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  1. Hi, I was wondering what your VRAM useage is with that setting. My poor old GTX 970 can't handle the X4 setting due to only having 4GB of VRAM and it stutters too. I want to upgrade soon, but I'm not sure if 6GB or 8GB is the way to go. Thanks
  2. I"m enjoying my usual summer break from flight simming and life in general, but I've been following this thread with a lot of interest and I'm really glad Han and the team have acknowledged our frustrations and are working on improvements. Spotting is the ball and chain around the neck of this otherwise top quality combat sim and the biggest reason why people I know won't fly it. At the moment, spotting is unrealistically difficult to the point where it's causing eye strain and frustration. Even the most basic squadron tasks are a challenge. For me, spotting
  3. Totally agree ! Air patrols are a pointless exercise in BOX, that's why everyone heads directly for the nearest enemy airfield or main target area for a skirmish, just because you're more likely to spot something at those places. It's no fun patrolling like a hawk for an hour and not seeing anything while all the time enemy planes are slipping past you undetected. There is so much good work that goes into Il2 GB, but many would agree that spotting remains its biggest flaw. I really hope the Devs can keep trying to come up with improvements, either with the scaling or t
  4. Nice work again ! The top left contact at 8.25 km is a good example of how AA can impact a distant contact. With MSAA it's visible whereas FXAA makes it practically invisible. That ties in with my own testing. More alarming are the 3 contacts on the right that are against the ground. Can anyone see one ? That's still the hardest thing about spotting in BOX Thanks for the images.
  5. Intelligent solutions. Well done Alonzo and team ! Clears things up for everyone.
  6. @=SqSq=SignorMagnifico Nice work with the image comparison ! Are you able to do the same with an image of distant contacts ? For me, getting AA right means the sim looks good without making contacts hard to spot. Usually, the more AA you apply, the fainter the distant contacts become, especially when they are just a distant dot. It would be interesting to have a side by side comparison of distant contacts like you have done with the plane. Thanks.
  7. Deck chases are always fun in CLOD. With top speeds being pretty similar, it's often the case that the pilot who knows how to push his engine the most, ends up winning the race. Ball centered, radiators closed as far as you dare, and keep your eyes on that temperature gauge !
  8. The 4.008 update has improved the MSAA a little, I think. I noticed that runway edges and the terrain around you at the airfield have less jaggies and less shimmering. Some edges still get missed here and there, but it is an improvement over 4.006 and 4.007. Contacts in clouds are so much better now too. That's a major step forward for the BOX series and the first time ever we've had decent looking planes in clouds. From the few sorties I've flown so far, even spotting has been improved slightly too. It's still insanely difficult to spot low distant planes, but spotting
  9. Well done to everyone involved for finally fixing the graphical issues with planes flying in clouds. They've been an eyesore for so long, but at last, we've got rid of those blocky planes and those flickering black blobs. I think this is quite a major improvement for the sim and it looks so much better. I run high settings and clouds set to high and everything looks good. Great job ! Thanks
  10. Microsoft don't really advertise the fact, but changing your current system from W7 to W10 is easy and free ! Download the W10 Update Assistant... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3159635/windows-10-update-assistant Let it do it's thing. It just needs an hour or more depending on how much data you have and your hard disk speed. When it finishes, you're on W10 and all your documents and files are still there - Magic ! ( Back up important stuff, just in case) Then watch any 10 minute Youtube video "how to optimise W10". You can turn o
  11. I use head tracking, not VR and I have to stretch and warm up regularly or I find I get neck and shoulder aches. I could just be getting old ☹️
  12. I was using some old CH Gameport pedals until a few months ago, combined with a "ROCKFIRE Gameport to USB adapter", which I bought from either Ebay or Amazon, I don't remember. It worked fine for rudder, but only one toe brake worked, which I read was a result of not having the CH yoke stick that the pedals are supposed to plug in to. Tbh, I would save a little more money and buy some Thrusmaster TFRP rudder pedals. The precision is 4x better (1024 vs 256 data points) and it's quite noticeable in fine aiming adjustments. Both toe brakes work too ! I picked up a nearly
  13. 43' 1080p TV FTW ! ( or it used to be ! ) Conventional wisdom was that larger screens and lower resolution were best for spotting. I can understand the OP's frustration, but I don't think anyone is having a great time with spotting at the moment, be it VR or flatscreen. Some maps and lighting conditions make things better/worse too, which confuses the issue. Add in the magical disappearing contacts and I think it's obvious the visibility system in BOX needs improving. Right now, it's so hard to see anything unless you fall on top of it or it falls on you. @
  14. What you describe was pretty much mandatory on the CLOD MP servers. The French and English forward bases were close enough that raids occurred frequently and you didn't know what was happening at an airfield until you spawned in. It made for some exciting take offs ! Very often you were forced to fly inland in order to gain altitude before you could turn around and attempt a channel crossing. My point is that people shouldn't expect a free ride from base to target. The 30 second rule already offers a level of protection, but pilots have to play their part too, as you describe above
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