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  1. Guys! I got the problem fixed once and for all! Somebody told me a few hours ago how to lower the Gamma setting even more and where the Config file is to be found: Programms(x86)/1c/BoS/data/startup.cfg , in there is a Line for Gamma that you can reduce ingame to only 0.8, but manually you can lower it much more. I have flown it with 0.5 and this makes the spotting just as easy and working in a good way as it is in Cliffs. Sure it would be nice if the contacts would be rendered a few kms further out in addition to that but just now I flew BoS for the first time as I always wanted it to. I finally can count on my Eyesight and i am not Snowblind anymore! The Game looks a lot better and richer in color that way too! I think that the whole thing is a Hardware Issue, this would explain why some people have the same problem while others cant understand it, maybe some graphics cards have stronger HDR effects which make this whole thing unbearably blinding which makes the dots so hard to see, but like I said, If you are one who has this Problem lower the Gamma in the config and you are good to go! Such an easy fix for such a Game destroying Issue! I will make a Video about that of course.
  2. Hi, after taking a look at some of these screenshots i really had to scratch my head.... I did some research on how to increase the contact visibility and found a topic where the importance of lowering the gamma setting was mentioned. So i tried that and had the luck to be able to play on a server with very good wheather and sun position today... the issue now is not nearly as bad as I originally had the impression. And I tested the actual spotting distance in the replay with the the Indicators and I have to admit that i was misjudging the actual "popping up" distance. So yes it is acually happening at 10kms. Nethertheless, I think the spotting distance needs to be increased alot and that the dot is too small at distances higher than 6 kms, especially when he is in the "glare" of the horizon he is nearly completely disappearing. However I have made a new Video where I kind of adjust my Statements a little ( even though I think my Points are still very much true, which is shown by all the people sharing this Impression, and the way that the game is played by most people online( meeting at the airfield)), which will be up in a few hours from now. PS: Where can I get those awesome glasses
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