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  1. I have to give a great big salute to the devs that are churning out updates and fixes through all this. It's great to see this game being so well kept and wanted to say that I appreciate your hard work. With v4.006+ my visuals have improved dramatically as a VR player. Not being able to see other planes until they were right on top of me was a major source of frustration. That's now cleared up. Awesome! The zoom works well. Maybe too well! Could be tweaked to a two stage setup as others have suggested or maybe mapped to an axis for better control. Adding something to give a little bit better FOV to VR would be the icing on the cake but we'll let that one go. To the complainers here I'd say you don't know how good you have it to have a team on either side of the world taking care of this sim through a global pandemic from their homes churning out major updates like this. Just leaves me shakin my head.
  2. Missed a couple of updates but with the most recent one my results are: 1. No fish eye with this version 2. Rift S 3. No (I have no file at that location or folder by that name. I'm running open composite if that's of any use to you) 4. N/A Win10/64 NVidia 2060 GPU, Driver v446.14 Ryzen9 3900x 32gb PC3600 ram Asus x570-E
  3. Coolio. Thanks. The other stuff was kinda obvious, skins, mods etc.
  4. Question is what files do I need to swap from the old install to the new install to keep as many settings as possible? Keys, Head positions, etc. Haven't been messing around with this game long enough for all that to be obvious just yet. Thanks in advance.
  5. Oh I've seen this. I'm not running steamvr and don't plan to. But this just makes my point. Clearly there's a need for this or this bunch of guys wouldn't have had to find a workaround to make it happen. Appreciate they took the effort to do it but this should simply be available within the game itself for anyone that needs it. Again, not forcing anyone to do anything but it should be an option for those that need it. Yes some people have neck issues. No need to create neck issues over playing a game. If you know anyone that has neck pain you have to know it's a fairly debilitating thing.
  6. The thing is--it's an air combat game. You HAVE to be able to look around. That's just a basic part of it that's common to all of them. Currently, if I was using a mouse for views, which I'm not and can't imagine there are more than a few players that are, I could look all around easily. Hat switches? Same thing. Enter TIR and this discussion is like history repeating itself when that happened. The peeps that couldn't afford it thought it was some unfair advantage. It really wasn't. You could still look around just as you could with hats, it was just a bit more intuitive. Realistic? I get a kick out of these guys. NOTHING about TIR views is REALISTIC and I'd bet the vast majority of players here are using it now. It's the way it's done basically these days. Might want to watch some recent IL-2 vids. Pretty much looks like every one is using TIR. I used it for years even before I could afford it building my own tracker so I know what it's all about. In TIR you still HAVE to be looking at the monitor. So no one is craning their neck more than a few degrees. So there's your realism! This isn't a problem for them so it isn't a problem. It's THEY that have an unfair advantage and that's where this pushback comes from just as it did long ago when TIR was new from the hat users. The difference is then no one had their view restricted in any way. This is not the same. All I'm asking for is to level the field. Not forcing anything on anyone but needs to be an option for those that need it. Don't want to use it? Good for you then don't! VR is just the next gen in seeing the world but they're not built for flight sims. They're built for other games where you're running and jumping around in a virtual world. There isn't a way to tweak the tracking of any HMD like you can with TIR where it would work sitting down. And it's a problem for players trying to play the game. VR currently isn't the be all end all advantage. The resolution and spotting leaves much to be desired vs that of a monitor and people complain about that all the time! Seeing anything at a distance is certainly no advantage in VR and there are multiple threads about it. Things do look a lot cooler especially up close. All said there's zero chance of going back to a monitor now even if it was 1000fps.
  7. The problem with this is you have to look away from the target and then look back. Not very intuitive, especially in scissors fight. Spotting at all is hard enough as it is without actually looking away from the guy! But as it's the only way I can do it with a Rift S and it's relatively narrow FOV, that's how I have it set up too. Not the best. I started a thread in the devs suggestion forum about simply enabling the hat views in combination with VR in order to expand FOV. Super easy, quick and intuitive (at least for those of us that pre-date TIR). All these other third party solutions are way too crazy. There's just no need for it. Make it something available in game and the problem is solved for all that need it. Clearly I'm not the only one having this issue. Really loving the game so far but the lack of ability to easily look around in a combat game in VR is a killer.
  8. You might want to try a program called Voice Attack. IMO it's essential for gaming in VR. You can simply assign a key command by speaking a word or phrase and the program does the rest. No hunting for the keyboard. The free version is limited in the number of commands you can use but the paid version is not. You'll constantly come up with new ideas for a voice command! Easily the best $10 I ever spent on a program!
