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  1. Chuck Yeager's Air Combat on PC! That was mine anyway. "It's a great day for flying!"
  2. I used Opencomposite too and it worked great but hated not being able to look around so much I switched to SteamVR just to use NeckSafer. I gave up some FR but tweaked my settings to get a lot of it back. I can live with it being able to keep better track of things. Eventually it won't be a problem when I finally am able to get the 30 series video card I planned on getting when I built this PC a year ago! I keep telling myself that anyway! Haha! FWIW I'm also a long time Aces High player and when VR was implemented there a few years back keeping the snap views enabled was part of
  3. I gotta tell ya I was thinking the same thing regarding the brake pedal dampers. One dying could be a sloppy mess under the desk! They're just mostly plastic RC dampers after all. The good news is they won't get the kind of abuse they'd normally get outside jumping over rocks and stuff! Not like you're gonna be stomping on the brakes like that--I hope. If I notice at some point that one is leaking, that'll be the time to take them off. The center large damper is really where it's at. I don't imagine that one having a catastrophic failure, again given the kind of use we'd put on it vs it's actu
  4. The set I got definitely works. Two wheels locked is quite sufficient! You're going nowhere. I'm on an office pad over carpet.
  5. I just got a set that look a lot like unlikely_spider's. Will pop them on later and see how it goes.
  6. Get voice attack. Indispensable for VR IMO. With that program you can use your voice to operate commands. Just associate a word or phrase with a keyboard command and it'll do the rest. There's a free version but the number of commands is limited with that one. Check it out.
  7. Originally I had mine set up like unlikely_spider's but ended up mounting it to a piece of 1" plywood that was maybe 2' square right up against the wall. It's on carpet and that thick plywood has enough heft to it to stop the peds from shifting around. The damper mod makes for a smoother but also a bit heavier action so some sort of more stable mounting is probably a good idea
  8. Dude, you can install them in like 5 minutes! They look great.
  9. FYI, I solved my button issue by making a macro in the VKB config, NP5 and HAT1 DN. Now both NS and IL2 have a button they like, I don't have to lose a button and now have a cleaner workflow to get meself centered. Which was the idea all along! I knew there was another way to do it.
  10. The problem isn't with NeckSafer at all as far as I can tell. I map a button to any DX button or hat on the stick and NeckSafer accepts it fine and resets. I just can't seem to get IL2 to recenter with anything but the default numpad5. Change it to something else and nothing happens. Change back to numpad5 and it's fine. <shrug>I'm just dealing with two buttons as I had been. It's really not an issue as long as I don't move my head when resetting! Any shot you could add numpad5 to the list of keys that'll work with NeckSafer?
  11. Still, no matter what I add to the key mapper the only one that gets a response to center in IL2 is numpad5, which is the default. As I said I'd even removed that and put, for example, hat switch down just to match with something. It'll reset NeckSafer but not recenter the view in IL2. Clearly I'm missing something.
  12. It's a simple button press and hold, same button I've been using prior set up the same way other than the button. If I reapply KP5 it works fine in IL2. Whatever DX button map I apply seems to work fine everywhere but in IL2. I just assumed since it showed in the mapper as one off that was the problem. It's like it isn't recognizing it like you're saying it should. Confusing as it's mapped to button 55 but when I hit it in the mapper it says button 54 so you'd thing that'd work right? Could it be that instead of removing KP5 as the recenter for several other things I just added thi
  13. OK I just ran into an odd problem trying to map a common button. I posted about it in the tech forum. Necksafer won't accept keyboard commands, it's looking for the DX buttons from a stick. No problem. My VKB stick can make buttons do stuff I never even thought of so a simple DX button is ezpz. I program the button I've been using to center in IL2 that was the default KP5 that Necksafer doesn't like to DX button 55 that it will work with. No problem there. It worked great with the new mapping. Problem is--in IL2 apparently the button numbers start at 0 so in the mapper it shows as button 54 an
  14. So I'm trying to set up a common button to center my view in both the game and reset Necksafer in VR. I'm using the VKB software to map my stick as usual. I'd had the KP5 button to center in IL2 and the hat down button to reset Necksafer and that worked just fine but it was suggested to make them a common button so things don't get out of sync. Makes sense and easy enough right? Necksafer doesn't accept keyboard buttons, only the DX buttons so kp5 wouldn't work for that. So I thought I'd just make a button on the stick button 55. No problem. VKB software sees it as button 55. Button tester see
  15. Oh yeah, super easy. All the parts and hardware are included, less the dampers themselves. Here's a how to vid. Yeah I don't see myself ever taking this off now. Great job, Hegykc! But if by some twist of fate I wanted to, it's a simple bolt-on kit that's completely reversible.
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