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  1. The P-40 also has trim wheels for both pitch and roll so I don't see the argument? Nobody is suggesting they remove button presses anyway. A lot of people use HOTAS or keyboards, I understand that. If the developers say they will address it then fantastic. As I said, just nudging the cause a bit.
  2. It has all been said here already but adding a post just to add weight. Almost all ac have a trim wheel or similar. EVERY other sim on the market from day one including IL2 and MS FS 2000 accommodates analogue trim control. Many people have Cessna type wheels that they use on all their other sims and those who have custom Sim Pits will have analogue control which they have spent a great deal of effort building. As someone said above, there is no argument here. It is a major flaw, pilots should be trim, trim, trimming continuously with every change of speed and attitude from the second they take off to the moment they land. Not doing so is rubbish airmanship, unrealistic and pressing buttons is also rubbish. Get it fixed!
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