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  1. I have noticed that the insta PK from 50 cal hits seems to have been toned down. I was able to keep a couple Mustangs and a Spitfire from outright shredding me with out of plane maneuvering until I had to bail from catching fire in one encounter last night on Combat Box.
  2. I really hope this is addressed in a future update. It continues to be an obvious issue, The Mustang is rendered so much smaller in these instances, it's no damn wonder they can sneak up on you from a distance! I was in Combat Box trying to help defend our 110 attackers last night and as I approached to help I noticed that there was a scattering of light colored pixels darting amongst the much larger rendered 190s and 109s. This was the Mustang they said was running rings our attackers. I hope the devs get a look at this.
  3. Had AAA take out the engine in my A5 last night attacking B90 with a group of 110's and other 109's and 190's. I was able to make one last strafing pass before the engine died in just the right moment to allow me to land on the runway there. I hit record and got what should be a great track of the attack as it was finished up with enemy fighters trying to defend against our attack.
  4. People have mentioned preferring historical situations. So in your quest for a historical flavor, Are you seeking to re-create/re-enact history? Because I think you'll find that not many want to participate from the ""losing" side with the odds totally against them in these servers. Insisting on pure historical situations will not lure people to fly on the "bad guy" side of things and then the "good guys" will have no one to spar with. No one wants to enter into a hopeless situation. I'll accept a challenging situation in a game/server, just not hopeless. The main problem with the changes to the sheldt, was making a player spawn base an objective to destroy. I don't believe this server has any other maps that allow attacks on player spawn bases. Coupled with the fact that the jet base was moved closer to the front with a smaller runway and less defenses. Also, destroying this objective removed the use of not just the 262, but also the 190D9. This was all precipitated as I have heard, by just a few instances of some folks being borderline vulchers and a few more whining about it. This change opened up a whole mess of possibility of other maps with jet bases, Crossing the Rhine, Battle over Eindhoven, Stalingrad Scramble, having those jet bases attacked in the same manner. This is already a problem in all maps from both sides, with players that either don’t read the rules or don’t care about the rules. Seemed to me, we already have an uphill struggle in a couple maps where the late war axis planes aren’t available, while the allied side has the full compliment. So why allow the D9 to be taken away in this map? Fly behind the lines all you want to hunt your enemy while on climb out, or RTB. Just DO NOT SHOOT THEM ON THE RUNWAY/FIELD they are departing from/returning to in Combat Box. Were I predisposed to fly the white hat airplanes, I’d damn sure make it a priority to patrol near the jet bases to limit their ability to be effective. And the people that whine about “vulching”, YOU MADE THE DECISION to launch from a base with an enemy nearby. If you do so and don’t have your SA at 150%, that’s on YOU! Standing off from an enemy base to find/attack and prevent them leaving for an attack on your resources is a SMART way to conduct our simulated combat. As long as you’re not blasting at someone within a few miles/kilometers of their base, you should be good. And the victim doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
  5. While playing in Combat Box, I have noticed that while approaching a combat area and using zoom to observe what is going on I can spot and correctly identify most planes by their appearance. Every now and then a Tempest looks like a P47 or Spitfire because of the wing shape. P-38's are obvious as are other unique aircraft. Consistently though, I have noticed that the P-51's appear almost half the size of all other planes they are engaged with. Sometimes hey are just darting little silver glints of pixels in the fight, while all others they are engages with are easily identifiable. No , they're not further away than the others, they are mixing it up in the same fight, yet are rendererd obviously smaller than all other aircraft.
  6. might have to start shutting it off then.
  7. Is there a way to reposition the chat box so it doesn't obscure outside view on the left? I'd like to move mine down to the left rudder pedal.
  8. I see Jason had asked for recordings of these instances. Where do I send them?
  9. I have track and acmi files that I'm willing to share, that plainly show enemy aircraft not rendering until just before they open fire on me. This is from online play in a popular server. In the acmi (tac view) playback, you can see the object marker for the plane as it was being recorded, it then suddenly is recognized as an aircraft just before firing. Anyone have an explanation for this? In one of the files, we had 3 sets of eyes watching the enemy aircraft, on the deck from 3 different angles. We all noted on voice comms that he disappeared all at the same time. Only to have him reappear on a place marker that followed our path just before firing. Help?
  10. Watch video Bug is self explanatory. Perhaps the torque factor modeled in this airframe is a bit low?
  11. I notice that after the update, the zoom seems to work on the background when looking at the sky, but not 3d items/objects.
  12. I figured there'd be no interest in this. I fly almost exclusively on combat box. Being a fan of the wurger, i have grown used to hi angle deflection shooting. I can hit any opposing plane with a shot at hi angle deflection IN THE CANOPY, with bright flaming flashes, and the enemy just keeps right on fighting. When I do get a kill, it's akin to death by a thousand cuts. When an allied late war ride, especially the tempest or mustang lines me up, it's almost always a quick pilot kill. Even if i am radically evasive. In reviewing my sortie results on the combat box stats page it's plain to see the difference in lethality of these weapons packages. Couple the 50s and hispanos with the generous flight models of the late war allied rides, and the challenge doesn't involve much skill.
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