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  1. Today i fly He111. After drop some bombs is was kicked from Server. Dont see messages about friendly fire or something. Maybe it was connection problem. http://72ag-ded.ru/de/sortie/155307/?tour=7 Now i am banned for 160 hours can you unbann me? plz, plz let me fly again edit: thanks!
  2. i think, Quorum is good idea, but now no need for Quorum, not yet. Is it possible, to have Ace-AAA by 0-3 or 0-10? And normal-AAA for 1-3 or 1-10? Hope we can register Staffel/Gruppen someday. Not only Single Players. But thanks for good Work! Happy to see new Online War!
  3. Rafwaffe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._1426_Flight_RAF
  4. danke für den Tip, schon bestellt und wird die nächsten Tage geliefert.
  5. gute Entscheidung wünsche euch viel Erfolg!
  6. JU52 would be a win for online-wars. And Li2 could be a good counterpart (Stalingrad will not be the only map in BoS).
  7. Gratuliere euch zur Gründung eures Geschwaders, wünsche viel Erfolg!
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