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  1. New to IL-2 but long time flight sim guy. One thing about this game is I find it extremely difficult to look in the rear hemisphere in VR. I have a Rift S and I see in a recent poll it's a pretty popular HMD among the players here. Problem is the Rift S has a fairly small FOV compared to something like the Pimax. It'd be great to be able to combine the hat views with VR to be able to extend the FOV so you could see back beyond the 3-9 line without having to become a contortionist! I know it can be done but it's literally a pain after a long session flying a fighter in combat. And on the north side of 50 I don't need any extra pain! Heck I spilled a beer over it already! I also know there are workarounds using 3rd party tools that I saw being discussed in the VR forum here but I wondered... Why go through all that? Why not simply enable the hat views in game so that way it'd benefit everyone that needs it without having to jump through any hoops? Nothing to set up. And for those that either don't want to or don't need to use them they don't have to. And using hat switches to look around, while archaic since the dawn of head tracking isn't all that far in the rear view mirrors of some of us so it's still quite intuitive. Maybe I'm a bit spoiled after years of TIR which is hyper configurable and so is MUCH less of a literal pain in the neck. It'd be great not having to kill myself to look around. You guys are doing a great job of that already! Loving the sim so far, just wish I could look around more easily. Salute!
  2. This is my dilemma. I have a Rift S so my FOV isn't all that. Looks fine. Just can't see the rear hemisphere because of it.
  3. Yeah I've checked out the other threads about this and it seems it's something the consensus of VR pilots would want to have (better FOV). There are guys that feel it's about the realism and that's fine. So those guys don't use their hat switches. Crane around all ya want. I get that there are ways around it and I appreciate you guys that have figured that out! But why have to jump through all these hoops just to get it to work? I got a kick out of the pic of the game controller taped to the stick in the one thread! Good stuff there! But why? Why not simply allow the hat views to be combined with VR in the game? That way everyone is already set up for it. No third party apps need be used. No binding of keys that might interfere with other programs. Can't imagine it'd be that big of a deal to do and it'd be a great benefit to the VR group. Filed under "lose sight, lose the fight" there's too much losing of sight in VR. A decided disadvantage even tho what you can see looks very cool! It'd also be cool if you could adjust the VR tracking as you could TIR. I get that it would make you sick --but not sitting down as we do in a flight sim. TIR never did. Heck I'm sure there are some that might try to do that standing up. Be a great YT vid! "My friend tries a flight sim standing up". That'd be pure gold!
  4. <Raises hand> New player to IL-2. Played Aces High for many years. A long time P-38 zealot going back to Air Warrior so when I heard they added it here I just HAD to check it out. And it's drop dead gorgeous! So far I only have a few hours flying online but have been getting used to things offline. Saw this thread and thought I'd chime in with the only thing that truely bugs me about the game and that's its literally an exercise checking in much behind the 4-8 line using the Rift S. Hey I spilled a beer over it! This aggression will not stand! Hehe! I have my priorities! Anyway, to my point. In AH the hat switches are integrated into the VR view system. Just as you guys are describing here without all the extra stuff to configure. I only have to use the left or right hat to extend my view far enough so I'm not knocking beers off the table checking my 6. That gets around the generally 1:1 limits of VR that wasn't an issue with TIR that could be configured to preference. But the thing is if you are using a mouse? You can look all around no problem. TIR same thing. VR? kind of a pain! Literally in a long flying session. So forgive me if I posted to the wrong place but this thread jumped out at me! Any shot the hats could just still be used in combination with VR? Be easier for all involved I'd think. Oh full disclosure I'm not using steam so there's that. Salute!
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