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  1. This was a nice surprise with my morning coffee! Even in an incomplete state, your Panther model is a beauty. I can’t wait to see the Ferdinand...
  2. Adding the BOBp planeset would do much to minimize the current Axis advantage in bombload capacity. If I’m not mistaken, the P-38’s ~2000 kg capacity is only exceeded by that of the He-111.
  3. I’ve never been much into the Brit planes (heresy in some circles, I know), but the Tempest is my new favorite mud-mover. Terrific visibility, great maneuverability, and those cannons make short work of trains. I’m looking forward to the upcoming campaign!
  4. Today marked my first time back in the virtual cockpit of a P-38 since the Aces days of the mid-90s. Thanks, devs!
  5. I love how the SU-122 models are just tossed in there without comment. On their own those images would be awesome, but they hardly merit notice in a DD that is packed to the gills with awesomeness.
  6. I was all eager for the release of the P-38 and P-51 until I remembered that I still need to learn how to fly the P-40, P-39, and P-47. So take your time, devs! I’ve been slacking.
  7. Devs, you just made this mud-mover’s day 👍
  8. Mine arrive that week. Worst possible timing!
  9. I wanted to say a quick “thanks” to everyone who is making book recommendations. I love the ability to fly overlooked birds in IL2 BOX (including, hopefully, a later Hurricane model), and reading about their operations just adds to the experience.
  10. Is that the service where he yells at you in various languages while karate chopping your glutes?
  11. Proof that Jason hates us, because I can’t imagine any other reason to tease us so...😫 All kidding aside, though...my wallet is ready!
  12. Those P38 shots are really making me second-guess my decision to not buy a 4k monitor during the Prime Day sales...
  13. Speaking as someone with (too) many years of experience as a project lead, I will just say that a delay of a few weeks is nothing to get one's feathers ruffled over. Better to be on-spec and a bit late than off-spec and on-time, in my humble opinion. In other news, these planes just get prettier and prettier with every release...
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