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  1. Hysteresis in the G940 is an annoyance I remember now that you mention it. It was a good system when it worked. Mine has been gathering dust in the storage room ever since it decided to stop working quite a few years ago. I've searched unsuccessfully on the web, looking for someone who has figured out why the joystick side died and how to fix it. If you can point me to something you ma have come across, please let me know! I'll have to try the same thing when my HMD arrives sometime. Sounds interesting!
  2. BlitzPig_EL: All good. It's the little details like cockpit lighting being visible externally or animations that make the sim just a joy to watch. You may recall in IL2 1946, the pilot's head moves to face whatever they're looking at. Again, it's just fun to watch. But one detail is less common in real life compared to the sim. Water condensate on the windscreen whenever you fly through clouds doesn't happen often unless the ambient temp is close to dew point. I never see the sort of water condensate depicted in IL2 when flying through fair weather clouds. Lemsip: Thanks for mentioning the heavies have the animations to watch. I had only checked the fighters.
  3. No, I was just wondering. Did my post imply any complaint or are you just reading something that isn't present. Not trying to be a jerk or to troll you either.
  4. Brief description: Runway surface "hardness" seems to be too soft. Detailed description, conditions: Aircraft wheels are bogged like in thick mud; making taxying and turning impossible. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 10 Pro, nVidia v451.67
  5. Has anyone noticed that only the P-39L seems to have proper animation of joystick movement when viewed from the outside? Other common aircraft (haven't checked every single type) don't appear to model joystick movements in external views. Is there a reason why the P-39 is the only one?
  6. Just stumbled across your original post in Oct 2019. Good suggestion. Looks like not many people from the same time zones inhabit the forum? I myself only tend to visit the forum for specific subjects. Online play is difficult for me at times - broadband in Australia isn't the greatest and work/family life sort of reduce my IL2 time!
  7. I'm not sure if someone has already suggested or asked a question about a feature to report weapon stats after a mission. eg in IL2 1946, there was a nice report of things like rounds fired and hit rate.
  8. Thanks. Does anyone know why just those labels were inverted? Everything else in the cockpit appears to be oriented for the pilot to read!
  9. Brief description: Gunsight selector labels inverted? Detailed description, conditions: Choose gyro gunsight mod for the P-51D. Gunsight selector labels appear to be inverted. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See attached screenshot. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win10 Pro, latest nVidia driver I hunted for photos on the internet to see what the labels were like in real life. But alas, I was unable to find any photos of this equipment. If someone has a photo of this equipment can you please confirm if the labels were as shown in the screenshot?
  10. I just wanted to stop the animation but it doesn't seem to work. Does the fix only work with using the new pilot body textures? Also, installing the mod using JSGME seems to copy some mod folders into the IL2 root directory. Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  11. Brief description: Direct sunlight inside hangar Detailed description, conditions: I parked an aircraft inside a hangar on Deurne airfield (B-70). The hangar roof doesn't have skylights or any openings to allow the direct sunlight shown in the screenshot. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):
  12. Dear Developers: Please consider reducing the gloss level of the official skins. At present, they have an unrealistic glassy/glossy look. Some example photos of museum exhibits follow. 1. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/collections/supermarine-spitfire-vb/ 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ilyushin_IL-2_Sturmovik,_Central_Air_Force_Museum,_Monino.JPG 3. https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/curtiss-p-40e-warhawk-kittyhawk-ia 4. https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/messerschmitt-bf-109-g-6r3 You may be aware that restored warbirds are typically painted with more glossy paint compared to wartime paint. The reason is the harder gloss layer (compared to the matte pigment colour layer) provides a bit more protection against damage and is also easier to clean.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I wasn't able to find the DD you mentioned. But there was a discussion about this topic elsewhere on the forum in which it was mentioned the black smoke was due to the poor quality of the synthetic fuel (rather than an over-rich mixture as such) used by the Luftwaffe. So I understand the reason for the German aircraft emitting black exhaust smoke. Oddly, the La-5FN (auto mixture control) also emits a similar darkish exhaust; yet the Yak-1b (manual mixture control) does not unless you use an over-rich mixture at altitude. This seems to suggest the over-rich mixture reason assuming the VVS had better quality fuel. But AMCs are designed to set the correct stoichiometric ratio for a given density (varies due to temp and pressure altitude). If you're interested in how they work, you can check this link. http://www.flight-mechanic.com/automatic-mixture-control-amc My aircraft (Yak-50) also has a Soviet M14P engine. This radial has both an AMC and a supercharger. It doesn't emit darkish exhaust (ie over-rich mixture) at any throttle setting including 100% rpm and maximum manifold pressure. I'd be getting my LAME to adjust the AMC to stop it!
  14. Do you mean running over-rich mixtures is intended?
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