraft in world war 2, it turns red for enemy or blue for friendly and underneath it indicates the type of aircraft. As you get even closer, it will indicate the pilot of a friendly aircraft at the range where one would be able to make out unique markings. What this did is made for intuitive wingman flying and energy tactics. Focus was removed from straining to find contacts and you were able to fly as pilots actually flew and identified targets in world war 2. People think that not having icons is more realistic, and I get that view point on the surface, but when combined with the limitations of technology for viewing graphic representations on a screen, it's actually less realistic. Frankly if rendering ground targets at range is an issue computationally an icon could solve that as well. There is no reason that icons have to be big and bright and flashy and distracting. They could be kept subtle and discreet and just provide the same information at the same times pilots had it in real life.
  9. SCG_Wulfe

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Absolutely, Very grateful for the time you spend on this.
  10. SCG_Wulfe

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    To me it feels like the zoom works however the IPD when zoomed is very messed up after 3.001 ?
  11. SCG_Wulfe

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Anyone tried the mod with 3.001?
  12. The likely reason is that DCS and BOS primarily use one core for graphics rendering. Likely other games that are not suffering from GUI causing FPS drop are not near/maxing out a single core.
  13. That's too bad, I had a small inkling of hope that this update might just optimize a bit better to spread across more cores and help my Ryzen in VR.
  14. SCG_Wulfe

    Suggestion - Better zoom for VR

    The zoom tool is great but would be awesome if the extra zoom was native to the game. +1