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  1. I'm in for Bodenplatte, thank you very much! Congrats to 10000 subscribers!
  2. Hi BlackRaven, Thanks for your generosity! I too would like to sign up for one copy of Bodenplatte, as I already have the other two. Good luck to all!
  3. Hi AeroAce, Thank you very much for your generous offer! I also would like to sign up for Bodenplatte. Best of luck to all!
  4. The vertical fin is mostly used for keeping the plane in an ideal airflow, meaning not to "slip" the plane. But it is not alone in doing so, actually the whole fuselage is doing exactly the same thing. The propeller also "pulls" the plane straight, assuming its a single-prop driven plane with the prop sitting in front of the center of gravity (like almost every fighter in the game). So, most (!) planes might actually fly quite well when only (!) the vertical fin is lost. As you described, it got a little bit unstable. In my opinion the representation in this game is quite good. Of course one should always keep in mind every simulator only models the reality, there is always a point at which real aerodynamics might do other stuff. If you lose your horizontal stabilizer, that's a whole new deal. Oh, and I studied aerodynamics (and am a flight instructor), so yeah... I doubt the plane ever flew like this. The horizontal stabilizer is almost completely gone. My quess would be another plane hit this P51 with its propeller while taxiing considering the strips and slices. This happened quite often as the view out front was quite limited in these machines. But of course I could be wrong.
  5. Nope. Not at all. Check static aeroelasticity: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroelasticity Of course, most fighters are subsequently built to withstand far greater forces than the pilot might endure.
  6. Nice screenshots so far, here are two of mine (sure have lots more... tough choice picking only two ) A: First one is from Mission 2 "Jabos": B: Second one is from Mission 3 "Patrol": Gotta love the sense of battle emerging while flying over burning towns with flak exploding nearby!
  7. First off: No question is ever silly. Don't be afraid to bother us 1.: Yes, max speed is measured at level flight. You can always go faster in a dive (obviously). But max speed is not necessarily achieved with full throttle; the interplay of throttle, prop, mixture etc. is key. Why is max speed slower at higher altitudes? Simple: the higher you go, the thinner the air. Although your aircraft produces less air resistance in a thinner atmosphere, your engine also produces less thrust, because air is needed as an oxidizer in the combustion process. This is also why you have to adjust the mixture setting the higher you go. 2.: No, you don't climb faster when going faster. Of course you initially climb fast, but you can't maintain a faster climb over a longer period of time. To understand this, we have to go deeper into the theories of aerodynamics. Every plane (wing) has a "drag polar" (just had to look this up, in german it's "Polare" ), which might help you get the idea. Picture this: If you go faster, your air resistance also rises. On the other hand your lift always stays the same (equals gravity), so your plane stays in the air (You don't need a higher force upwards while climbing, only to initialize the climb). Now the best "setting" for maximising your altitude gain would be to fly slow, as the energy provided by your engine can be converted into altitude - rather than countering the higher air resistance produced at higher speed. Hope you get what I'm trying to explain Well, just saw that Busdriver also answered. So, I'm going to leave it here Good Hunting
  8. I don't think so. My gliding club has a Ka-6b with an open canopy, with which I fly now and again. Sure, it is a bit noisier, but not as much as one might think. The thing is, in a motorized plane - especially in warbirds - the main source of noise comes from the engine. Surely the air streaming around the plane adds up to the noise, but it is topped by the engine (as far as my experience goes). By the way, you can fly the Lagg-3, Yak-1 and La-5 with your canopy open, too. I don't expect it to be any louder in the I-16.
  9. Actually, it is our problem, since we use an outdated and legally questionable piece of software, which hasn't been updated or maintained for three years now. Nontheless, the developers actually still try to implement it, but thats kind of hard if there is no Freetrack-developer around anymore. If this makes you wish not to have bought this game, then maybe you shouldn't buy any piece of software at all. Ever considered using Opentrack (free, more stable & still updated regularly)?
  10. Thank you for the explanation! Now lets hope the developer of OpenTrack releases a quick fix... Jsags, I suppose I don't need to answer your pm anymore?
  11. Ok, I found out it works perfectly with OpenTrack 2.2a2...
  12. Hey guys, Found this thread which describes exactly the problem I have with OpenTrack right now. Anybody noticed the same in OpenTrack? (I am using the latest stable version, Opentrack 2.2 end-of-alpha) Cheers
  13. Hello devs and fellow pilots, I noticed a possible bug while updating OpenTrack to the latest stable version. Everything works fine - except the y-Rotation (pitch, tilting your head up and down), which seems to be cut off half way. While looking using the mouse, I can look exactly 90° up/down, but with OpenTrack I only can only look roughly 45° up/down. I figured all rotary axes go from -180 to 0 to 180, except for the pitch. In OpenTrack it only ranges from -90 to 0 to 90. Could it be that IL2 BoS is expecting a range covering -180 to 0 to 180, and therefore I am not able to tilt my head completely up/down? I wasn't able to find any settings concerning the range both in IL2 nor OpenTrack. Maybe someone can give me a hint? Is this a known bug? Any thoughts? Cheers
  14. I mostly use the zoomed in setting. Just make sure you don't move out of the cameras viewsight. Remember to specify exactly what dimensions your IR-model has! Maybe that's why it doesn't work?
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