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  1. The terrain mod can be played in mods off? Did I get it right?
  2. Thank you for communicating JG1! RoF MODS ON?
  3. Ok, thank you for explaining Bäumer. So to sum up it is a quite unknown territory as to how the parser will calculate the award if you will fly close to 50% v 50%. Also what will happen if you get the Blue Max after 20 kills flying Central and then reach the 40 kill mark flying only Entente? I am curious if there was such a case already.
  4. Yeah, defintely going for it ☠️👹 One question mainly to Bäumer but everyone is invited to answer of course. What about coalition changes during your VL? How will you count the kills let's say for a straight 100 PvP kills VL if someone changed coaltions frequently? Is it just down to kills for each side what recogntion you get? Let's say you have 51 German planes shot down vs 49 Alied at the time you reach 100 but the last 25 planes you took down for the German side, which side's recognition will you earn? What is the rule?
  5. Congratulations Bäumer and Könnecke! My already several times overstreched luck ended yesterday with which must have been a direct head shot at low altitude in a fight vs 2 x D.VII's and an incoming Dr.1 and another D.VII or Pfalz. I was engaged with the two already riddled D.VIIs and I am pretty sure I would have gotten them but incoming Dr.1 got that one lucky shot so I was not able to crash land. Etzel in the Dr.1 got that deadly one shot from ca. 30-40m. Credit goes to him. That was great fun though and I am looking forward to build the next streak! This is kind of fun to play that way. S! to the Community
  6. Great job on the updates Siz, thank you for that. The turbulance on 3 might be to excessive though, can you at least randomize it? On 3 it is even hard to spot contacts sometimes. S!
  7. Cool lecture, never saw it or heard it! Nice sentence: "it took approx.100 hours to fly the Camel without looking at the controls!" After that it was like getting wings instead of your hands Quite interesting..
  8. Congrats KJ! Bäumer, thank you for mentioning! and for co-creating that system, makes definetely additional FUN! Second Entente pilot but first Entente pilot in a Camel (just adding as this is kind of a different discipline and may be of interest for the rest) S!
  9. Now, it works. So, well the evidence is clear, thank you for sharing BAER - important find! May I ask the server operators since when SIMPLIFIED PHYSICS is turned on, on Flug Park?
  10. interesting ... I cannot open the video for the moment
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