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  1. Completely agree that VR zoom is all about ID and not spotting. My idea was to allow everyone (flat screen and HMD) to zoom as much as they like, but to start progressively blurring or pixelating once you go beyond a certain point to mimic the resolving power of a typical pilot’s eyeball. I am pretty pleased with the new zoom though. Haven’t tried it online but a big step up in single player at least.
  2. Great update! I have been playing another popular combat flight sim for a few months for a change, and came back to this last night. I was able to turn on the canopy reflections (wonderfully claustrophobic in VR) and also turn up some other graphics settings and still get a smoother experience than I remember. Looking forward to seeing what else can be done with DR!
  3. Looking forward to trying the update later! Re VR zoom - here was my fantastic idea which sadly received little attention. TLDR: everyone would get to zoom as much as they like, but with resolving power governed by physiological limitations. Beyond a certain zoom level things start to blur. It would level the playing field regarding ID of targets while continuing to look pretty on fancy monitors.
  4. There are two things at play when you’re IDing, I think: - apparent size of aircraft ( in degrees measured from your eye). In VR this is fixed. On a monitor it depends on monitor size and how far away you are away from the screen (and how much you’re leaning in to squint at it!). And also on FOV setting if this is something you can adjust. - amount of information available (in pixels across the object). This depends on resolution, which is currently the limiting factor in VR. Zooming with either technology will increase both the apparent size and the number of pixels in the object. Increasing the apparent size is nice, but beyond a certain point it won’t help much unless (like me) you have poor eyesight to begin with. Increasing the number of pixels in the object is what really makes IDing easier when you zoom in, as you can start to see differences in wing shape, colouring etc. at a greater distance. Current VR is pretty limited on resolution. If the VR zoom is then limited to 2x instead of the 5x that monitors get then you compound the disadvantage much further. It is basically impossible to make things really ‘fair’ in a competitive sense if everyone is using different hardware. However, one thing that could be done to help is to set a maximum number of pixels across an object that would be fixed for everyone and set based on the typical resolving power of a pilot’s eyeball. You could then allow everybody to zoom in as much as they like, but beyond a certain zoom level the object would become more blurred or pixelated. This way you could zoom further to make it look bigger (eg if your eyesight is poor) but could not get more info on the contact by doing so. This would be good from a sim point of view as well as a competitive one, as it would limit your abilities to a realistic level. ...I can see this being unpopular with people who have splashed out on a fancy 4K monitor purely to increase their competitive edge though! Re 3DMigoto, I have only recently discovered it and have only played SP so far. 5x is a huge help and means I can ID aircraft before they are actively making a pass at me! 10x is not particularly useful for IDing as the view gets a bit too wobbly on distant objects (a bit like looking through high zoom binoculars without steadying your arms on something). It is quite nice for getting a good look at your wingman’s aircraft while flying in formation with them though. (edit - punctuation) ... and to really up the realism the virtual pilot’s resolving power could be dependent on the wavelength and the dilation of their pupil!
  5. I like this idea too, for a couple of reasons: VR - if the controls for VOIP were built into the game it would save me having to break the immersion by removing the headset if I need to switch channels, mute somebody or whatever. Push to talk would also be great. Maybe there is some existing work-around for all this? But I would certainly value it being in the game. New players - which kinda includes me, especially for MP. There is a really steep learning curve in this game. Figuring out that teaming up is a really really good idea and then figuring out how to find someone to team up with and how all the mechanics of that work adds to that learning hurdle and perhaps makes it less likely that people will stick with it for long enough to learn and keeps the servers quieter in the long term. Having it as a default that you can opt out of could make the process a bit easier. How well it would work in practise I don’t know - will be interesting to see what Air Marshall does. I killed an embarrassing number of friendlies in my first few MP flights (having moved across from War Thunder sim battles where a tiny blue indicator makes this much less likely). Who knows how many of them might be alive today if I’d had someone with a bit more experience warning me off? So yeah, this is something I’d be happy to see too.
  6. SP1969, was this the forum you meant? Sorry everyone else for the pointless post. I'd second the air-starts suggestion for FC zone though.
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