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  1. I have to say the absence of this feature is the biggest whole in the MP experience. The alternative is; "come on guys, use teamspeak radio plugin, come on let do it." (except for one guy who doesn't want t interact with anyone on a "multiplayer" server,...LOL)
  2. LOL, that's defeats the purpose of MP.
  3. Yeah, I assumed that the discussion was discussed before. It interesting to see the same points made (including the false point that TS/Discord actually serves that purpose). I was surprise it was brought up here given it was debunk rather clearly then. As I said previously. I would totally pay for the feature. I think any active MP player would also.
  4. Well, I have no immediate plans to buy FC because I had just bought some planes for RoF when the FC was announced. I would rather fly some careers before investing in another similar time period. I am little surprise they still have those planes are regular price. it should be on perpetual sale with the "modification" being free with the purchased planes.
  5. I would imagine they would be a lot more people playing MP if communication was made easier by having an in-game system.
  6. I don't mind the faux symbol, but it looks ridiculous. They could at least made closed it (like a diamond).
  7. I looked into it, but I basically want this...
  8. TBH, it has turned into white noise for me. I am usually too focus on what I a doing it doesn't bother me.
  9. I would pay for an in-game com system if money is an issue. In a heart beat. Everything yo wrote is dead on. Unless you are flying with someone (prearrange) and you are TS or Discord. It is frustrating then you have to deal with the text thing. That is hard to do while flying checking your 6 and scanning for planes. For the Devs; I will PAY for the feature to be developed. I would be willing to bet MP players would do the same. Again today, i check both discord and TS for TAW and Combat Box and still hardly anyone on it. In fact, the times I enters the "rooms" the conversation had nothing to do with an ongoing game. So for people to say there is already something (TS and Discord) I will say no we don't.
  10. Yeah, this would be a great ting to use, but it isn't being used as i noted in the OP. Additionally, TS and Discord does not allow for immersions. It simply cannot nor will ever replicate the communication that existed in the war. If your sole aim is to shoot down planes and immersions isn't what you seek, then TS and discord is just as well for you. This is irrelevant. if you provide for MP, then you should provide the resources for it. My short time I here I noticed if you if the wheels squeak loud enough they tend to it.
  11. I seen it mentioned before in passing, but I am curious to why there is no in-game communication. I know there is Discord and teamspeak, but unless you are with a group of people I find very few people are on either one. Currently; Combat Box (39 total (13 on discord) This is unusually high from what I noticed. On teamspeak, I also noticed the lack of use. This being said. Other MP games have in game communication. It seems like a logical inclusion to allow to communicate directly in game. There is a radio in plane- tailor made for communication. Related but different topic Radar would also be a nice addition. Currently, the "reporting" system is more consistent with someone hanging out their window with a telephone in their hand.
  12. You are changing the discussion. You are misinterpreting my statement in red. The term "actual war" is no stating it didn't happen, it is stating that it was not part of any tactics. Every subsequent response to that supports this statement. Rather than accept this fact, you would rather do word play games say I meant one thing rather than another. We didn't jumped to immorality. The issue was always about immorality of the act of shooting down a pilot. The counter point is that it is just a game. YOU responded by saying that simulation reflects your personality and that YOU WILL shoot down a pilot. I didn't those words in your mouth, I quoted you saying this. Now, you are muddying the waters. I never made any comment about people choosing to reenact the SS as bad, nor should such a thing be considered on the same scale as shooting down pilots. We are comparing apples to oranges here. One is a passive teaching of history while the other behavior that was reprehensible in real life as it is in virtual life. If your goal is to make it enjoyable for all, then don't shoot defenseless pilots. There is a reason why you cannot shoot pilots on the ground. It is when reality meat the virtual aspect of trying to enjoy the game. By doing both, you are going out of your way to make the game less enjoyable for others for these sadistic and selfish motives. Now that's food for thought!
  13. 6 Luftflotte is now truly one of the most diverse units. We have added a Bombing unit; KG 55. We have four active units; Jg 51 - two squadrons (10th - North American and European pilot and 11th Squadron "Pazific" for Asia and Australia region) SG 77 - Attacker, the famous Stuka and FW 190 (nearly enough for two squadrons. A very active group) KG 55 - In short time nearly one full squadron. TG 3 - The smallest group, but vital on MP servers There is a plane and style of play for any interested MP pilots. Every member is friendly and helpful, so experience and new players are all welcome to join. Don't be a "lone wolf" and stop begging for wingman, join the Luftwaffe today and get it all! See the OP for application.
  14. So we are back to a childish ad hom again. Congratulations on analyzing novels, now can you learn to discuss with people without being condescending? So an act that is considered to be morally reprehensible in real life is not in a fictionalize simulation? I supposed one could choose to be morally bad in a simulation. I supposed that s not different than choosing to be an SS unit in the game. So, if we accept that has a "reality" then we should accept as a reality anyone's rights t be morally wrong by such an act in a simulation. That being said, not everything in a simulation is about reenacting actual behavior. After all, shooting at grounded players or player taking off and landing is considered to be against "fair play" but this would not at all be the case in real life. Just how much realism should we allow? Personally the latter should be allowed. If killed, then that is just too bad, "Goodbye" streak. As far as shooting at pilots; I am fine with whatever the respective countries would have done to pilots who do that. Anyway, we have deviated from the initial point (at least the point I have made) that the practice was discouraged and considered to be morally wrong. Did pilots do it? Sure, that point has never been a point of contention. it was if it was considered part of war or morally wrong. The latter is true.
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