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  1. Hmmm ...that's a sad story - I choose a skin , and my 'mio ego' have the feeling I'm a really dangerous Russian killer ! And the Russian fly around and look at me like a ordinary pilot with new polish shoes πŸ™„ 😁
  2. Last Q at moment ......maybe πŸ€” I downloaded costum skin - FX bf109 E4 - and there's a special one I like Can all in game see that , or is it only ppl who have the skin on own computer ?
  3. Bubihun Ooooh yeah ......now I see .....and understand ....... And if both thumps up and thumps down - then we both goes down πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. I was curious and was looking at my killboard ... Pilots name I understand , but the thumps up /down ?? I have never seen that possibility when I'm been shooting down
  5. Just went home to base , with a tail of smoke after me ..... 1 I'll thanx for the company of a FW a while ago - and last trip a white bf109 , thank you for the dance in the air 😁 2 if a bridge or other is destroyed in game , is it for the rest of the games/map time ??
  6. Sire

    Sounds in MP

    Aha , I'll do that πŸ˜πŸ‘. _ turn chat of
  7. I know , I have seen .....but maybe one Day 😁
  8. Im beginner to MP , but would be a good thing with a server with only VR ppl ( If the VR ppl will visit it )
  9. Sire

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    MikeDogbert ...and others I have a link here with a Lot of music , here is everything - bootleg http://tela.sugarmegs.org/ I promise you ....if you like that period of music you will find some gold here When I'm not at job, joystick in my hand - I sometimes have a guitar in my hand 😁
  10. Sire

    Sounds in MP

    Aha , yes it could be the chat msg ....and other thing But I'm flying VR , so I donno
  11. Sire

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    Yeah , I know ...... And one thing in the game I like is to still be better I already have so many hours in Ill2 that the war is come to and end and we're now in 1946 .....and I still have a lot to learn .. And it's true all you said , about learn the mashine and what it can do ...allso the diff bf109 .... And I'm do my best ...... I still have problem to keep my energi , specially when a Russian come in dogfight and know his mashine better ...... ( I will look after the button who make all the Russian in MP to beginner ...... At least a 14 days when I'm rehursing 😜 ) I'm quite good in SP , where I'm on paper as ace in career and Toplist in PWCG , but I really like how IT is going in MP where I never know where I meet a plane , and the most important is to RTB ( and sometimes I go Berloga , rehursing ) Later I'll try to find a group ( squadron ? ) , But in beginning I'll go in , maybe find another beginner in MP .... Or be a uninvited tail of other plane ( have been ) and slowly learn in Mp ...... Figure it out , not be to brave - run away sometimes - course most important is RTB
  12. Sire

    Sounds in MP

    What is the meaning of the sounds I hear often in MP ' ding ding ' ' tingelingeling ' ??
  13. Tjena tjena - DK here .... I'm 56 year - I have played sp allso many hours , and now want to go MP allso Not only , but maybe a good idea 2 beginner go in the room together Maybe we have more patience to all the mistake and failor were doing
  14. Sire

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    Your little conversation, ..... I will not take a part in About the game I'll wait a bit before I go on Taw ..... Maybe I'm wrong but I guess it's the most serious MP here ..... And I feel I have to have a skill So I go on the other MP and 'jam' and still have my SP where it happens a Russian pilot don't return to base 😁
  15. Sire

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    Hu Mr C Duck ...... Then the U2 Become a danger toooo 😡