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  1. Talisman - reverb / only very small test, butI was following you , and now I have much better quality in game - sp and mp πŸ‘πŸΌ
  2. I would like to buy a swedish version πŸ‘ ( Guess it's not in Danish πŸ₯΄)
  3. Is it a special plane your building ? How high are the seat compared to pedals , and the distance and how high in cm are you ( I'm 170 cm ) .... And how deep is your seat , about have the joystick good place
  4. Itaf_rani Thanx , was great too see ...... But'eeee I'm a VR man , so I have the cockpit in my head .... Was more the dimensions the chair to pedals and were joystick and how high ....
  5. 71st - so on ' , thank you very much for the reverb zoom info ....they are spot on for me πŸ˜πŸ€— And Lefuneste - thank you too πŸ‘ Well , I made it copy/paste to the d3dx user file and now it's working 😁 ( And after that I noticed - my f tast has 2 functions , so I had to make it to f12 and not print .... But that's life .......and me .....πŸ₯΄ ) Men , endnu engang - Mange tak πŸ‘πŸ˜
  6. I have tried google , but couldn't find it .... But one who have dimensions for a bf109 or another cockpit as a working plan ?? Thanx
  7. Lefuneste Im not sure what you mean about first post .... I have used 3Dmigoto for a long time , and was the rift1 I had before I now have Reverb - and that was fine and no problem I Use Jsgme , and when I look in the official game bos/bin/game/user settings - the file is changed there too , but I see not in the game so ..................................................
  8. Still feel dummy , I have change the file but for me it's the same I change it all 3 places , I use jsgme and let it reload - but still the same
  9. DO some have some files for zoom in the REVERB ..??? I have got a file from one , but I still see twice , so - have one figured it out ?? I have tried , but's not working and I feel dummy 😝
  10. Gordon , your zoom settings im using πŸ‘
  11. Wooooow I now got my Reverb , I go from rift 1 and it's really going to one better and more clear - if it's gen 2 with that wow effect , I'm looking forward to gen 3 Guess there will be some more tweaking , but it's all ready very good (71etc. , What is ' motion projection ' and share do I find it )
  12. Thank you 71'etc .. ill do my job when its 'on job' in about 2-3 Days πŸ€”πŸ˜
  13. Well , mostly important for me - Ill have my Reverb 2-3 days from now I now have the rift1 and I'm like a child waiting for Christmas present And sure I'll re'read this page for good information And I really hope my goal is mush better see and ID the Russian plane when I'm in my bf109 ....... So ......🀩
  14. I like the Berloga for the quick run too , and I say the same ..... And when bail out wait 5 sec before ' end the game '
  15. I had the same , but then there vere a little update and now it's working
  16. I mean allso the most realisme is you hear the motor have free run when you go down , and motor have to 'work hard ' Up the sky's Like a car up and down the hills
  17. I mean the 2080ti is to expensive too But in about 2-3 weeks , as I remember , there should come a 2080 super Not so expensive , but better than 2080 https://www.nvidia.com/da-dk/geforce/graphics-cards/rtx-2080-super/
  18. Looks like the index is very good , but do one know to Vs Reverb ???
  19. Simfan2015 In the past I was always going for Intel , course it should be the best for music DAW's - And I'll stay there with my allso game pc I'll go after the GPU 2080 super - the price is almost like 2080 ..... I'll not pay the price for that little extra a 2080 ti could give - Save them for a better VR than rift 1
  20. Thank you So I shall buy good ok RAM And better buy a 2080 more than a 1080ti .... I will start look at the marked πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Ooooo I see , there will come a new GPU in 2-3 weeks 23/7 - 2080 super And price 700 usd πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘
  21. Thad and other There im a little opposite I have only played the game with VR And for me if no VR / no game I'm happy there coming newer and better glasses - and later I change to better one But it's πŸ‘Œ with me to follow the quality of the marked of VR
  22. Hello You see part of my PC low ..... But Later on I will change my oculus rift 1 to another, but I'm holding back and see what is coming and the issues are good again And now .... The but ..... I have GPU 1080 and 32 GB ddr4 unknown ram .... So about the GPU .... With a change , shall I go for the 1080ti or the 2080 I have a 2'hand from 17 - evga GTX 1080 ti sc2 gaming hybrid - 600 € ..... Or better go for the 2080 ( I think the 2080ti is to expensive ) And what DDR 4 good to put in game pc I'm building a game pc for my 14 old son - I have a MB z170 , I74xx and then he have my GPU and ram - so I'm happy with my pc now , but now I'll make some ' buy new / be lucky '
  23. Ooooooooh my god πŸ₯΄ Maybe thats why...... !!!! One Day in Berloga πŸ˜²πŸ™„ 😁
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