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  1. ... this just sounds so unreal, sorry to hear 😔 I will remember him as a skilled pilot, good chap and a very honorable WWI community member. R.I.P. and S!
  2. Yes, at ca. 1h 39m. Double accounts 😁 I wish for more confrontation with those gents, this was really challenging and FUN! After the fights, together with @1PL-Lucas-1Eskwe recalled past encounters from the early RoF years vs @=FB=VikS and @=FB=Vaal and other Flying Barans' guys - similary incredible fights, always.
  3. It was a full speed collision, with instant death, like my last longer streak as well. You know, I don't want to call out names etc. sometimes it is just not enough when only one pilot wants to avoid a collision 😉
  4. Sir @J2_Drookasi that below paragrapgh needs an edit I guess. I received the Order of the Red Eagle 3rd Class, with Crown and Swords for flying for the German side as the 2nd pilot after you. S!
  5. Yes, and who is Oaf, Burdohl and SteamingCream in red stripped Spads
  6. Have to confirm as well that recently the unvisible D.VII bug tend to happen more often. The server overload message is mostly annoying too.
  7. hmmm, now when you are saying it ... I did not spot it at all because I am going for the pilot anyway 🤭 so it was like another day in the office 😉
  8. Is it only me or do we have more flamers since the last patch? At least half of my kills after the patch were flamers and I saw more planes going down in flames than before. Only coincidence? Also the new sounds while throwing around the aircraft are cool, sound more like on a ship sometimes, anyway better than no sound.
  9. I would really like to see the take on the N28 in FC - in RoF it was hopelessly broken but I have a feeling it could become my favourite ride if fixed during the transition. As for early war, I am not sure if that would make so much sense, we are missing early war two-seaters without them the missions make no sense anyway. First we need at least two early war two-seaters like B.E.2.c and Aviatik C.I or Albatros C.I/C.III only after that early war scenarios will make sense. Apart of that I agree on the engine variants for the German planes, that would be awesome for the
  10. Good news! at last. I am curious what planes will be transferred this time.
  11. Hi all, is the pilot rank matrix pinned somewhere here? What is it about? It is new since my 'LEAVE' after the Black September. 1h? 3h? etc. Sahaj
  12. The terrain mod can be played in mods off? Did I get it right?
  13. Cool, MODS on? I will take a look.
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