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  1. Just found this video on Youtube There're some real interesting stuff that I wish I could see in Tank Crew. For example, how you control the traverse of the turret and elevation of the gun.
  2. Got warmly welcomed by the AAA See the damages caused by the AA cannon? Looks so cool!
  3. A little more... RAlt+G: Switch ammunitions RAlt+";" / ".": adjust gunsight range RWin+C: Open/close visor or window You need to start the engine before you can drive it.
  4. La-5 is already in the releasing list.
  5. Anyone here saw this video? IL-2: CPB Record Stream - new alpha version (38%) Is that T-34 just for fun or we can actually play it and even other tanks in the future?
  6. This is directly copied from the Developer Diary part 1: "15) Do you plan the level of graphics cockpits like in basic models in CLOD (Spitfire/Bf-109)? No. You will not see this. The reasons are simple. The creation of one such cockpit takes a year, sometimes more. The popularity of the genre has to be phenomenal for such expenses were justified. If we are not careful, the budget ends and with it the end of the project. It is also not too wise to use more PC than necessary and use twenty textures, where it was sufficient to use three. Not being smart with resources can result in serio
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