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  1. I have to congratulate you. This is an immersive and magnificent campaign. I made some fabulous videos and screen shots. I'm trying to do the last mission, perhaps a little prohibitive, but it is the right end for such a beautiful campaign. In my opinion, only 2 or 3 missions should be changed slightly and it would be even better to fly with a less inept AI (crashes too many times on the ground) If there was a chance to fly it online with flying friends like wingman it would be even more fantastic. Thank you for what you did. Dax
  2. What are we complaining about? Of the TAW or how is the simulator modeled? On how the aircraft are modeled in this simulator we do not have to talk about it here. I have serious doubts about some performances but I do not complain to the creators of TAW. Regarding the anti-aircraft, in my opinion if you attack the AAA once in one way and get knocked down the next time it is very likely that happens the same You insist a third time or do you have to change the engagement mode? In my previous post I refer to this. Are the engagements in strafe on AAAs realistic? Are the engagements at 6 o'clock to the bomber at the same speed realistic? If a AAA has a radius of 1500 meters try to destroy it from 1501 mt or enter its range of action? It would be enough to read a few books about WWII pilots and understand that no one (except the Japanese) went flying to be killed. I believe we must lose sight of winning or losing. We must choose which of the two directions we must take. Playability or simulation? Reconciling the two is impossible because there will always be someone who will complain about this or that problem. Sorry for my bad english and I hope I have not hurt anyone's feelings. Thank you Dax
  3. Correct. They are more organized and even more prepared in some tactics.
  4. Excuse me but that's what I did not want to trigger. A discussion on the turrets of PE2 Mine is a personal opinion and therefore questionable, if you read my words on attacking a bomber at 6 o'clock you will find the answer. Anyway ....... I'm sure that before answering so you did some tests offline and surely you saw the differences by attacking at 6 a PE2, a JU88, a HE 111, BF 110, a IL2 with turret and a JU 87. Thank you for your availability and I hope to have expressed myself clearly so as not to be misunderstood in my presentation of the facts and I hope I have not raised a "crawl". :)
  5. First of all I would like to thank the organizers of this really well done campaign. As for the discussions in the previous posts, I think the real problem is playing or simulating. If we play we must fit all or almost, if we simulate we must check the procedures that are implemented on the ground and in flight and check the historical truths above all. If we simulate and have a heavily damaged aircraft continue to fight or try to get home? How realistic is it to take off with the strong wind in the tail or even the taxy? Before entering in the runway the player check if someone is on landing or not? If you are a bomber or attaker and you are attacked by fighter, drop the load and try to go home or go to the target anyway? If you try to shoot down a bomber, do so by putting yourself at 6 o'clock at the same speed as the bomber for 60 seconds or at high speed engagements with adequate entry? How realistic is it to strafe the low altitude AAA with a plane? I think the TAW statistics speak clearly. There are pilots who try to simulate and there are arcade players. In the statistics, in my opinion there is the key to improve the planset of the game. If I have to say, I would only change 2 things, tanks and support columns should move and see how to decrease the "kill" of the PE2 turrets. Please..... before "killing me" look the TAW statistics of the PE2 and compare them with those of the HE 111 and JU88:) :) The truth is that I am a dreamer ....... for those who knew and flew the SEOW know what I'm talking about. Do not die. Do not miss the plane. Implement the correct procedures for take-off in flight and landing. If everyone tried to apply these three rules, what would happen ?. Thanks again to the organizers you have done and are doing a fantastic job. Sorry for my bad English. Dax
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