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  1. Manstein16

    DD today?

    Chris Farley never died, he faked his death and moved to Russia!
  2. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    If anyone could pull off an Ace in a Flight while hanging from a parachute, it'd be Scharfi! Each reindeer counts as a separate AK, right?
  3. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    Someone might want to tell the pilots of the U.S. 7th Air Force in the Pacific that. AF sniping, intentional rammings, and suicidal airlandings on U.S. runways by the Japanese were a fact of life. Hopefully that doesn't mean that TAW is going to allow those practices just because they happened in real life.
  4. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    I'm aware of what he was doing. It was extremely poor form...but also in compliance with the existing ruleset. That ruleset needs to be changed to ban non-flying spawn camping ASAP, of course, but that is different from banning a player who respected the current ruleset (if not in spirit).
  5. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    I'm not sure that it is a good idea to ban players for behavior that isn't explicitly against the rules. xjammer didn't exactly invent the practice of "spawn camping" in MP games, after all. By all means ban the practice (I can only imagine how infuriating it must have been for the affected players), but banning players for unsportsmanlike yet legal conduct would quickly winnow the ranks on both sides.
  6. Manstein16

    Who lives in London, England???

    Budweiser at an English pub? I'm horrified (and I've lived in Missouri!). in all seriousness, though, neat to see this happen.
  7. I don't know that I will ever fly it, but the U-2VS is a Day 1 purchase for me just so that I can support this 3rd-party developer model. Imagine all of the esoteric planes that we will be able to fly in BoX if this model works out!
  8. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    Playing on this server is a privilege, not an entitlement. The admins put in quite a bit of charity work for our simming pleasure and we should act accordingly.
  9. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    The most intense 60 seconds of any TAW campaign ever?
  10. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    I am extremely disappointed to see someone who is at the top of the leaderboards say something like this. I was only mildly interested in BoX until I discovered TAW, but my first campaign (August-October '18) convinced me to buy even the collector planes that I have no interest in flying if only to support the future of this sim. I was also a complete disaster in that campaign and was running at about 1 GK per plane lost for most of it. I would have been tempted to spend my hard-earned cash elsewhere had I seen this sentiment expressed here at the time. This is just a game, folks. Let's support future expansions and planesets by welcoming players regardless of their abilities and thereby convincing them to support this admittedly niche hobby. The deepest pockets are not necessarily the best pilots.
  11. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    How does anyone confuse a Duck for VVS?! I can see mistaking a Bf110 for a Pe-2, or maybe even a Fw190 for a La5, but what does a Duck possibly look like...other than a Duck? Surviving in that bird is hard enough already without your own side going after you!
  12. A big thanks to the dev team for keeping the improvements coming. The new TAW campaign has given me the opportunity to rediscover some of the early planesets and I continue to be impressed by the amount of work and dedication that clearly went into even the less-flashy workhorses like the Bf110e and Ju88. BoX has been one of my best entertainment purchases in some time, and the steady tempo of updates always gives me something to look forward to. Thanks again.
  13. Manstein16

    Tactical Air War

    Hey now, some of us fly the duck instead! (And die in almost every mission as a result...)
  14. I feel that all of this debate over the P-47s anti-air abilities (or lack thereof) is missing a crucial element: its ground-pounding abilities. I spent some time today practicing with a full ordinance load (2500 lbs of bombs, 6 rockets, and extra ammo) and was able to achieve far more ground kills per sortie than in even the Hs-129 or Bf110G. No, it doesn't have the escape speed of the A8 or the combat speed of the K4, but this plane will render any two-engine plane obsolete in MP. That is, until the P-38 arrives...
  15. I don't know if this is the new DM or if it has already been in the game, but it turns out that my previous "glass cannon" comment was due to flak touching off one of my 1000 pounders...while the bomb was still attached to my wing! And one more for good measure...