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  1. I am befuddled why you quoted me. I never made any comment about marketing. I only commended many of the many outstanding suggestions that I personally did not think of. What is the best title for experience combat simmers/ aviation history buff may not be the best choice for attracting new people to the game not is it necessarily something they can produce quickly enough to make it profitable.
  2. Yes, agree. I have no idea why people get their panties in a twist over the "next" theater. There are a lot of outstanding areas they could explore; Battle of France, Italy, North Africa (though unlikely according to Jason), Greece, East Asia and of course the Pacific. There are also some areas that i didn't think of like Spanish Civil War and Norway, etc... I mean, I do have preference, but I am not going to have a childish fit over the next announcement. Plus, I would hope that Flying Circus and Tank crew would continue to be developed independent of WWII aerial expansions. Seriously, the level of detail and realism is so good; how could you turn away any expansion!
  3. Hey, The previous thread was closed and it had drifted off topic. It was 11 pages long, so i was not going to through 10 pages to find the information. Anyway,... It was announced a month ago. Was there any further announcement regarding the release of the new collector planes? [Please do not respond with anything off-topic,]
  4. Well, it was 20.00, but I jumped on it like a cheap prostitute. I had every intention, after playing BOS and BOK of buying BOM, but the sale caught me. I got the "Ok" from the wifey to buy BOBP. Originally, I was planning on buying into the series when it went to pacific, but with the game at 75%, only a fool who aren't interested in History an or aviation would pass that up. I just spent as hour just taking off and had a blast. Why anyone would care if they can or cannot fly one particular plane is beyond me. That is a very specific interest.
  5. Yes, I copied the wrong notes and missed label it. I discovered the video in the middle of researching both aircraft. My apologies for the confusion.
  6. Copied and pasted the wrong info from my notes. Corrected. Panzerjägerstaffel (Pz)/Schl.G were equipped with the aircraft.
  7. This is a video of the Henschel He 219 which is (not yet) in the game. It was a night fighter. The He 219 had a number of innovations, including Lichtenstein SN-2 advanced VHF-band intercept radar. It was also the first operational military aircraft to be equipped with ejection seats and the first operational German aircraft with tricycle landing gear.
  8. No to out do you;.... I am new to IL2 having come over from RoF. I had stared a quick mission. I shot down the plane and i decided to try landing even though I have not read up on landing procedures. Now, I already knew about flaf so I knew I had to "raise" them. I descended gradually, and open my flap to full. Slowed down to idle and came in beautifully. I landed smoothly and i stopped amazingly quickly, but I noticed something else that was odd. My propeller was bent. I hit F2 and discovered that I had forgotten to lowered my gear. LOL
  9. So it is more of a resource cost than a development cost? It would be cool see,...
  10. I don't people give a whole lot of credit for fans of combat sims. Generally, people are knowledgeable about history. If they have an interest in aviation history and WW2 history, they will show an interest in different theaters. People too often assume that "they" are the only one that will care, but simply is a false assumption. Now, if we are talking about people who simply into gaming, then you might have a point, but those are the sort of people you wouldn't want to interact with anyway. That being said, we cannot assume if they come for one reason, that they will not develop a strong interest on their own. This is especially true if they are already playing the series. They may not think they will enjoy it, but when they get downn to it, they will want to play it and they most likely learn the history if they already learned the history of the other theaters. If I am going to be honest; I knew about the Eastern front only on the ground level. I vaguely heard of the Yak and I know of the Mig because it predecessors. I didn't know what an IL2 when I first saw the name. When I was playing RoF I complained that there was a lack of an Eastern and Southern front. So, I would welcome an Italian or Greek Front and would find a North Africa an intriguing front. I would also like to see an early war front for some French plane sets. WWI to WWII and the intervening years is an intriguing time period from a military to a diplomatic standpoint. How cool would it be to include some WWI tanks in Tank Crew? LOL, half ot he play through would most likely end with a broken tank! LOL
  11. Thank you for sharing. I actually read about the group in another thread also asking for people in this region. It apparently is now defunct. 90% of the thread dates to 2014.
  12. I think people are getting worked up over distance unnecessarily. the Carriers in Coral Sea were at one point less than a mile apart. And looking at Midway, they were fairly close as well The Carriers will be doing the "walking" not planes. I think some of you are picking scenarios they most likely won't do and perhaps for the reasons some have stated here. Carriers are the best way to reduce distance, so carriers would be the most likely step in a PTO addition.
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