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  1. I see it as a part of the game , but why do it in the normal FC game .... I can take a new plane right away ,.... But I was a part of the big game , few month ago ( Don't remember the name ) where a pilot was out of the game for an hour when dead , and 5 minutes ? When bailed out .... So there I see a reason for chute killing ( and happens for me too )
  2. Sorry i break in ....but , after new win 10 install I use my virpil and other stuff without software from the firm and I have the feeling it corresponds fine with Il2 without problem .... But , would it be better if I download the software ???
  3. Guess its this one , just done it - not been in game yet - so do'no wether help or not
  4. Not often I play with AI - but when I do I allso miss the command : Return to base
  5. I remember my 'wow' when I got my Reverb , coming from Oculus ( the one before s' ) Now I'm curious whether go to reverb g2 will give a new 'wow'
  6. this ??? https://il2map.info/
  7. Or ..... It could be opposite I pay money ( 1 time ) for have my skin in a pool that every one will get in fx. Monthly update to skinmaps
  8. I have no conclusion what's the best way to do it ... Ww2 is many more servers and skin and it could be great if you have a model that's change skin and delete skins not in use - you can have all the skins that's in MP servers so we can be individual person/groups when we're MP'er ..... Big job for a single man , and big job for players to have control when to download or delete I'm middelage man , not poor - if I want a virpil joystick / I buy-have Bought , so - for Me no problems to pay little money per month I know that not all ppl have the money , but maybe they can still get the skins normal way like today ... Donno ..... Just a little creative thoughts 😉😁
  9. Yes , thank you .... Maybe I'll try , but mine is running fine with my 90hz ... Image a very good water cooler ...maybe that's have something to say ..but I don't notice some flickering or other .... Well, maybe I do notice something but I don't bother and can live with it
  10. Who have a link ??? And my point is , that I don't see your skin's - course ' one for all ' - where to find whats up to date ... I know I can scrolling the skinmaps but , what's in use and up to date
  11. I guess I understand you right I don't wanna meet ' hello kitty ' in a server , - but if I meet your bumber I would like to see its 'you' .... Or it's a special squadron/group of ppl And if Il-2 admin it it will be a place easy for all - and a place easy to find
  12. It's ok for me to maybe pay a monthly $€£ to the Il-2 if they would administrate a pool/ maybe update once 14days / 1 month I'm a MP player and in FC there is a guy that - at the moment - try to collect all skins , make a system and make it all to one download I'm happy for that , course I have a 'killer skin' for my plane in FC - a personal - but I feel for have a value in game it's for all to see ....or I fly around with my feeling Im a ' rambling danger ' but you see me as a fresh well dressed pilot with tie and new polish shoes 🥴 And that's the way I have it outside FC - I can make a skin , but no'one will see it - and I don't see yours course there are so many , and where do I find them / download ...and then you change something in the skins and etc etc etc etc 🤔
  13. About the sweet spot .....- my pc is very similar to yours , and I have tried many things too So in the end I don't know wether it makes it better or bad'er But after problem with windows , new harddisk / new fresh win 10 install ..... And - special after the new update in game that cleared many of the things I want to do I allso think I have one of the ' perfect settings ' Long time ago i tried the 60 Hz too , but my picture got twistet so no way for me .... But maybe now after new updates In cfg I have bloom off and gamma 0,6
  14. I have the same , and my startup is to read-only No problems in game , but see it when closing
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