  9. It's not really regressing to hats entirely. Heck I'd be ok with just left and right only! Just give me enough help to see in behind me. It's just that the current FOV on an entry level HMD just isn't enough to look around - - - easily. I have a Rift S as do many other players here and I'm sure they'd agree that a 90 degree FOV ain't really cutting it. Not impossible but really difficult looking anywhere in the rear hemisphere. And that's with a $400 headset. Want better FOV in VR? You're looking at a grand or more AND a very high end machine to get you there. Out of reach for most currently. Call it a concession for better game play. As it is currently, it's like trying to play Beat Sabre sitting down! Give that a try for a couple of hours and let me know how ya feel afterwards! No reason to wear a hole in the floor or wear out the swivel on my chair or actually get hurt over this! I can only imagine people being against this would be players still using TIR which works wonderfully and is hyper configurable. I used it for years so I know this isn't a problem for them. If you could tweak the tracking on the headset to go beyond 1:1 like with TIR that would work but that'd be something HMD specific I'd guess and be more third party stuff. But I also don't think that's possible for any HMD at this time. Believe me I've looked into it! There's just no need for all that but working in the game would fix this for everyone. And as time goes by and the tech improves, I'm sure that wider FOV will be the norm in VR. I really don't think it's about to go away, and eventually this won't be needed by anyone. But for now. Yeah.
  10. I'm kinda surprised after a couple of weeks there isn't any discussion about this at all. It's not like it's some sort of cheat! Ya do have to look around in this game! If you were using a mouse or a hat switch or TIR you can look all round you no problem at all and that's apparently OK. In VR? Not so much! What ya CAN see looks super awesome but in combat you need to be able to look ALL around FAST and that just isn't a possibility with most VR today. I'm sure at some point in the future everyone that does this will be using VR and it'll be vastly improved but in the here and now it's quite the handicap insofar as a flight sim goes. Other games you play standing up? No problem! Just turn around and you're there. But sitting in a chair with HOTAS and rudder pedals is a no, at least for now. This would be a great benefit to everyone currently using VR in the game and would make it a lot easier for new players trying to get started here in VR. I came here from Aces High and when they implemented VR there this is one of the reasons they did it the way they did. Want to use the hats? Fine. Heck there's some guys that are using the touch controllers and have the hands enabled (personally I don't know what the heck they're thinking). But it's an option, you don't HAVE to. Don't want to tie up your hat switches with views? You don't have to. God knows there's a ton of things in this game you could assign a button to! Don't want to use the touch controllers for anything? Then don't. That easy. Funny thing is I've been doing flight sims for a long time. Back to when looking around was on the keypad only! So things have improved and this is just the next step. I remember when TIR came out. Some people couldn't afford it and looked for other ways to do it. I put together my own head tracker fake TIR. Where'd I get the idea to do that? Here. These forums. Was that a cheat or some kind of unfair advantage then? Wasn't in AH. Seems pretty mainstream now. The same thing is happening again with VR but in games like this, if you don't have a VERY expensive HMD with crazy FOV and the rig to run it you're really limited and that's just unnecessary. Ditto having to use all kinds of third party programs, etc., to "make it work". Anyway, it'd be great to have some discussion about this.
  11. New to IL-2 but long time flight sim guy. One thing about this game is I find it extremely difficult to look in the rear hemisphere in VR. I have a Rift S and I see in a recent poll it's a pretty popular HMD among the players here. Problem is the Rift S has a fairly small FOV compared to something like the Pimax. It'd be great to be able to combine the hat views with VR to be able to extend the FOV so you could see back beyond the 3-9 line without having to become a contortionist! I know it can be done but it's literally a pain after a long session flying a fighter in combat. And on the north side of 50 I don't need any extra pain! Heck I spilled a beer over it already! I also know there are workarounds using 3rd party tools that I saw being discussed in the VR forum here but I wondered... Why go through all that? Why not simply enable the hat views in game so that way it'd benefit everyone that needs it without having to jump through any hoops? Nothing to set up. And for those that either don't want to or don't need to use them they don't have to. And using hat switches to look around, while archaic since the dawn of head tracking isn't all that far in the rear view mirrors of some of us so it's still quite intuitive. Maybe I'm a bit spoiled after years of TIR which is hyper configurable and so is MUCH less of a literal pain in the neck. It'd be great not having to kill myself to look around. You guys are doing a great job of that already! Loving the sim so far, just wish I could look around more easily. Salute!
  12. This is my dilemma. I have a Rift S so my FOV isn't all that. Looks fine. Just can't see the rear hemisphere because of it.
  13. Yeah I've checked out the other threads about this and it seems it's something the consensus of VR pilots would want to have (better FOV). There are guys that feel it's about the realism and that's fine. So those guys don't use their hat switches. Crane around all ya want. I get that there are ways around it and I appreciate you guys that have figured that out! But why have to jump through all these hoops just to get it to work? I got a kick out of the pic of the game controller taped to the stick in the one thread! Good stuff there! But why? Why not simply allow the hat views to be combined with VR in the game? That way everyone is already set up for it. No third party apps need be used. No binding of keys that might interfere with other programs. Can't imagine it'd be that big of a deal to do and it'd be a great benefit to the VR group. Filed under "lose sight, lose the fight" there's too much losing of sight in VR. A decided disadvantage even tho what you can see looks very cool! It'd also be cool if you could adjust the VR tracking as you could TIR. I get that it would make you sick --but not sitting down as we do in a flight sim. TIR never did. Heck I'm sure there are some that might try to do that standing up. Be a great YT vid! "My friend tries a flight sim standing up". That'd be pure gold!
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