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  1. Accused? So show proof! There is no evidence? Sit in silence and envy! Where are those who accused me of cheating? They have already talked about this topic. Where are they? Why are they silent? The question is closed? Envy is now silent? OK! Thank you all! See you on your six!
  2. I do not speak English. This is problem. With me to fly a lot of beginners, I always say, what to do. I speak not only for beginners, me often ask experienced pilots. Learning can be in my videos, so do many pilots. It operates at 100%! Verified!
  3. At the end of the video shows all the settings
  4. You do not even know what say. I have long closed access to its videos. All new videos are only available in my school. http://school-mkmrx.ru/
  5. This is problem. You can not do what I do. So, I kid. Еverything is clear with you.
  6. The squad MK team have rules! 1. You can not attack the plane was taking off from the airport and. 2. You can attack enemy aircraft, if it came out of the battle and trying to sit up. MK - not vulches! If the aircraft landing gear after take-off the vessel, is a threat and must be attacked. It is not vulches. I was shot down anti-aircraft gun at 5000m above the airfield. Your words are as empty as the accusations of cheating.
  7. Here you once accused me of cheating. Explain why you think so? Because I left the CoD? I left the game before the release of the patch to update the protection! I left because it was boring.
  8. You probably have not watched the video. These people start to vote to throw me out of the game. Why should I quit the game? Just out of the game thrown pilot ТРАКТОРИСТ. Video of it was the same.
  9. I do not agree with you. If I fly carefully, me very difficult to bring down, while I force down a lot. Many people know about it.
  10. Yes, many of the Russian pilots consider me a cheater, but they do not write about it in chat. The survey, to come to conclusions. In fact, many people think so or not? If not, let them be ashamed, and they will stop writing.
  11. All Hello! I am often accused of cheating. Please see the videos, read the comments in them. Vote and leave a message in the subject by explaining why I'm a cheater. If you have proof of cheating, let's look at them all together.
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