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  1. It is a really weird issue … Can you put here the content of the log file ? (if it does exist ...) If there is any content it could help me a lot to help you ! As the code maybe throw an exception that could provide some really good clues ! (Hopefully thrown exceptions are stocked) Can you also put here the content of your path_to_game_folder\data\Lparser ? This is what you should see : And also try to execute the BoS.LogParser.Offline.exe ? I really hope it can help find a solution … Bartimeus D'Uruk
  2. Hy, There are a couple of tricks that could worth it : - try to reinstall the game - Run as administrator - if using steam try to ask it to check files integrity I'll investigate further soon to be able to give more tips a bit more dedicated to your problem, Meanwhile I think reinstalling the game can solve the issue ! I'll let you know, See you in the sky, Bartimeus D'Uruk
  3. Problem solved ... That vEthernet card (VirtualBox) again ! Bartimeus D'Uruk
  4. Hy guy's, I've decided to do some multiplayer (BOS), but unfortunately TAW and Wings of Liberty aren't listed … There are no severs in coop too … Is there something I am missing ? Thanks for any answer, Bartimeus d'Uruk
  5. Hy, Thanks all of you for the answers ! It seems like buttons are much more appreciated than zooming with trackIr : ) I was using trackIr but I was having trouble in records … Now I am using buttons Thanks to all of you ! See you in the sky ! Bartimeus Uruk
  6. Hy everybody, I would like to know what you are using to zoom in/out. trackIr ? or Buttons ? And why ? Thanks in advance, See you in the sky ! Bartimeus D'uruk
  7. FINALLY !!!! Well I've located the problem ! As I've Docker and Virtual Box, I had some virtual ethernet and wifi cards, they were causing all the issues I was facing ! Solution, simply disable those ! keywords for maybe other people having a similar issue : Il2 cod blitz no side flag Il2 cod blitz Connection to steam lost - Exiting IL2 Cliffs of Dover blitz can't select aircraft Thanks for all ! See you in the air ! Bartimeus D'Uruk
  8. Hy, here is the message I've post on the il2 support ticket and also in the ATAG ticket: Hy, I have several issues with il2 COD blitz, 1. In the lobby, and Lan, i cannot create server because I get a popup saying "connection to steam lost" 2. In the lobby missions and single missions, I cannot choose my side or my aircraft. The side flags aren't there … In single player there a no visible ways to choose my aircraft, for instance in the Attack London single player mission, I am stuck with the german bomber, I cannot change. 3. I cannot join servers : I get stuck on the page with the background image and in red in the top left corner Client - Connection message, and nothing else … Appart from that all seems being working just fine … My config : Windows 10 - Pro edition - 17134.765 8 go RAM gtx750MQ steam cloud synchronisation unchecked What i've tried to solve the problem: 1. verify local files in steam 2. delete the cache and verify local files in steam 3. In game unchecked all under switch plane 4. Uninstall and install the game again and tried all the above things above … None of them had an impact … Hope you know a solution … Thanks in advance ! Hope it can give you more informations to help me solve the problem, Thanks in advance !
  9. Hy, Thanks for the answer ! Already tried and it didn't change anything ... Thanks a lot though ! Bartimeus D'Uruk
  10. Quick update, Since it has been three days of browsing the internet, and that all the solutions i've encountered and tried didn't solved the problem, I've just opened a ticket in the support. I'll let you know, as it's a bug that seems to be pretty hard to solve ... If I do find a solution I'll put tons of keyword in other to redirect people with the same problem out there here. I hope to find a solution soon, Thanks in advance for any answer ! Bartimeus d'Uruk
  11. Hy everybody, As mentioned in the title I cannot choose an aircraft in the lobby and in single player missions. There are no flags too … Steam cache verification/deletion does nothing to this ... Hope some of you know why ... Thanks in advance ! Bartimeus d'Uruk EDIT: and steam cloud synchronisation is unchecked
  12. Hy everybody, As mentioned in the title I cannot choose an aircraft in the lobby and in single player missions. There are no flags too … Hope some of you know why ... Thanks in advance ! Bartimeus d'Uruk
  13. hy, @Sokol1 thanks a lot for the info and the drawings ! I do already have some of these drawings. I didn't know about the 190, but I think I'll stick this the 109 throttle (As I am 99.99% of the time flying a 109 and 99.98% of the time a f4) Thanks again ! See you in the air ! edit : @Sokol1 for some weird reasons i cannot pm you … (the message button on your profile, I am right ?) I get the following error: Sokol1 cannot receive messages.
  14. Hy, @307_Tomcat Yeah, I didn't understood that on my first reading of your post. But after your new explanation I read it again and yes in the end this is quite simple. (btw it remembered me the time i was playing with the keyboard ^^) @SCG_BOO Your setup is quite interesting to ! As my gladiator hat switch isn't used for now, I'll try to setup it like you did with yours ! @=FC=SteelFalcon Thanks for your detailed answer, I'll try to setup my head slightly above the default center ! As always thanks again ! If some people out there have other setup, please let us know ! See you in the air ! Bartimeus D'Uruk
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