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  1. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Tactical Air War

    Any chance we can do a Google doc sign up with squads - number and tz so we can get a more balanced number overall. Then we could have a more fluid process where squads could change sides of necessary
  2. II./JG77_Zombie-

    multiplayer map

    thanks all. i figured out i can also copy groups of objects into the clipboard and open a new map and paste them in the same spot. i mostly wanted examples of the depots and defensive positions that you can't find in a quick mission
  3. II./JG77_Zombie-

    multiplayer map

    still struggling to get it to work. any way to figure out if i still have some rogue fakefields? i converted it to single player in the adv properties
  4. II./JG77_Zombie-

    level bombing mission

    i didn't really like those targets but i figured out how to edit a multiplayer mission. that seems to do the trick.
  5. II./JG77_Zombie-

    multiplayer map

    does anyone know if it's possible to use a multiplayer server as a basis for a single player practice map? i'd like to practice bombing and they usually have some pretty good targets. thanks!
  6. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Tactical Air War

    Someone needs to re-engineer the registration page so that not only do you see stats but also timezones. Maybe have registration before taw starts so the teams balance. It's no fun to always fly either outnumbered or outnumbering the other team We flew allies last TAW because of balance. It really helps you respect the pros and cons of each side
  7. i'd like to practice level bombing but suck with mission creator. anyone have anything like that?
  8. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Hs-129 SP missions anyone?

    The Jade Monkey pack has one or two
  9. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Tactical Air War

    again...earlier the server was full with 50 axis and 30 allies... all i was trying to say was having reserved slots would make it at least possible to have the possibility of balanced teams when there are 1200+ registered axis and 900 allies.
  10. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Tactical Air War

    Reds just don't have too many options if they don't own the premiums. Also not being able to disable premiums we don't own kind of stinks. i'd love to see the server reserve half the server slots for each team. Every Sunday it is impossible to get on in US Prime because the server has 15-20 pilot advantage on Blue
  11. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog layout

    What do you guys use the paddle for?
  12. Curious of anyone has a good Depot bombing mission they can share. I'm not super great at the mission editor but I would really like to improve my skills. Thanks in advance
  13. all the missions in this pack stopped working with the last update. any way to get them working again?
  14. II./JG77_Zombie-

    Bombs not exploding

    Considering that the Germans skip bombed tanks I wish they would reconsider the fuses to not require impact
  15. apparently you have to order AI to attack