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  1. Oh, you have still some oposition to fly against, lucky you. Europe is dead since Sunday. I started my studies on WWII crates (finally)
  2. This exactly reflects my situation from before for which I also posted the parser hits. Shots from 90° angle seem to cause MORE damage than near-6-o'clock-shots where according to @AnPetrovich's excel it was supposed to be the opposite. I have the feeling that something is bugged and that this additional G-parameter is causing the mess and the calculation which are being made under G-stress are off for certain planes. Those are only my private opinions based on my experience flying MP. The wings of a Dr.1, Pfalz and D7 are like shields now, they stop all bullets, make the engine hard to hit, engine damage kills, fuel leak kills are rarely possible now anyway but with those shields even more so. Pilot kils are not always quick to achieve and you can end up spending the whole bullet magazine and riddling those planes with bullets and they still can return and land where one bullet can end your flight on the other hand. We experience the results already. (Just want to keep it polite)
  3. This is not true Bender, why are you repeating that? There is no serious WWII server with locks. This topic is about DM - why are some people here constantly pleading for removing planes, adding restrictions? Where you all on on the big online nights during the last three months? We (1PL) flew as Centrals during the whole APRIL - I had only ONE good Dr.1 vs Camel fight during that time, against Zacharias otherwise there were NO Camels to fight against, I had to switch to DVIIF a lot of times because there were no pilots flying the Camel on the map - this absolutely bolloks to request to remove or restict fuel loads for e.g. the Camel as it is rarely flown anyway. This has nothing to do with reality on the FP server. Without the DVIIF the Centrals would not catch anything. I hope FP operators will not listen to those theories, for me who flies FP online almost every day, they are ABSURD! For some scouts the wings come off still too easy and this is fact, and the newest patch only enlarged the disparity IMO. Now some scouts can be taken down mainly only with a pilot kill. The attendance-server-stats prove that all - it needs to be addressed to safe the game, thank you.
  4. Voted for VOSS, anytime. SE5a is also ok.
  5. Hi all, a lot new sim projects are progressing and NEW players are joining our rangs, those are good news for the community in general. I am still working on making the Warthog a better stick with all the accessories for the stick and flight gear in general. Check out my website: http://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com Moreover look at the newest video with new HOODIES' styles and materials - a nice addtion to keep your precious flying gear dust free: The best way to contact me is still via FB, Instagram, WhatsApp +49 170 9848 976 or email: warthog.extensions.by.sahaj@gmail.com Enjoy! S! Sahaj
  6. My summery: After my online flying experience in May, mainly after the patch, maybe the best language speaks the number of players on Flugpark. This is the best opinion on the last DM update CONCERNING WWI I guess. Furthermore I wanted to underline that there are far more people who just do not care about the forums here, they just quit playing the game because it is not fun anymore to rocket-plunge into the ground after 3 hits in your wings - very simple truth. I am not convinced that the patch goes in the right direction, I am failing to recognize a clear direction. After all my MAY-flying I can conclude the following and agree with Baer here: Nothing changed for Camel, Dolphin, SPAD, SE5a, Albatros and CL2 - it is even worse because we compare ourselves to the opponents. Almost all of the opposition gained with the last patch. Huge gains for Pfalz, DVII and Dr.1 - since the engine damage kills are now gone practically and the frame in those three planes is almost indestructible after the patch - only the pilot remains=meat which is not always easy to achieve, especially when the defender knows how to scissor well, the fight can take endless amount of time until other enemies show up - this creates additional balance issues now since you have only ONE way to detroy the enemy. IMHO G-effects are over pronounced on WWI aircrafts in FC now, defintely. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be in reality (I don't know and only Chill will be able to convince me) however after all it is a game - not everthing can be simulated 1:1 vs real life, we do not sit in those planes, we do not feel the wind blazing at us etc. etc. I appriciate how much time Larner and his group spent doing the tests, I guess this and all the bakcground info would be enough for at least a Bachelor-thesis and I hope this insights will not be wasted. In this sense I am looking forward for a statement by the DEVS maybe? if they care, if not well then let's see what June will bring. Sahaj
  7. How much flying hours do you have in the Camel to propose that? I guess it is at 0 in May, interesting. Given that limited plane set your idea is to limit them even further, man, no further comment. This is discussion thread will be closed soon I am afraid.
  8. Ok, this was what I was afraid of Kendo. I do not recognize your nick and many others who participate in that discussion (and the other DM topic) from online flying. SP vs MP is like a different language, we do not understand each other. Non compatible platform.
  9. Yes, I have something like 400 online flying hours since January, how many do you have? I know, I would need an engineer (IT-engineer) who would be listening to my (our) reports and tranlate that into numbers, similar to F1 racing where the cars are fine tuned based upon the feedback of the drivers but it is out of scope, out of money, out of time, out if ineterest, out of manpower to do it properly.
  10. Ok, this will be REALLY interesting to know, I am waiting. @Chill31 on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how would you describe how far do you bring your airplane to the edge? S!
  11. There was a video that Chill posted and I interpret his words diffently. He was saying that he was performing part of the acrobatics and he did not experience black outs during those tight turns, in this sense.
  12. Yes, because it was not possible so why is it possible in the sim? In a flat turn, 100m above the ground level, flying 180 km/h or less and your screen gets too dark (you are fainting)? in WWI aircraft? I don't buy it. Sorry.
  13. Exactly, however in game it feels flipped, shots from 90° seems to do a greater damage than shots from 6. I got two shots from 90° angle from the ground and my wings folded - this is in NO WAY conisitent with that chart.
  14. @AnPetrovich can you please explain those two graphs in conjunction with one of my parser-missions-extracts from Flugpark server? below the parser screenshot. My wings came off as I was BnZ a Pfalz (around 3-4G). Another question: why is the scale different on both graphs?
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