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  1. The only adjustment I would suggest, is to look at making the radical negative G moves induce a more severe physical penalty. The dolphin diving i see on a pretty regular basis is sad.
  2. What about the numerous requests for ensuring parity across platforms. So that guys with VR have the same experience as the guys on the 65" 8k displays??
  3. 1) I asked a simple, fair, civil question. 2) The situation mentioned by Alonzo HAS in fact happened with a specific player on this server that has named himself in a manner to indicate he is in fact stalking me as I play on the CB. I don't have a problem with any of the handles or the stalking. It's actually kind of funny. But the cross comms cheating HAS happened. I promise, you won't be receiving any such tickets from me in the future.
  4. What is the motivation to so emphatically push people to SRS? I've got enough going on in my head when on comms with friends. I don't wish to have any more audio input than I already have. And I know there are others that feel the same.
  5. Spotting in the simulation online play as it sits now is harder than real life and inconsistent. Running a 3 year old rig that uses an I7 7700 with a GTX 1080 the game runs great on my old Rift CV1. But when on voice comms with others in Combat Box, sometimes I'm the first to spot a bogey and and other times the wing men on large flat displays are the first to make the call out. This is when we are formed up within a few hundred meters or each other. I know the old CV1 has it's limitations, but the inconsistency in who makes the first call to guide others in is what I'm questioning. Also, I'm still wondering whether or not the size that planes are rendered at a distance up until they are in lethal range has been handled. Reference my post about the P-51 rendering at 1/3 the size of ANY other plane when viewed from long range. Glad to see the developers asking this question. Now about the damage from bombs on hard targets..........
  6. Talon, When I speak blunt, plain and sometimes with expletives, it not me being "mean", its me being direct and to the point. Other than my last issue with a childish personality, I don't think I've ever directly posted an attack on any individual. THAT, would be toxic. Sincerest best wishes for your personal real life issues to be cleared up and that things will run smoother asap. Really hope your fiance is on the mend to full recovery.
  7. Thanks Sir, Please, in the future talk to me if you all have a problem with me. And with regards to your discord access comment I again ask, had I not backed off on that?? So how long is that on the record for? Again, opinions and perspective differ amongst individuals and groups. I'll try to find kinder gentler words. But sometimes blunt and direct has a benefit.
  8. Escalating?? How so? Simply by calling out a wrong?
  9. haluter....rhe Vann user seems to be at it again. I was unaware of the current situation. I had put in a ticket thru the discord complaint system and ironically enough, to summarize the results from Sketch....what do I expect you all to do? He was quite dismissive. So I moved on. Well aparrently you were able to do a bit more than him. And again it IS appreciated. Please review the event that provoked Sketch to take this ridiculous step. I know you'll find he is totally out of line. Also, should I be unbanned, if you all have a problem with me, freaking man up and tell me.
  10. You see, I have friends that I communicate and play with in CB. I know you may find that hard to believe. Also, my views are NOT my own. I'm just willing to speak up. If I wanted to play in another server, I'd be there. Sad day when you all will seemingly build a case as those screen shots seem to indicate, without advising a member that he is being a problem. Sad day when a different opinion is "toxic" I know the admin team is a group of volunteers and I really do appreciate the time and effort put into the server. But if you open up discussion for opinions and ideas....well, they're not ALL going to be what you might want to hear. And with respect to your lovely collection of my prose. Look at the last time I piped up....Had I not calmed it down for quite some time now? Seriously, Sketch should NOT be an admin.
  11. Oh dear me? I guess we need to be more genteel in this delicate day and age... Like you NEVER see anything like that or WORSE from other CB member??? Please ??!?! Do you realize how you are failing to make your case?
  12. Thats a load of horse crap. Having an opinion is "toxic" only if it differs with yours? It's a sad thing that speaking clearly and to the point is something that is found to be "toxic" these days. Also, check the chat logs in the game for this instance and see how your admin conducted himself. As well as in his exchange with another CB discord member in the general chat. You all will allow member/players to cheat by listening in on opposing channels...but ban me for playing by the rules This whole thing is tied to your safe zones which I have NOT and DID NOT violate
  13. Issue was resolved . I made this video private at my channel. The above screen caps from tacview are from the video.
  14. EDIT: for those wondering about this post. Sketch just permabanned me for no good reason and he posted in here. Then he removed his post after Talon posted. Hey kid. I have a track file that will prove you are a childish twit I did NOTHING to provoke this ban. Except tweak your tender little nose. As you can see, I was well OUTSIDE the 8KM safe zone, I had just come from north of Roosendahl. Will the Combat Box ADULT admins please look at the logs and undo this bullshit?
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