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  1. Don't worry, this is normal. I use PS3 camera and whenever I want to make changes to head position, I need to start the game with head tracking off. If you start the game with head tracking on, it won't let you adjust the main pilot view.
  2. VR isn't necessary, but head tracking is a game changer. I use the Delan clip and PS3 eye camera set up. Much cheaper than TrackIR and well worth the money. In a combat sim, you are toast without head tracking... https://delanengineering.com/shop/DELANCLiP-Gamer-p43397050
  3. Many thanks for the discount. I added BOK, more for the scenery than for the plane set, and I'm enjoying it very much.
  4. Playing some Quick Missions last night against P51s, I scored what looked like pilot kills ( I paused and checked ), only to find that 30 seconds later they had miraculously come back to life. Do AI pilots "play dead" to trick us OR do they look dead when they are unconscious ? Has anyone else noticed this ?
  5. My 1st thoughts fighting the P 51 regularly on Single Player one v one missions were... " This thing is made of Indestructible-anium " Combined cannons and 30mm rounds seem to cause appropriate damage, as would be expected. Single 20mm cannon plus MGs on the other hand, seem to cause very little damage at all and as others have said, it just flies on regardless, climbing, dog fighting etc. Not scientific but based on countless hours shooting practice in a 109 G2/F4 with single cannon. The P 51 just stuck out as particularly hard to damage.
  6. I've noticed this too in German and Russian fighters mostly and it is repeatable with head tracking. While sitting on the airfield, just move your head very slowly left and right and you can see the black parts come in, usually over the wings, but sometimes around the canopy too. If you move your head slowly enough you can get the black parts to stay on screen. It could be connected to the sun's shadow. This may help you when recording video
  7. Happened to me too on WOL this evening. During a dogfight I suddenly lost guns sound and low power engine sounds. 109 G2. First time that's ever happened
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