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  1. @Jade_Monkey Thank you so much! I took it for a little spin.
  2. - Hurricane Mk.II My favorite plane is Bf 109 G-4 (and if curious to kow...WW1- Albatross D.Va)
  3. Beautiful plane and paratrooper! Just a small detail question; shouldn't the patch not bend with the sleeve?
  4. The one that sticks out is the Fokker Dr.1. it is a really cool plane, but I could never get the handle it. Out of the 109, the only one that is hard to fly is the F-2. HS 129 it is cool too, but i am not very good attacking the ground and I inevitably crash it. The jury is still out on it though.
  5. I think you now the statement was referring to 'contemporaneous" machines. Pilots who found themselves outside of any available tactics had to rely guile and ingenuity to survive or they died. You can died 1000s deaths developing whys surviving. The virtual has yet another huge advantage. So you have a perfectly crated machine fresh from "factory," you have hulk like strength, and physiology to recover from extreme g force, and you have infinite number of lives to learn from your mistake and perfect tactics. Moreover, you have the hindsight and collective knowledge of real w
  6. You both created a hyperbole. The BF 110 assumptive capabilities proved to be false. This has nothing to do with my comment. The weaknesses and strengths of each aircraft is well known unlike in real time. You developed strategies for servers. e.g. BF 110 can fly escorted to protect them from more agile fighters. This was a luxury that BF 110 pilots did not have in B. Britain. So, you do not have an excuse on a server where hindsight is beneficial. But let's address the other part of the hyperbole. It is claimed that the Me 262 is too strong of an aircraft, but yet US pilots dealt
  7. I have never read a single pilot that has ever said that the difference between life and death was the "machine." They all said it was the pilot that made the difference.
  8. It is not really comparable. A pilot in WW2 wanting a better aircraft is not the same that pilots in virtual WW2 complaining that the server is unfair because the planset is unfavorable. Real world pilots found a way to survive and thrive. Virtual pilots have many trial and errors to get it right which real pilots never had.
  9. Second, the Scripted campaigns tend to be more immersive.
  10. The sales on the official site are more frequent. Jason does a good job of "making up" reasons for sales and no one is complaining. 🤪
  11. I was going to joke over or under for the first nitwit to criticize the DD because this is a "flight simulator" and set it at 50 post and i was worred that would be too low. LOL BTW, this is not a flight simulator. This is flight combat simulator which simulates ground attacks, so anything on the ground needs to be developed as well. Oh, and the developers are not just developing "combat flight simulator, but also a Tank simulator. So poo poo on you!
  12. I don't have a cat, but a 2 1/2 year old who loves airplane. He insist on jumping on and off my lap and touching all the buttons. My wife always prefaces with "are you busy right now."
  13. I knew there was something that was breaking my immersion. I kept looking up from my computer around my living room and I could never figure it out. 😁 I have been playing video games since way before the big crash; so I am too easily impressed with the visuals.
  14. 10,000 is a good amount of interest. I first got into modding because I didn't like what I saw in the game (total war series). If only one person downloaded, I would still share. This being said, a mod of this level requires a great deal of commitment.
  15. What an enjoyable video! Excellently done!
  16. I meant within the "battle" itself, especially Moscow in which Germans had initial success. So you are incorrect battle of France, Norway and Greece did not lead to eventual defeat. Those operation ended in success.
  17. Kuban was the third module and the third on the eastern front. I am not sure you cannot discount that the slump had something to do with eastern Front "fatigue." There isn't a module they would do that would be without risk. The Battle of Norway, Battle of Greece (or Crete), Battle of "Italy" or Sicily etc... are all fringe scenarios. The Italian campaign is the only one listed that Germany losses. Up until now, every single scenario involves the ultimate defeat of Germany.
  18. I don't think this is true. Some people act as if this game is mainstream. It isn't. This game attracts a specific type of player/ enthusiast and so I am not buying that they won't buy. Battle of France has other problems. It lasted only 6 weeks and that's includes the second phase when the French were severely outnumbered and the British had already tucked tail and ran already. The Career would be short lived. Ultimately the planset would depend on what area of the map s covered and which unit is represented. Some time ago I looked into the french forces and I created
  19. So the answer is no. BTW, the argument made was that no one would buy a module containing mostly French aircraft. It had nothing to do with early vs late war aircraft.
  20. You are making excuses. There is no attempt by the developers to create equity Just in war there is no equity, so it is true in MP. Yeager was an experience pilot at that point the Me262 may have been inexperienced with the aircraft, thus Yaeger had the advantage. MP isn't really different. Moreover pilots have all said that an experience pilot is always better than inexperience pilot regardless of the aircraft. MP is no different.
  21. This is a broken record, but let's quote Chuck Yaeger,.. The first time I ever saw a jet, I shot it down. War isn't fair. If you wanted realism, well, you got it.
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