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  1. Hallo, in ATAG hat jemand Windows Defender übersehen obwohl er dachte das er aus ist.Dieser ist ein Windows eigener Antivirus ProgrrammVielleicht hilft es dir, einfach nochmal gut und gründlich zu überprüfen, ob dir dieser Windows Defender dazwischen funkt.
  2. Oh yeah noticed that aswell on the wings in sunlight, depending on the wing curve and angle. I wish I could just increase the color depthbits in the conf.ini file, but it has no effect
  3. The epileptic filter is doing a different prop animation than the normal to reduce the flickering effect, but it doesnt look nice to me. The horizontal stripe sound weird to me, maybe try deleting cache helps. And maybe verifying steam files too (delete cache after verifying).
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