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  1. Hi buddy Just to confirm the bombs do work. I have been able to hit factories, ammo dumps, guns. Have had success with railway bridges but none hitting concrete bridges. So keep going, it's only practice.
  2. Hi fellow FC flyers. Probably no one has noticed I am AWOL at the moment. LOL! Not looking for symphony but wanted the guys I have flown with to know I am still around and will be back when things settle down for me. My father has been very poorly and passed away on the 14th February 2019. I am very busy sorting things out and calming my 88 year old mother. The good news is my daughter gave birth to our first grandchild two days ago. Yin and yang so see you in the sky's soon. Ron. AKA Jailor.
  3. Hi Paul Is this event instead of Sunday? Stupid question and sorry to ask, but with limited aircraft does that mean first come first served? Ron. S.
  4. Wow Darkowl Sounds great and will give it a go thank you. Have to say at my age being a Coffin Dodger my head hurts reading your post LOL. Ron.
  5. Just spent an hour on your server, loved it and thanks for giving us all entry. Great variety of targets available, runs smoothly and looks really nice. Well done! Is there a way I can disable the mini map? Server gave me ping of 35. Salute. Ron.
  6. Great night this Sunday and a great bunch of freindly fellow pilots. Fur balls were very tense, shame my new skins got burnt a few times. Salute to all and thanks Paul for your hard work
  7. So for tonight, do I leave my zzz skin or do I have to download a new pack for all?
  8. I though anyone who already downloaded main file and now was only updating newer skins might miss it. After all SP 1969's hard work thought it a sin lol. Hope to see you today , last two nights have been on my own, getting lonely fighting the Hun on my own.
  9. Fellow pilots please note the original mass file skin download had the wrong skin in for myself zzz610jailor. Please update from this link, thanks. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PER8mbwekPYgc-87LpZj7pqXsf-lfvlr
  10. "The FC mass dogfight screen shots and recordings post"? Can't find link, could one of you kind gents point an old man in the correct direction. S.
  11. Hi GFG I have shared on ACG forum, will see if the guys flying ROF have a look in.
  12. Great read SP1969, points well made. I started 1980 with a Grandstand game box then moved onto a Commadore 64, god how long did it take to wind the game tapes to the start. Last two years spent flying on line in BOB until the game was broken by the development team. ACG moved to BOM and BOS, flying Russian aircraft just does not do it for me after my trusty Spitfire. Campaign night was amazing with up to 130+ pilots taking part in historical and accurate well made missions. So after having ROF since it was released but not really getting it, I have tried FC and look forward to it moving on in development. I fly in VR and the emersion is truly amazing. Looking forward to maps and eventually some great missions, my small dip so far into FC MP has been possative as everyone taking part are a friendly bunch. See you in the sky's.
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