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  1. Guys! I got the problem fixed once and for all! Somebody told me a few hours ago how to lower the Gamma setting even more and where the Config file is to be found: Programms(x86)/1c/BoS/data/startup.cfg , in there is a Line for Gamma that you can reduce ingame to only 0.8, but manually you can lower it much more. I have flown it with 0.5 and this makes the spotting just as easy and working in a good way as it is in Cliffs. Sure it would be nice if the contacts would be rendered a few kms further out in addition to that but just now I flew BoS for the first time as I always wanted it to. I fina
  2. Hi, after taking a look at some of these screenshots i really had to scratch my head.... I did some research on how to increase the contact visibility and found a topic where the importance of lowering the gamma setting was mentioned. So i tried that and had the luck to be able to play on a server with very good wheather and sun position today... the issue now is not nearly as bad as I originally had the impression. And I tested the actual spotting distance in the replay with the the Indicators and I have to admit that i was misjudging the actual "popping up" distance. So yes it is acually hap
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