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  1. I nice feature would be to have the realism settings to be viewed on a mouse over of the name. OR create a list between realism and non-realism servers.
  2. I take it this is not a full realism server? I noticed icons in the video.
  3. I started playing on Rise of Flight and there wasn't any tips about the engine. I was quite surprise to find the tips enabled on an "expert" server. In Rise of Flight i was already in the habit of watching my gauges looking for any potential issues. I also do not get the point of icons and GPS either. The only time I use them is when I am practicing shooting or to fine tune my navigation. Even with navigation, I like to fly out and make a series of turns and "guess" where I am at on the map. If you do that enough times, you may not need to look much at the map. This is especially true if you fly on the same maps Physical features never change. There are probably four important things you need to learn; Engine management, spotting, shooting, and maneuvers. Requiem and other have numerous videos that tough on each one including engine management. If you burn your engine, then you should do it once and learn. I supposed i see things differently; this is a role- playing thing for me, so immersion is important. The stats are secondary or even tertiary to the entertainment.
  4. The thread is like a box of chocolate, with each page you never know what is going to be posted. There times I have no idea what people are talking about (really why) then it flips to something else. This has morphed into a chat thread, but like train wreck, I cannot look away.
  5. Well, to be fair the topic is the BON announcement. Discussion relating to the geopolitics and general history of the war should be in a different venue.
  6. I don't know when the game first came out (the first three installments) you had a choice between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. These countries are not exactly the Boy's Scouts. LOL. Claiming that the Soviets saved Europe is a serious gloss over the facts. Communism in Eastern Europe was anything but "liberating." Totalitarianism is bad whether "left" or "right." Anyway, with Bodenplatte and Normandy, those who are too unconformable with history can find some comfort. I personally like playing the bad guys. I am good in regular life, best to have a pseudo personality online and in gaming. A better more healthy perspective is to view the conflict as a conflict of weapons. Leave the ideology to the politics of the time and focus only on the machines of war. In that way, one should not have a problem of stepping into a Panzer, T-34, 109 or Yak.
  7. If you feel that badly about it, your penance should be to pre-order yourself (and me) a copy of BON
  8. Different variants helps with immersion with career. Moreover, if you play multiplayer and it is set to a time frame and region, then it makes sense to fly the variant commonly used in that theater.
  9. TBH, Jason, some of the disappointment seems to stem from comments that you had made in as far as the development of PTO. The enthusiasm for the potential was build up and never suppressed despite, apparently, not really being part of the equation. Personally, it would be best to make a definitive statement in regards to its status whether good or bad and if that status changes, then make the announcement. Just to reiterate, I have not necessarily read any of your comments only the statements made by people in regards to them, so i I honestly do not know. However, the impression left is that PTO is something that "will" be a reality. My apologies if my comments seems harsh against you. I am only sharing my impression of the situation.
  10. Hey, Is their a mod or a way to increase the number of tanks in a quick mission? I would like to "practice" my gunnery skills and I want to practice shooting at tanks.
  11. LOL, I missed that completely, ... but I see how. I read the news first, but later I looked at the store and on the store version, it isn't listed. Thanks 😉
  12. Ironically, this is harsher than anything else I have read. Some people need to calm down about criticism on both sides. It was just announced. Some ar overjoyed others less so; give both sides their moment to express their feelings. Outside, I am never buying another game again, there have not been any harsh statements made (and I wouldn't call that harsh, just severe disappointment and shock). ------ On another point, I am not sure how they can create a D-Day scenario without allied transport planes for the paratroopers. Perhaps this has been pointed out.
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