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  1. Yes, agree with this comments above... i do like the earlier war birds for sure as well... seems more skill based than anything.... I think i will take the plunge, perhaps link up with the UK servers (in Mexico) so not to great a time difference
  2. Yes! Also try it at 240p and .75 playback speed, or even .5.... is just like the real thing.. id love to be able to do this...so cool!
  3. Hi guys, Toying whether to get Tobruk or not. Ive payed Blitz for a long time but on multiplayer there are very few players most of the time. Do you think this new release will see more players involved online?
  4. Very exciting indeed! I am guessing this will see an increase in the user base so flying in multiplayer will be a little fuller in numbers?
  5. Yep, i just bought it and works well with an AIRBUS as it was specifically designed for that... not so good for WW2 sims, not designed or made for it... I stick with my T16000 for IL2, much better So, far from being a ripoff, if you are a commercial flight simmer, then its great for immersion...im getting the throttle as soon as it comes out as well...:)
  6. Although a game, a game and how you play it is in someway a reflection of the actual person...personally I don't shoot paras.... im after the plane, not the man...
  7. Hahah.. and here's me thinking this was a free upgrade..what a dongy! Looks good though, still unsure if i will buy t as the user base and clunky GUI is hard to stomach after other IL2 series
  8. excellent info chaps, and appreciate the input form you vets... after a few games on BoBP, it sure is a learning curve to trying to stay alive, navigate, spot etc.. i did manage to shoot down 1 BF110.. then proceeded to get annihilated by a swarm of angry 109s after that..lol What a great flying experience though... i can imagine it would be better with voice... and a wingman....
  9. Great guys! Thanks! I'm getting into the multiplayer side of things so will look at those...waiting for Normandy which looks very cool indeed!
  10. AH excellent! Thank you kind sir!
  11. HI guys, I bought Battle Of Bodenplatte as a stand alone, but just wondering what other IL2 title(s) i should get next - funds permitting - as i find online some servers are limited to planes i don't have... What would you good folks suggest? Cheers Doug
  12. Excellent questions and i too wondered about this. I also (as a noob to this game) wondered about the map... as there are no plane icons i am assuming you must navigate via VFR etc... compass headings etc... Im looking for a noob guide so youtube i guess here i come!
  13. Sorry of this is a sill question, im new to combat box with the IL2 series...how do i get access to the discord domain for voice while flying? I have discord but not sure what i need to do? Cheers folks D
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