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  1. I respect the personal skins / I'll never use them / but be in my map I downloaded some other non personal skins and if I find one that's me , and I change the name so more easy for me to find - can you still see the skin ???? ( Know you have to have it in map )
  2. Great game πŸ‘Œ One of my first time in a team and on discord - I was only dead once - I was in some dogfight in my 1,5 time flyhours and pulled panic the trigger /I'm sure I hit - but they continue fly with ventilation holes in there fabric - I'm number 92 out of 96 so (maybe) I'll be better I'm a beginner in team so more listening and learn than pub-talk ......but,......so.... I'm in next game/14 days too πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ Tak
  3. Davs I'm in the game tonight , and I will probely be shoot down / dead and out off game i 60 min But I can be a gunner ...... I have tried in QMB be a gunner , buts it's not easy .... diff to aim , and if I try to stand op for a better look the plane are following up the body Im with the VR glasses .... One who know a easy setup ????
  4. you're not alone - not first time I'm in MP - sure not - but my first time to be in a Champaign like this and not fly like lonely/no friends Woolf , so ....I'm looking really forward to it' πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
  5. You write many words in English , so ..... If the problem is that when starting a game , your mouse is going out of game - and you then have to go out of game and point the mouse in The game again πŸ€”πŸ₯΄ I have the same problem and don't know why 😫
  6. They did : https://www.battlefieldsww2.com/airfield-aalborg-west.html But it's not shown in the movie , I see mountain - and the highest mountain in dk are 147 m 😁
  7. The trim console - time from ' order -> send ' ???
  8. Oooooo yes , I seeeee ...... Been a spy , and looked the Entente map and it gives the same look .....just opposite 😁
  9. I'm at work so ....but - It could be a help for me and side on map that I'll see what to protect I'll take a look later
  10. Well , little more philosophy - if I change side , it will be teamkill when I shoot after you πŸ˜‰ And the maps will look the same πŸ€”
  11. In a philosophical short moment , yesterday I was back in 1918 , I was wondering πŸ€” Why is it only the English side with Marks , cars , place to bumb and so on - but I never see on German side ..... Maybe I have not see all maps ......but .....πŸ€”
  12. Det var sΓ₯ lidt πŸ˜‰ if I was you , I would buy one now - and then ok if it take a year before the 3 gen And there will be diff models to choose and if you have one you better know what you're want
  13. The past was Oculus rift 1 and I now have the reverb - and it was a big lift and had the 'woow ' effect πŸ‘ Now I have the VR - 2 gen , so I'm looking forward to what the VR - 3 gen and maybe they will have a 'woow' feeling too
  14. No I'm not hitting the canopy ..... I know about that .... But problem fixed 😁 I was in the reverb software and reconnect and Center
  15. I will try that later today , but .... Its first when you're thouching the canopy If I sit in chair and move front 20 cm , the plane move 20 cm
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