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  1. A homeless simulator could be pretty useful for teaching people empathy if it was done well. The one in that video is, uh... not. It looks like an exploitation game instead of an insightful and entertaining simulator. The Long Dark is really a good lone survival wilderness game if people are into that. Not super realistic, but realistic and atmospheric enough to be a really good time if you're into that.
  2. I've been using "scattered" settings and if this is happening its been so slight that I can't really notice it. Doesn't mean it's not happening though.
  3. For me, the trick is to get very close. As close to point blank as possible. This puts less of an emphasis on practicing your aim and more of an emphasis on your reflexes. It works better in RoF than in BoX, though. In BoX you need to get the hang of deflection shooting to have any hope at all whether you get close or not, unless you're coming in straight and level from behind.
  4. It does make the video easier to follow along with though. A realistic approach to operations is rarely fair! That was brutal. I bet these kinds of missions in Bodenplatte with an Me 262 fighter-bomber would be great fun.
  5. That's probably better as a warning against the value of IQ tests than anything else.
  6. It depends on what kind of shot you're going for. If you have it in F2 mode and you're trying to keep a certain part of the action in view without using padlocks then I find the best way to do that is to have high sensitivity and very careful/slow movements with your actual hand. It does take practice and editing for best results but if your sensitivity is too low then you have to lift the mouse up more often than you'd like in order to keep the desired part of the action in view.
  7. OBS Studio is a good one, that is also what I use. Nvidia also has built-in stuff that I've seen people use. For editing the videos I use Shotcut. You can download it for free and there's some good free tutorials on YouTube for how to use it. It requires virtually no knowledge of video editing to start using it. Some minor tips from me would be: 1.) Set your mouse sensitivity high so that you can use your mouse to manually pan around without having to lift it up. 2.) There are keys for viewing the action from the perspective of nearby allies and enemies on the ground and air, or for padlocking the view to certain allies and enemies whether the camera is on you, an ally/enemy, or just "free." 3.) You can use F11 to "free" the camera and set up a spot on your own to watch the action from. You can then use keys like F8 and RShft + F8 to keep the view focused on the unit you want. There's a ton of hotkeys in the key bindings menu that you can experiment with and there's some pretty good tutorials hidden around the forums too. I'm still figuring out some of the finer points, but you can see what some of the really good editors are able to do with the recordings over in the videos section. It is a very cool and powerful feature.
  8. This is one of the better IL-2: BoX let's plays on YouTube right now. Keep up the good stuff!
  9. I see XCOM2 is on your list. Give Xenonauts a shot if you haven't already. It's a more in-depth version of the same kind of game if you don't mind stylized 2-D graphics.
  10. And if you don't want to use the auto-level when looking at the "O" map, the other trick is to set your trims before opening it so that you don't drift too much while looking at it.
  11. I still rely on it heavily but I would look forward to flying without if it were in the options. A plethora of options is something this game does well.
  12. This explains something that I saw in the career mode the other day and could not figure out what had caused the explosions as I was landing. I may even have the video handy, they lit up the forest right behind the hangars as I was touching down. Is it possible that the AI expects you to land in order? If so that's actually pretty cool and would explain it. If the AI is programmed to ditch its rockets before landing, and you cut ahead of it and get blown up, then the best way to avoid it would be to wait your turn. When you're a wingman instead of a flight leader you have to try and think like the AI a little bit, and cut it some slack.
  13. Brief description: When viewing a flight recording some markings will stay on the ground after you "rewind." Detailed description, conditions: I was watching a replay of a mission from the career mode where one of my wingmates crashed into the ground. After I "rewound" the replay to watch the crash again I noticed that the markings were still on the ground. Exiting the recording and starting it fresh fixed it. My graphics settings were balanced.
  14. Nothing shameful about it. That's a cool plane and plenty of us are hopeful for an eventual pacific scenario!
  15. I'm afraid I don't. But I sure am curious as to what you mean.
  16. I found the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro to be great bang for the buck. It can do everything you need for the cost of a decent mouse. Once I upgraded to the T16000M HOTAS it became clear that it was totally inferior for expert level play, but the Logitech was great fun for over a hundred hours on middling settings, on multiple flight sims. I would recommend the Logitech for people who are not yet sure if they will enjoy flight simming, and the Thrustmaster T16000M FCS HOTAS setup for a reasonably priced upgrade if you decide that you really like the genre.
  17. Okay so in joystick speak an "axis" is any control that is on a gradient instead of an on/off button. Joystick and throttle "HOTAS" setups have lots of knobs, levers, and so on that are "axis" instead of "buttons." So, depending on the joystick you will usually have "X" and "Y" for roll and pitch, and then another for the "twisty-grip rudder" (yaw). You will also probably have at least one more on the joystick itself, on the front of it, that you can use for a throttle with your off-hand if you don't have a HOTAS setup. Also: Throttles that are separate from your joystick in HOTAS setups will have all kinds of buttons and "axis" on their own. The throttle itself will be an axis, and you could have three or four more hidden on the device. These controls are very customizable. Some of them are quite strange, like the "flippers" on the other side of certain Thrustmaster throttles that reset to 0% but can go to negative or positive ranges based on which side of the flipper you push. I think that one is supposed to be an alternative rudder system. I hope that helped?
  18. Awesome low-level flying!
  19. I was given a VR headset as a gift but it makes my PC run like a racehorse and the resolution is not so good. It was also difficult to see the controls, but I am sure that could be overcome with practice. One issue that I did not check off but which could be an issue for others is the "weight/eye fatigue/discomfort" option. In my limited experience with the headset (before I decided the resolution was too poor) I noticed the clear potential for it to become uncomfortable over time. It was not so different from wearing a helmet and eye protection in hot weather. From a combat sim immersion point of view this can actually be a good thing, but for most I reckon that would be a problem.
  20. I'm just glad we have options. I'm the kind of gamer who is quite pleased with the inclusion of an official ironman mode, but that doesn't mean it is the only way to play. Elitism is bad.
  21. This is really going to come down to how you learn things. What helped me was watching videos of those who really knew what they were doing, and then trying to mimic or build on that behavior in the game. I'm not a patient person so I used mostly the campaign and later the career mode, rather than taking the time to study each plane move by move in the quick missions (except for maybe a little takeoff and landing). However, it would be a good idea for you to practice in quick missions until you are comfortable with the plane you want to use if you have the patience to do that. It'll save you a lot of time. I really can't overstate how helpful it is to watch videos of some of the really good players dogfighting from the in-cockpit perspective. A little bit of that motion rubs off on you and it makes a difference. The videos of "ace in a flight" multiplayer types are especially helpful if you're the sort of person who learns that way. And probably the biggest thing for me has been using the beginner settings until I was comfortable not using them. Playing this game in expert mode is really difficult if you are new to flight sims (like I was not long ago and in many ways still am) and so I started with many of the "crutches" on and removed them one by one slowly, as I became more confident in my skills. I have only recently felt confident flying in expert mode, and only with one or two planes, and I still have oh so much to learn. I hope I've helped a little bit. Requiem was a really great place to start, and if you follow that rabbit hole it won't lead you wrong. If you like a challenging learning experience this game is probably right up your alley.
  22. Hey folks, I am interested in trying my hand at some IL-2 ground attacking on this server. However, the website for registration seems to be unsecure. Can someone in the know please explain why it does not use https:// for a secure login? TAW seems quite awesome, but my mind needs some easing about this seeming security flaw before I get my feet wet.
  23. This video looked downright professional. Really, really well done.
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