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  1. Are you kidding? I’d buy this sim and all add on theaters even if it didn’t have guns or weapons.
  2. Just read Jason’s missive on the lack of data on Japanese aircraft beyond the Zero as being a significant barrier to any sort of reasonable Pacific theater. Any thoughts to perhaps an Atlantic theater carrier in the Med or off of the coast of France? I have little familiarity with WWII British carrier ops, but it might be a way to get some Allied tailhookers for which there is good data into action in due course.
  3. Is there a way to select just the current/latests developer diary without having the web browser load all of the previous ones (graphics heavy download).
  4. Wonder how many of the complainers here have ever had to make a payroll? Easy to complain, difficult to produce in an environment where nothing is ever "good enough" for a very small market of potential customers.
  5. Very cool. We're working East to West. Battle of Britain next, followed by the Battle of the Atlantic, then the Attack on New York.
  6. It is simpler than that. BFM is a USAF term, and ACM is a US Navy term. Energy vs angles fighter is an attempt to make something that is difficult to define and transitory into something granular and understandable. That all changes with altitude, stores loads and most importantly, is meaningless until the combatants are defined. "Fighter jet" by the way, like "Tarmac", are a media terms that have become more widely adopted with time. No one used Fighter Jet, which is redundant and a bit dorky in the real world. The sim community has a plethora of terms and concepts that weren't and still aren't used by current practitioners. DCS is far worse than the ILC community, and some of the folks who are famous for their videos have no idea as to what they are doing. Requiem is an impressive exception, his work is very solid and worthwhile.
  7. That looks pretty good, thanks. I fast a couple of times per week for fitness reasons, having only broth around mid day. This looks better than what I've been conjuring together.
  8. Finally caught the flick, didn't like it. The scope of the evacuation was missed. They seemed to be trying to catch a ferry home after a European holiday. A few Stukas, no sustained portrayal of the pressing threat, or how they ended up on the beach. The air to air was rather lame, minimal maneuvering, no saddling in a turning fight, a single He111. like there were three airplanes in the entire RAF, and two in the Luftwaffe. Then the Spit pilot running out of gas at the end. He cranks the gear down to land on the beach, far riskier than bellying it in, for what? To save the aircraft for the Germans? He's got a beach full of armed allies to protect him, and a flotilla of boats to take him home, so what does he do? Glide miles down the beach so he can be captured by the Germans. Since he landed with the gear down, he has to blast the Spit with a flare gun to set off the fuel load so the Germans can't exploit the fighter. Except that the tanks were empty. And it burns with the prop hanging off of a long pipe, something that I can't seem to find in Spitfire cutaways...
  9. Did it have anything to do with ease of wing removal? Interesting question.
  10. Any chance on fixing the "View New Content" feature? Hasn't worked in over a year for me...
  11. It makes screen shots look fake too...
  12. Only a dedicated IL2er would make such a wish! Have a Happy New Year, with or without your GF!
  13. Garrison is an engineer who designed and built two personal aircraft. He’s bee writing that column for three decades and had been a wonderful aerodynamics and safety resource for pilots who don’t have access to continuing professional resources.
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