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  1. Yes , I play guitar/bass myself - been outplaying the pubs /!birthdays / weddings , like the jams , make new music ... ( But as in FC - I'm a average player πŸ₯΄πŸ˜‰) I have drums too , I can't play drums - but start Spotify or YouTube and play along ( and only me who think it's sound good ) - I have a rehursing room in my store house ... So I still play , but not so much anymore But ..... Not a challenge - I still have more than you ... Everything he made πŸ˜‰ but .....one more time ....now youre trying fixing you massage chair and be a happy man - you can take a look at this side and hear some bootlegs with Jimmy or other http://tela.sugarmegs.org/
  2. Oooooooh yeh ....... Ppl should know that band - and not corse of he burn his guitar and playing with teeth ... That's showoff .... But for his music If you're big fan of his music I maybe have some for you - I have everything he made ... Everything ..... On MP3 flac or other ...so ( Out of sentence , I know )
  3. Well - I just bought a used Gigabite aorus 3090 Xtreme πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‰ Im dont feel I have troubles with it , but how do I know - it's working and it is better than my 2080 super ..... Had to be , it was not a cheap change .... ( And I don't wanna compare to,what the game itself are costing ) But .... But .... I have not made the test yet .... Not have timed for it ...but imhave tried OC the GPU ..... And how mush is it worth going for , before it's a step ?? In super position benchmark I go from AVG 127 to 132 before it chrash
  4. Corona , clima critical crisis - but it's the small thing that make a man happy πŸ˜‰
  5. Yes , just later it came out of England 🀣 https://immersivevreducation.com/products-vr-experiences/berlin-blitz/
  6. Im not sure , but maybe its the one i have Seen when I got my first oculus glasses - 3 years ago- ... Was free and in VR
  7. Yes , and now I read again - nowhere it's written gigabite but geforce .... So it should be all common πŸ€”
  8. I have just got a new soundcard 2080 to a 3090 .... Not same company MSI to Gigabite But ............ They are both a Nvida card ...... But same driver ???? There are coming a hotfix to gigabite , but it's not coming automatic in my Nvida geforce experience So ..... Imported to uninstall my Nvida for install Nvidia ????? πŸ€”
  9. I have Reverb G1 .. And as I wrote earlier .... Now I maybe stay with that one for have many power to VR Instead of the G2 and then use all power .... I donno .... Let's see πŸ€”πŸ˜
  10. Yes - thats true ...... But i couldn't control myself - build up in my mind I can't wait for the 80'ti and the pure 80'er I don't want ...so ...yesterday I bought this - used , but 300$ doller cheaper than new It's better , but donno how much yet - it still have its moments / same graphic setting Now I'll try things and oc ...so on ( Maybe I shall take a look at my ram)
  11. First .... I really think you shall change that vr to something better .... It was the one I first have in my trip to become a average pilot in GB ... If I was you I would go for the rift s or reverb 1 Yes , I think I have most of time smoothly gameplay , I have my settings in Balance and not so much eye candy on - sometimes I notice that many things are going on in game and my FPS are 45 to 90 I don't feel the CPU is the buttleneck - it's more the GPU - when I look at my fpsVR Ill update my pc later on , but it's more a better GPU ( at moment I'm looking for a uses 3090'er) and not course of money ..... But maybe it's better have a reverb 1 with lot of GPU power , than have a reverb 2 that use all the power ...I donno ...so ....
  12. I had Lot off trouble allso with my simseat first time make it working ., And I did everything 'think off ' allow in virus security , in reg and so on - soundcards ....and suddenly it was working , and I can not tell you what I did course I donno .... But, as told my system is running with 3 soundcards - the MB my VR - 1 my butt - 2 my seat About a delay can be course of the driver chosen to your soundcard , like when your playing music through your pc , if it's not the right driver then you have a very noticeable delay And maybe about the usb .... Sometimes it work to take the usb out , put it in again and hear the ' du-bi--dub sound .... Connected and then you know there is a connection
  13. i never thought it should 'appen , but now 'Modern Family ' is cancelled for a while πŸ‘πŸ˜
  14. https://www.motion-sim.cz/new/?from=https://www.google.com/
  15. maybe a little bit out of sentence , but I'm going for a upgrade my pc to 3080ti or 90'en But I have not makes up in my mind yet - that ...... Maybe it's better have a pc with real power and then the G1 really use the power to top - instead of the G2 to more balance and a little bit meh
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