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  1. Now it's working , as told ... But Virpil folks .... Msg from Virpil forum is delete the line and then the button mode is gone See you in the sky 😁
  2. Thaaaaaank you ...... Now it's working .....πŸ‘πŸŽ‚πŸ₯πŸŽΈπŸŽ»πŸ·πŸ˜ The problem was 'wordpad' and now I made it open in notepad ..... And now it's working I would never have had the idea that's was the problem .... So I'm very grateful ( And yes , in game it start with 0 and software/windows with 1 - so no problem ) One more time - thank you a 🍺 to you πŸ˜‰
  3. Well ..... Thank you ..... But .... Gosh Start to feel a little bit dummy ....😣 I try all ways , and the movie clib is for 2 buttons on a axis , as I see it I trygge many dig things But I just can let the game see the axis And a funny thing ... In game no 3 is logical b 26 and I software it's b27 I soon go to doctor for some pills πŸ€”πŸ€₯
  4. Boo I have tried your way, with no success ... And du my thing is my Virpil is 3 , but the game in notes will make it to no 1 I tried different ways , and if I try to make it to 3 the written axis disappear Sokol I find no places to disable ... I tried different things , make it analog, make subport to 0 and so on But I still can't figure it out πŸ€” ( Tried to upload photo , but my 5 mb are done )
  5. So here a pic of my buttons , and when the ' dimsedut ' is down the '06' is active and when push it makes the '32' active .... Like fire rockets FX ...... So use them both in an active logical way in game I don't see .... Maybe make a new Q, but the brakes for russian - in game >slash< is with Virpil an axis , but not in game ..... How to make that ???? ( With 3 program Or in game )
  6. Thanx As I see it, it have a point when you fold it down and one when you push it - And I cant see a place in Ill2 where to use it either I guess I will use it for rockets too , bombs I control on my throttle
  7. Talk about the same ??? I Will use the trigger for mashineguns '08' and the one down left '04' for Canons The one I talk about ( maybe u 2 ) is " see pic " When come down it push '06' and when down it control '32'
  8. I have just got a Virpil joystick , and shall now start to keybind to the game I Guess ill make it , change until it fit me ....... But ...... There is that little tiny one with the trigger .... Pull Up and Down , and Down make a push ..so it have 2 moments ......so ...... What do you use it for .....??????? Thanx
  9. I have no neck injury, but I have allso to turn my body for looking at the six With Vr it's real life movement , and one way I think it should be that for all - Allso with tracklr so it's same for all
  10. Good girls/bad girls ....they are all girls ...... I have had my rift more than a year and I have had no problem with The rift at all maybe there will come better ones , and allredy is and I guess I'll maybe change to another for have better quality and so .....
  11. Just a Bright little moment .... I know Notting about maps and posibillity ...but But can map start in sunshine , later be raining and overcast
  12. It's my birthday 13 April , .....but I guess it's not a VR game ...so .....
  13. A little one , I have No Photo or film - but one Day in Berloga I Saw a plane with a parachute round it's tail and it was following the plane I never come so close so I could see that man hang there
  14. One Day I was in Berloga , I was only one and there were still Planes there , and they were controller like Ai .... So is there allways Ai Planes in there ????
  15. Im now 56 years old and I have never played games on pc before since ......hmmmm 2-3 years ago and had a pc since 96/97 But when young I had the interrest in ww2 , read Battle Britton magazines and hole life have the interrest felling and psykologisk how to be in a war and FX a plane I started with warthunder and mause - later the tm16000 It was good in a beginning , but to much arcade game playing ( and I was never really good ) After reshurching I find the Ill2 and start with Stalingrad on Steam .....and now I have rift and high end pc and controllers If it was a easy game I would have lost the interest - I have many hours so ww2 is soon coming to and end - but that's why I continue to like the game because I can still be better and better
  16. Well, I set my oculus in Beta for downloading the file , but it tells my problem with downloading - so guess I wait til official update πŸ€”πŸ˜£
  17. Dont ask stupid , I say to myself ....but anyway ..... Shall I download it or is it downloaed as update allready ...or set the Oculus in beta mode ????
  18. Tank You both - I'm not sure what I'll do yet - except train the pilot more ( he all ready have so many hours he's in Korea war 😏 ) Buy the virpil will take maybe 3 month .... And an extension - how do that and is it easy πŸ€”. 😁.
  19. Yes , it was really great - I was shoot down , but survived - .... and I will anytime cover you again πŸ‘ Like this , the game starts to be really 'real life' ✌️
  20. Davs I have the Microsoft FFB2 Forced feedback one ..... wether im happy or not Im not sure I get some kills , but My problem is that I have problem with direct point where I want to , when I try to shoot another plane down ... It can be becourse , im in my stress ( and wanna kill mode ) move my joystick to much and uncontrollable ....BUt I made the change with my pedal to MFG Crosswind ...... and that was really possitive .....SO ..... Would it be a really change to go from FFb2 ...to VIrpil ??????? ( or do it more become to education of the pilot in the plane )
  21. Pajeka : if I was a rich man πŸ₯΄πŸ˜
  22. Why ????????? Tried many times now , every times my plane is started I loose the server contact Why ?????????
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