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  1. Thanks JimTM, that’s what I was looking for- the climbing pitch out that was used by USAAF fighters circa WWII. Very much appreciated. Trust me, I already know how to do the “modern” carrier and field level 360 overhead pattern. 😉
  2. Hey gang, Anyone have a reference to how the various WWII Air Forces flew the overhead pattern? I am familiar with the WWII USN Carrier Pattern, but not the specific procedures for the land based operations, which seem to employ a low altitude pass followed by an aggressive pitch up to downwind in order to bleed speed. Anyone have the basic altitudes and pattern procedures? I've not come across anything using the using the various search engines. Thanks in advance.
  3. Working 18 hours per day around the house on everything that you've been putting off fixing, repairing or remodeling during your career?
  4. Have a look at the B52, who's incidence is predicated on the limitations of a tandem landing gear.
  5. The nose attitude in level flight depends upon airspeed (more accurately, AOA) and the wing's angle of incidence, which varies between aircraft types.
  6. FWIW, the Hurricane is relatively easy to fly and is very forgiving. Sim pilots who want to learn ACM would be well served by purchasing and getting some stick time in this little guy. Fun meter is pegged.
  7. Are you kidding? I’d buy this sim and all add on theaters even if it didn’t have guns or weapons.
  8. Just read Jason’s missive on the lack of data on Japanese aircraft beyond the Zero as being a significant barrier to any sort of reasonable Pacific theater. Any thoughts to perhaps an Atlantic theater carrier in the Med or off of the coast of France? I have little familiarity with WWII British carrier ops, but it might be a way to get some Allied tailhookers for which there is good data into action in due course.
  9. Is there a way to select just the current/latests developer diary without having the web browser load all of the previous ones (graphics heavy download).
  10. Wonder how many of the complainers here have ever had to make a payroll? Easy to complain, difficult to produce in an environment where nothing is ever "good enough" for a very small market of potential customers.
  11. Very cool. We're working East to West. Battle of Britain next, followed by the Battle of the Atlantic, then the Attack on New York.
  12. It is simpler than that. BFM is a USAF term, and ACM is a US Navy term. Energy vs angles fighter is an attempt to make something that is difficult to define and transitory into something granular and understandable. That all changes with altitude, stores loads and most importantly, is meaningless until the combatants are defined. "Fighter jet" by the way, like "Tarmac", are a media terms that have become more widely adopted with time. No one used Fighter Jet, which is redundant and a bit dorky in the real world. The sim community has a plethora of terms an
  13. That looks pretty good, thanks. I fast a couple of times per week for fitness reasons, having only broth around mid day. This looks better than what I've been conjuring together.
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