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  1. Apropos : https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/22357949/intel-core-i9-11900k-review
  2. This program are really great , now we have a platform for skins for all ... Maybe it's only me .... But I can not easy see what skins that are a personal skin and only for personal use .... In an other bundle ...all the personal skins had an : Z = sign personal
  3. I have an I5 9600 running at 5.2 GHz - 6 core water-cooling .. Will I notice if I change to a maybe I9 10xxx something gen 11 something running 5.2 GHz What is most important - the GHz , gen , Ix ....??????
  4. many ways are goin to Roma ( maybe its only a danish sentence ) ... but Ive found another way with a little program https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ and at the mittle of the pages : " How to Create Symbolic Links with a Graphical Tool" ( and you choose your map for downloading first , and then the link in Skin )
  5. All the skins are many GB ... Is it possible to have skins on other partitions than IL2 game ???
  6. I have got this VR cover now .... And as said before , it help me to come a little closer to the glasses ... Before I had the feeling it helped push on the glasses closer to eyes for make it more sharp ....and ....yes ...👍😁
  7. So ...... You manage to control everything in the glasses , or do you have a non-seeen Screen ???
  8. i just orderet one .... I'm coming from the G1 and it fits me just fine .... But now I have the G2 , I have the feeling for make the correct distance for looking I have to press a little bit on my vr ... Ok , I'm 58 and use reading glasses , but with G1 - no problem
  9. Yes - I guess I know what your mean ( now you're writing English 😉 ) and I have made the same with el strips ..... And ..... Was in' about an hour tonight with no problem ..... But I have had my usb Out and then in again ..... Maybe it's sometimes the cable a little bit to short and make a stress to the usb ...... Let's seeee ....🤔
  10. I have not seen other write about in the forum's , and I feel really I'm a minority and it's really hard to make that big step , that I'm not a part of the crowd 🥴 But ....... I have the Reverb G1 , and sometime ..... Well sometimes every 5 minutes there come a blue sign in my vr-glasses " no internet - check your web " or something about that ...and I can close it with say/shout >>>>> ' close' <<<<. or use my hand control ..... But the game are running normally !!!..... 🤔 I have not been in MP yet with the problem ..... B
  11. I have never think about that , never been in my mind ....... But'eeeeh Now .... One mention it ..... I can't wait 🥴😁
  12. Jeg flyver mest FC .... Men hænder da at jeg WW2 flyvene også , mest i en 109'er - men det kunne da være skægt med nogen der snakker dansk og jeg kan jo nok lære flyve en spit også
  13. Ok .... ja , jeg kender godt pwcg og hænder da også jeg flyver derinde - men jeg er nu mest til MP ..... Det at spille mod en person end bot Du skal tænke på at flyve VR så ..... Ved ikke om du har prøvet , men du er meget velkommen til at prøve ( eller anden dk'er ) v mig
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