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  1. might have to start shutting it off then.
  2. Is there a way to reposition the chat box so it doesn't obscure outside view on the left? I'd like to move mine down to the left rudder pedal.
  3. I see Jason had asked for recordings of these instances. Where do I send them?
  4. I have track and acmi files that I'm willing to share, that plainly show enemy aircraft not rendering until just before they open fire on me. This is from online play in a popular server. In the acmi (tac view) playback, you can see the object marker for the plane as it was being recorded, it then suddenly is recognized as an aircraft just before firing. Anyone have an explanation for this? In one of the files, we had 3 sets of eyes watching the enemy aircraft, on the deck from 3 different angles. We all noted on voice comms that he disappeared all at the same time. Only to have him reappear on a place marker that followed our path just before firing. Help?
  5. Watch video Bug is self explanatory. Perhaps the torque factor modeled in this airframe is a bit low?
  6. I notice that after the update, the zoom seems to work on the background when looking at the sky, but not 3d items/objects.
  7. I figured there'd be no interest in this. I fly almost exclusively on combat box. Being a fan of the wurger, i have grown used to hi angle deflection shooting. I can hit any opposing plane with a shot at hi angle deflection IN THE CANOPY, with bright flaming flashes, and the enemy just keeps right on fighting. When I do get a kill, it's akin to death by a thousand cuts. When an allied late war ride, especially the tempest or mustang lines me up, it's almost always a quick pilot kill. Even if i am radically evasive. In reviewing my sortie results on the combat box stats page it's plain to see the difference in lethality of these weapons packages. Couple the 50s and hispanos with the generous flight models of the late war allied rides, and the challenge doesn't involve much skill.
  8. In multiplayer specifically. Anytime I am engaged by a late war plane especially the 51 or Tempest, It is almost 100% predictable that any engagement against these planes will end with a pilot kill from the 50's or 20mm on these planes. I can be fully evasive, slipping, rolling, using out of plane maneuvering and it seems to make no difference. There seems to be no end to the number of "magic" bullets that will end the pilots life coming from these guns. I am not asking for them to be neutered. Just a review please . Either that or the heads of the LW pilots in the sim are modeled to be 3 times normal size with lead magnets inserted. It's not just myself. Everyone on the discord channel we use is experiencing this same phenomenon. Would it be possible to have the Devs review the numbers or these weapons packages? Thanks.
  9. My 190 is only 85" in span with a 60cc 3 cylinder radial gas engine. The Spit was a slight bit larger. I had to compliment the Spit pilot as he was rock steady and willing to allow me to close up on him in that pass. Here's the same plane a few years later after a move to the other side of the USA. https://youtu.be/c8jIXHaK03o
  10. I got that same view from my big RC FW190... Lined up a Spit at a Warbirds Fly-In in Livermore,CA.
  11. Ahhh yes, the age old debate continues... Just like back in the old days of Warbirds 2.xx thru 3.xx. The pony pansies love the FM the way it is, whether it's porked or not. And the lufwabbles insist it's all wrong. While I will say that I'm glad to not have the old Warbirds over the nose view in the 190 series that made me wish for an LA county phone book to sit on... I have noted that none of the positive attributes of the Luftwaffe late war birds seem very effective against the new late war allied rigs. The roll rate and speed capability of the 190D series should be a good set of tools to use against most anything when flown properly but I haven't really been able to prove that to be the case. Also to 109K series with it's climb performance should reward a smartly flown Koenig with great success.. The Runstang, Lightning and Tempest all seem to be VERRRY stable gun platforms as compared to most of the main competition to those late war models. But the more things change....well, you know.
  12. I have also encountered this situation just last night in the Flying CIrcus Server. A P51 appeared out of nowhere as if it had decloaked with a gun solution on my 6 out of nowhere. The recording I have shows it clearly not there and then it just pops into view as if magic.
  13. Ok, that `explains it. Didn't know it was a pre order flag
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