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  1. I am extremely disappointed by the lack of attention shown to this thread of late. How are we to get our Friday fix without any wolololoing?
  2. This is what I am excited to hear more about...
  3. I am finally ready to take the plunge into VR but want to ensure that I am not throwing money at a bottleneck first. I have a GTX 1080, i5-7600k 3.8 GHz, 16 GB DDR 4 DRAM, and SSD. I am leaning toward the Valve Index (or something with a comparable resolution) and, according to Steam's Index app, I should have no problems with my setup. That said, can anyone provide feedback regarding how well that GPU/CPU combination in particular will be able to handle IL2 in VR? Thanks in advance.
  4. The recent BoN announcement has sparked some complaints on this forum about the fact that we are revisiting a number of planes (P-47, P-51, Spit, Fw-190, Bf-109) that have already been modeled at in the series. I want to provide a different perspective on this that also explains why, in my humble opinion, this is exactly the direction that the dev team should be going. Like many (most?) players of this sim, I am a dyed-in-the-wool history junkie. I would have happily pursued a career in history had there been any money in it. One of my favorite aspects of WWII history in particular is the extreme pace of technological change and advancement that occurred throughout the conflict. I know both from reading about it and listening to stories told by relatives who fought in both the ETO and PTO that the conflict's participants were constantly having to adapt to new equipment types and variants at a rate not experienced before or since in the annals of warfare. I really enjoy simulations that allow us to gain some (fortunately limited) insight into that adaptation experience as a result. Whether starting with a Type IIA and progressing to a Type XXI (or, if I'm being realistic, a Type VIIC) sub in Silent Hunter 3, or starting with a Bf-109E7 and moving through all subsequent variants until ending with a Bf-109K4 in BoX, the "hands-on" aircraft progression experience in careers is what has kept me coming back to sims for the better part of 30 years. I learned so much about the Bf-109G just by switching from a G4 to a G6 in my recent BoK campaign, for instance; the cockpits were almost identical, yet the flying and combat experiences were quite different. I am very happy that BoN is up next since it will complement, rather than contrast against, the recent BoBp release. Progressing from Razorbacks to Bubble-tops in an Allied campaign, for example, or adding an additional Fw-190 model in the 12-month gap between BoK and BoBp, is what the simulation career experience is all about. I would love to see the Allied career expanded until we can follow the progression of P-40s in Sicily/Italy up through conversion to P-47s and ultimately P-51s, much as we can currently do with Luftwaffe and VVS units. Don't get me wrong - it would be great to be able to do something similar in the Pacific; I have fond childhood memories of starting the AotP campaign in a Wildcat and concluding it in a Bearcat. Before then, though, I hope that the dev team will continue to focus on giving us the extended career experiences for the theaters that it is already developing. That is where IL2 BoX truly shines.
  5. Yes: https://aeroantique.com/products/contact-altimeter-luftwaffe-fl-22317-ju-87-stuka-ju-88-kontakt-hohenmesser?variant=41384591946
  6. On the subject of invincible VVS planes and their deadshot rear gunners... Today an I16 spent 6 minutes chasing my 110 back to base after a high-speed bombing run. The I16 scored multiple hits from dead-astern, knocking out my port engine and starboard cooling system (among other damage). I made it back to my AF on one engine. The red, however, crashed after absorbing a short burst (presumably to the engine) from my AI rear gunner’s peashooter. Tactics matter.
  7. As a rule I refuse to pay full price for games and I absolutely refuse to buy Early Access games. All rules have exceptions, though, and I make a big one for anything and everything created by this dev team. Seriously, keep up the amazing work. And thank you for breathing new life into the WWI/WWII sim genre!
  8. This was a nice surprise with my morning coffee! Even in an incomplete state, your Panther model is a beauty. I can’t wait to see the Ferdinand...
  9. Adding the BOBp planeset would do much to minimize the current Axis advantage in bombload capacity. If I’m not mistaken, the P-38’s ~2000 kg capacity is only exceeded by that of the He-111.
  10. I’ve never been much into the Brit planes (heresy in some circles, I know), but the Tempest is my new favorite mud-mover. Terrific visibility, great maneuverability, and those cannons make short work of trains. I’m looking forward to the upcoming campaign!
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