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  1. Gustav - can you mass pruduce , or only one for 'mio ego' 🤔😁
  2. A book only for the minority , it's written in Danish ( don't know about translation to other languages ) But I read it for about a year ago and I think it's was a very interesting book with many fakta ..... And also it surprise me how much they know and can find out Like this plane shoot down / shoot down by this plane
  3. The 109 G6 is Better and not fixed back Again For a while ago it was flying like a brick slow speed / fall down Now it's more like the others - Dogfight , make a turn around in slow speed , and then full speed without ' Down on eath '
  4. Yes the game is sturmovik GB , AND allways VR reverb 😉
  5. I wanna ' buy myself happy ' ...so Soon 24 Dec In my pc I have now Corsair 16 GB 3000 c15 , 15-17-17-35 But would it be a benefit for me and the game change to a 4000 MHz or higher Cost/benefit
  6. Dburne Thank you - Ill remember that But I mostly fly the German plane ..... And the old russian like ' I 16 '
  7. Thanx , I have no need for it at moment , and I fly expert VR so I have no technochat - but my cockpit and I like it this way It's not easy going use TM target , so I use the joystick Gremlims 😁
  8. Now I have the warthog .... And there is a setting with " afterburner" but as I can see I have no use for it in Il2 GB ........... Or ....?
  9. Maybe try boost your GPU I have done with mine and feel it help
  10. =69.GIAP=Shvak In manual written : It’s possible to register two different accounts: one for Allied and one for Axis. To switch between them please update il2sturmovik.com account to match account on TAW. If you don’t want to update il2sturmovik.com account then you have to change names of your accounts on TAW page.
  11. #meetoo The axis side was full, so I tried in TAW make a allies pilot and it went ok I had to wait 600 sec before log in ....but my flight time as allies is noticed on my German pilots name Maybe I need a intro for dummies how to make pilot both sides And ... I have very Good net 300/300 and ping is 20 - but I get 'picked off' course net connection
  12. But .. I have ss 100 % in video and 188 % in app Is it better opposite ????
  13. Scg wolf Eeeeeh , Im a reverb vr and that's were I put my settings .... I have the Mixed Reality Portal , and steam vr beta ....? 🤔 Another one you mean
  14. Pre , i have tried just now in steam app beta 188 % in Berloga and it's was ok .... I have had the 188 before but I don't know what's the ideal for reverb
  15. My settings t'day , maybe not t'morrow ... I'm curious and read / learn ..... And I'm reverb too 👍
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