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  1. I wonder how much of an outlier I'd be for wishing that one of the collector plane be the He-162 I'll take a guess and say probably a strong outlier :o)
  2. Hey Jason, coming back to my previous comment, would you be interested in a French accent for the RAF ?
  3. Interesting, well I guess it's only fair to recognise every part of a squadron, from the pilots to the ground crews
  4. Any reason the Polish squadrons have French colours on them ? I did a little research but couldn't find an answer
  5. If you're looking for a French in the RAF accent (Or some Normandie Niemen comms), I'd be happy to help (although that might be a tad specific) If not give me a heads up if and when you need French pilots for Flying Circus 😜
  6. 4 P40s lead by 1 Pe 2 and a trailing I16. Overcast, rain, low vis, heavy AA on target. Fun !
  7. No, neither does equipping the 20mm turrets for the He111 or the turrets on the Pe2 From the page 14 of the manual: "Losses of AI patrol fighters and AI attack planes are not accounted for."
  8. Hey Coconut, I just started playing on your server recently and I was doing a cargo mission with the Ju 52 but the airfield I delivered to did not update its "stock" and stayed in the negative. Am I doing something wrong ?
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